THANK YOUs for these photos go to Curt Nakon - Professional Photographer, Richard White, and the Bottings.

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IHS banner
IHS 1st Graduating Class
    50th Reunion Welcoming Wall    
Welcoming Table
Our Welcoming Table
In Memoriam to classmates
In Memoriam to classmates not here.

Ram table decor
The Ingraham RAM sets each table!
podium Ram
Ram's head graces the podium.
Jerry Bowers speaks
Jerry Bowers welcomes everyone
to the IHS 50th Reunion!
50th Reunion comm
Hooray to our
50th Reunion Planning Committee:
Sue (Menth) Keltner, Judy (King)
Halverson, Carolyn (Reynolds) Atwood,
Jerry Bowers, Juliane (Nakawatase)
Tada, and Connie (Heck) Forsberg
Sue Menth presents award
Sue (Menth) Keltner presents
Rams award to Jerry Bowers
for his work well done.
Michal receives an award
...and to Michal (Micki Tracy) Botting
for her work done.
Geo Miller, Bill Tindall...
George & Carol Miller, Linda & Bill Tindall,
& Sally (Hardenbrook) Kelly meet again.
Sharon Collman & Karen Legg
Sharon Collman & Karen (Denson) Legg
Sharon Haynes, Larry, Jan, Kathy
Sharon Haynes, Larry Jones,
Barbara (Ramey) Imbrie,
and Kathy (Entrop) Parks-Chambers
enjoy a visit.
Virginia & coach Walt Milroy
Virginia & husband, IHS Coach Walt Milroy
Sharon Beldon, Hadfields, Joel
Sharon Rae (Belden) Krogh,
Dana Hadfield, John Thorp,
and Joel Hadfield say "Hi".
3 wives
- 3 Wives -
Barbara Thorp, Dana Hadfield, Linda Tindall
Cecelia & Wes Miller & Mike McCuskers
Cecelia & Wes Miller chat with
Mike and Cecelia McCusker.
Ron & Fonda Watts
Ron Watts with wife Fonda
Ron Buske,Jack Lambert, Sheila Borges & Reggie McDonald
Ron Buske, Jack Lambert,
Sheila Borges & Reggie McDonald
Sue & Larry Jones
Sue and Larry Jones
Judy (King) Halverson & Lloyd & Randy G
Judy (King) Halverson & hubby Lloyd
with Randy Ginsberg
Mary Hedman-Rue - husband Philip
Mary (Hedman) Rue & husband Philip
Michal, Barb, Kay
Michal (Micki Tracy) Botting,
Barb (Burrill) Elder, and
Kay (Bristol) Knudsen say "Hello".
Larry Knudson and Bill Tindall
Larry Knudson and Bill Tindall
Sharon & Willis Sykes & Jack & Diana Lambert
Sharon & Willis Sykes visit with
Jack & Diana Lambert.
Bob & Sharon Borgford
Bob and Sharon Borgford enjoy
Carole Courtney-Nordstrom
Carole (Courtney) Nordstrom chats
with Mary (Hedman) Rue.
Vince & Peggy Arkills
Vince & Peggy Arkills
Gordy, Serita, Barbara
Gordy Gardner, Serita (Lagerstrom)
Zimmerman & Barbara (Ramey) Imbrie
smile for all.
Bob Imbrie with Jim Odle
Bob Imbrie visits with Jim Odle.
Kiris & Paul Silva & Arlen Vixie
Kiris & Paul Silva and
Arlen Vixie visiting.
Carolyn Reynolds & Mike
Carolyn (Reynolds) Atwood with
husband Mike
Kaaren, Sheron, & Sally
Kaaren (Schillios) Jacobson,
Sheron (Eiford) Mohan, and
Sally (Hardenbrook) Kelly
Anne & Bill Dumond & Gary Jaconson
Anne (Moody) Dumond & hubby Bill
meet with Gary Jacobson.
Nancy, Marilyn and Paulette
Friends Nancy (Potemkin) Forhan,
Marilyn (Bates) Furniss, and
Paulette (Broesch) Druxman meet.
Connie Heck & husband
Connie (Heck) Forsberg & husband Lee
enjoy the evening.
Virginia Milroy & Randy Ginsberg
Virginia Milroy greets Randy Ginsberg.
Group of girls
FUN for Linda (Godsey) Strock,
Joan (Wanazek) Martin,
Sheila (Brockway) Warsinske,
Sally (Hardenbrook) Kelly,
Kaaren (Schillios) Jacobson,
Stephanie (Harris) Hanson, and
Sheron (Eiford) Mohan
Judy (Byrum) & Bud
Judy (Byrum) Graves & husband Bud
Sharon Simmons & the LaMaines
Sharon (Simmons) Beavin with
George & Sue (McCaffrey) LaMaine
Sue McCaffrey & Judy Smith
Sue (McCaffrey) LaMaine and
Judy (Smith) McEwen visit.
George LaMaine & Bob Rutzel-who is actually Wynn Palmerton
George LaMaine and Wynn Palmerton
get a chance to visit.
Dave Holmstrom
Dave Holmstrom chats with us.
Linda and Russ
Linda (Bonnicksen) Libby & husband Russ
Melinda & Marilyn
Melinda (Small) Beeghly and
Marilyn (Bates) Furniss
Barb, Juliane, and Sue
Barb (Burrill) Elder,
Juliane (Nakawatase) Tada
and Sue (Menth) Keltner
Juliane & camera
Juliane gets her picture.
Darlene Scott, Judy, Marilyn, Paulette
Darlene (Scott) Wood,
Bud Graves & Judy (Byrum) Graves,
Marilyn (Bates) Furniss and,
Paulette (Broesch) Druxman
John Quam & Judy Byrum
John Quam visits with
Judy (Byrum) Graves
Michal and Sheron
Michal (Micki Tracy) Botting
and Sheron (Eiford) Mohan
Neil & George LaMaine
Neil Botting chats with George LaMaine
Kathy & Ken Fletcher, Dave Shorett
Kathy (Fletcher) Nemeth (IHS Class '62)
and her brother Ken Fletcher visit
with Dave Shorett
Charlie Johnston, John Thorp, Bob Craig

