checking in
Serita (Lagerstrom) & Barbara
(Ramey) greeted by Darlene
(Scott) & Michal (Tracy)
full room
A lovely and full, but busy room
at Mill Creek Country Club for
the Ingraham Rams of '61
Around the table
Around the table - Paulette & Dennis
Cziske, Chuck Cox, Ron Watts with
wife Fonda, Jeanne & Will Judd,
and Arlen Vixie
Leslie Hodges
Leslie (Hodges) Armstrong
sang Star Spangled Banner!
Jerry Bowers
Jerry Bowers with his wife Carol.
Jerry organized the reunion.
Bettejean (Briggs)
Bettejean (Briggs)VanWeerthuizen
& Larry Jones enjoy the evening
Judy (Byrum)
Judy (Byrum) Graves & Bud
Paul Silva
Kiris and Paul Silva
Vixie, Davidson & Forrest
Arlen Vixie, Dennis Davidson &
Jim Forrest together again
Jim Fletcher
Jim and Marlene Fletcher
Gordy Gardner
Gordy & Jann Gardner
Peter Skelly
Helaine & Peter Skelly
Joe Gilbert
Diane & Joe Gilbert visit with
Allan Haven...
Allan Haven
Allan with his wife Diane
Jill Bergquist, Jean Spiegelberg...
Frank & Jill (Bergquist) Kerton and
Jean (Spiegelberg)& Marvin O'Connor
Kaaren (Schillios)
Gary Jacobson (Class of '62),
and wife Kaaren (Schillios) - '61
Karen (Denson)/Gordy Legg
Karen (Denson)Legg & Gordy Legg
Sally (Hardenbrook)
Sally (Hardenbrook) Kelly with
husband Peter
Vincent Wirkman
Vincent Wirkman with Charles
and Judi Long
Harry Yourist & Jerry
Harry Yourist & Jerry Bowers
enjoy a get-together
Neil/Michal & Meg
Neil & Michal (Tracy) Botting like
chatting with Meg (Martin) Chyr
Sheila (Brockway)
Norman & Sheila (Brockway)
Wendy, Dini and Cory
Wendy (Grimes)O'Leary, Dini
(Johnson)Lorimor and Cory
(Humling) Stubbs
John Thorp
John Thorp and wife Barbara
smile for the camera
Meg (Martin)
Meg (Martin) Chyr & husband
Nick reading the BIO booklet
Barb Ramey
Barb Ramey having a pleasant
four gals
Sally (Wheat) Adler, Sharon (Simmons)
Beavin, Stella (Boldman) Gausman
and Sandy (Short) Horn
Priscilla & Carolyn
James & Priscilla (Newton) Herrick
with Carolyn (Reynolds) Atwood
Rich Zoeger & Richard Lewis
Siann & Rich Zoeger with
Richard Lewis
Mike McCuster
Gail & Michael McCuster
Nancy Potemkin & Henrietta Otten
Nancy (Potemkin) Forhan visits
with Henrietta (Otten) Schmidt
Howard Hutchings
Howard and Bonnie Hutchings
Richard White
Richard White and Linda Cooley
Wes Miller
Cecelia & Wes Miller
Reg McDonald
Sheila & Reg McDonald
Sharon Belden & Priscilla
Sharon (Belden) Krough with
James & Priscilla
So much going on
So much going on needs a big photo
- Kaaren, Michal, Dini, Darlene, Jean,
Priscilla and Stella
Diana (Scott) O'Neill
Diana (Scott) O'Neill joined her
sister Darlene (Scott) Wood
Ralph Gorsline
Ralph Gorsline enjoys the night.
The group of gals
This group meets often, even at a
reunion - Sally, Cory, Wendy,
Sheila, Kaaren, Dini and Karen
Watts, Johnson & Judd
Ron Watts, Ron Johnson &
Will Judd get in some visiting
Charles Long & Sharon Collman
Judy & Charles Long with
Sharon Collman
Swanson, Scott & Stotler
Mikie (Swanson) Gallagher,
Darlene (Scott) Wood and
Judy (Storhow) McCarthy
Hadfield & Humling
Joel Hadfield and Cory (Humling)
Stubbs enjoy some past fun
music cont.
The music continues...
Juliane & Sharon
Juliane (Nakawatese) Tada &
Sharon Collman share a greeting
Potemkin, Collman & Briggs
Bettejean (Briggs) VanWeertheizen
and Sue (Menth) Keltner 'funning'
Barb Burrill
Barb (Burrill) Elder dancing
with hubby Jim; Bettejean in front
Dennis Hogan and gals
  • Dennis Hogan listening to the gals
  • Stella & Steron Eiford
    Stella + Sheron (Eiford) Mohan;
    Atwoods in front (small photo only)
    Veda Ward
    Veda (Ward) Evans & hubby
    Jim Powers - (small photo only)
    Linda Bonnicksen
    Linda (Bonnicksen) Libby at right
    visits with the gals - (small photo only)
                 Doug Dulin
                 Doug Dulin joined us -
                 (small photo only)
    Tom Krause & Red McDonald
    Tom Krause (didn't get front view) &
    Reg McDonald - (small photo only)
    Michal (Micki Tracy)
    Neil & Michal (Micki Tracy) Botting
    say - "Good-Night" to July 15th!

    And Stella and Kaaren send out
    wonderful smiles!

       The Potluck Picnic begins!

    picnic table
    A table of food - already for a picnic!
    Jerry Bowers
    Michael Atwood, Jerry Bowers
    and Marvin O'Connor
    Darlene Scott & Shoe arrive
    Shoe & Darlene (Scott) Wood
    pose before feasting
    Juliane Nakawatase
    Juliane (Nakawatase) Tada and
    her g'kids enjoy the Picnic
    Gordy & Jann
  • Gordy & Jann Gardner filling up on
    good foods - especially his salmon!
  • Carolyn & Michael
    Carolyn (Reynolds) & Michael
    Atwood find sun & old friends
    Gardner & Lagerstrom
    Gordy enjoys BIO Booklet with
    Serita (Lagerstrom) Zimmerman
    Roberta & Jean
    Roberta (Peterson) Donnelly with
    Jean (Spiegelberg)) O'Connor &
    her granddaughter
    James Herrick, Sharon (Belden),
    Michael Atwood, Marvin O'Connor,
    Jerry Bowers, Dick White,
    Priscilla, Gordy...
    Dick's dog Joy
    Richard White's lovely dog Joy
    got to join us.
    Atwoods and Michal
    Michael & Carolyn Atwood and
    Michal (Micki Tracy)
    Sharon Belden
    James Herrick & Sharon (Belden)
    Krough visit while Priscilla chats
    with Roberta (Peterson) Donnelly
    Richard White
    Linda Cooley and Richard White
    share a moment
    Dennis Hogan
    Dennis Hogan, & Michal (Micki
    Tracy) gets in the picture!

    Goodbye for now - until it's our next Reunion!!!