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50th REUNION Ingraham High School tour!
Many of these pictures are THANKS to Richard White!   =)

Principal Floe welcomes us

Ingraham Principal Martin Floe welcomes us!
Principal Floe in group
Arrivals gather -
Sally (Hardenbrook) Kelly, Connie (Heck)
Forsberg, Principal Floe, Jim Forrest,
Bob Craig, & Dennis Hogan
Jerry, Arlen, Caroline, Judy
Jerry Bowers and Arlen Vixie in back
Caroline (Reynolds) Atwood and
Judy (King) Halverson close up
Sharon, Dennis, Juliane, Barb, Anne, Bea
Sharon Haynes, Dennis Hogan,
Juliane (Nakawatase) Tada, Barb (Burrill)
Elder, Anne (Moody) Dumond, &
Bea (Arndt)Kriloff
Sharon Collman
Sharon Collman takes her pictures.
Vince Arkills, Carol&George, Bob&Sharon, Dick
Vince Arkills, Carol & George Miller
Bob & Sharon Borgford, Richard White
Candy & Mike McCusker
Candy and Mike McCusker
John Christophersen, Ken Fletcher
John Christophersen and Ken Fletcher
Juliane & Vince Arkills
Juliane (Nakawatase) Tada and
Vince Arkills ready to see IHS
Prin. Floe leads the tour
Principal Floe leads our tour.
entering library
Entering the library!
Principal talks of Library
Principal Floe tells us of
the Library and about Ingraham.
interested audience
An interested audience!
Le, Arlen, Carolyn
Le Perry, Arlen Vixie, and
Carolyn (Courtney) Nordstrom
Dick White
Richard White enjoys it for sure.
still learning
We are all still learning.
Michal in audience
IHS cheerleaders are distracting us!
cheerleaders perform
Finally the Cheerleaders perform a 'Yell'
cheerleaders lead
Cheerleaders show their form.
Michal on table top
Michal (Micki Tracy) Botting must
grab some photos from the table top!
cheerleader front on
And here's a cute front-on shot.
Past & present cheerleaders
Past and present Ingraham cheerleaders
and Yell Squad!
Our '60 & '61 group didn't dress
in uniform for the event.
group cheerleaders at an angle
With the group, on the left is our
Yell Leader Jerry Bowers with
cheerleader Barb (Burrill) Elder.
And at back right is our Cheerleader
Juliane (Nakawatase) Tada with our
Yell Leaders Arlen Vixie and
Jim Forrest.
Serita leaves lib
Done in the library Serita (Lagerstrom)
Zimmerman is ready to continue tour.
next is a classroom
Next stop is seeing a classroom.
on to view gym
Now we are on to view the gym.
Sharon Collman & Le Perry share comments.
sign for sports
RAMS sports' fans sign!
gym lockers
The IHS gym lockers June 2011.
Ingraham had their gymnasium area
get a make over Aug, 2011 by ESPN
in a program called "Rise Up".
What a success!
gym showers
The showers - again in June 2011.
the gym
The gymnasium as it looked
for the past 50 years.
To see the made over new gym go to
ingrahamhigh.org and click on
'Athletics' to see pictures.
music room
We saw the music room next.
Serita (Lagerstrom) Zimmerman with
Peggy and Vince Arkills.

John Christophersen, Darlene (Scott)
Wood and Judy (Byrum)Graves
in music room.
tour is finished
We have finished our tour of
Ingraham High School.
They have Pride!