Charlie Johnston, John Thorp and
Bob Craig visit 50 years later.
The Girls
Dini (Johnson) Lorimor,
Joan (Wanezek) Martin,
Linda (Godsey) Strock,
Sheila (Brockway) Warsinske,
Arletta (Estenson) Mansfield,
Wendy (Grimes) O'Leary, and
Cory (Humling) Stubbs
Dick White & Linda
Dick White & Linda Cooley
Mike Owen & Alice, Vincent Wirkman
Alice Spitzer & Mike Owen
Vincent Wirkman with wife Carolyn

Linda Tindall, Bob Craig & Tracy
Linda Tindall visits with
Bob Craig and wife Tracy.
Nancy Potemkin and sister Susan
Nancy (Potemkin) Forhan with
her sister Susan Potemkin
Bruce Adler & Sally, and the Dumonds
Bruce Adler with Sally (Wheat) Adler,
Bill Dumond & Anne (Moody) Dumond
in the back.
Barbara, Darlene, and Diane Scott
Barbara (Ramey) Imbrie with
Darlene (Scott) Wood and her sister
Diane (Scott) O'Neill
Su & Jim Hickenbottom
Su (Hausle) & Jim Hickenbottom
Mike Shelly, Geo LaMaine & Sue McCaffrey-LaMaine
Mike Shelly with George LaMaine and
Sue (McCaffrey) LaMaine
Bob Valentine & Susie
Bob Valentine and wife Susie
No picture at reunion sooo...
cake for 50th
And our 50th Reunion cake was
enjoyed by all too!
Carll Frye with wife Robyn and daughter Andrea
Carll Frye with wife Robyn,
daughter Andrea on the left -
wish they could have attended.
Robin and Avery Willis
Robin & Avery Willis
They were not able to attend.
Jan and John Maxin
Jan & John Maxin, son Jeffrey.
& daughter Rosie with hubby.
They also couldn't attend.

class picture

IHS 1st Graduating Class of '61 at 50th Reunion! *

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Sitting in front - 1st ROW:   Dini (Johnson) Lorimor, Karen (Denson) Legg, Joan (Wanezek) Martin,
Sheila (Brockway) Warsinske, Sandy (Short) Horn, Mary (Hedman) Rue, Darlene (Scott) Wood,
Nancy (Potemkin) Forhan, Arlen Vixie, Juliane (Nakawatase) Tada, Kaaren (Schillios) Jacobson,
Wes Miller, Linda (Bonnickson) Libby, Dick White, Mary (Bolin) Solack, and Larry Carpenter

2nd ROW - Sitting behind front row:     Wendy (Grimes) O'Leary,  Stephanie (Harris) Hanson,    
Stella (Boldman) Gausman, Carole (Courtney) Nordstrom, Sharon Collman, Sue (Menth) Keltner,
Barbara (Ramey) Imbrie, Serita (Lagerstrom) Zimmerman, Sheron (Eiford) Mohan,
Jill (Bergquist) Kerton, Paulette (Broesch) Druxman, Sally (Hardenbrook) Kelly, Sharon Haynes,
Bobbi (Stotler) Malone,  Bea (Arndt) Kriloff,  and  Anne (Moody) Dumond

3rd ROW - 1st standing row:   Arletta (Estenson) Mansfield,  Jack Lambert,  John Christophersen,
Ken Fletcher, Wynn Palmerton, Willis Sykes, Melinda (Small) Beeghly, up to Ron Buske, John Quam,
Dennis Hogan, Douglas Doulin, Kathy (Entrop) Parks-Chambers, Kaye (Bristol) Knudsen,
Su (Hausle) Hickenbottom, Barb (Burrill) Elder, Dennis Davidson, Wendy (Godsey) Strock,
Marilyn (Bates) Furniss, Carolyn (Reynolds) Atwood, Judy (Byrum) Graves, Sally (Wheat) Adler,
Sharon (Simmons) Beavin, Connie (Heck) Forsberg, Su (McCaffrey) LaMaine, George LaMaine,
  and  Judy (Smith) McEwen

4th ROW - second standing row:   Cory (Humling) Stubbs, Reggie McDonald, Dave Shorett,      
Bob Borgford, Randy Ginsberg, Bill Tindall, Larry Jones, Michael McCusker, (smoothing out Row 4 -
Doug Doulin), to Ron Watts, George Miller, Jim Forrest, Jerry Bowers, Joel Hadfield, to
Judy (King) Halverson,  Sharon (Beldon) Krogh,  Allen Haven,  Bob Craig,  and  Mike Shelly

5th ROW - back row standing on chairs!:     Charlie Johnston,  Mike Hensel ?,  Vincent Wirkman,
Gordy Gardner,  John Thorp,  David Holmstrom,  Joe Gilbert, Michal (Micki Tracy) Botting,
 Larry Godsey,  Paul Silva, Ralph Gorsline,  and  Mike Owen