2014 - 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY with children & grandchildren

June saw us enjoying a full week at Black Mountain Ranch in McCoy, Colorado
All BMR's family owners, wranglers, horses, scenery, food, activities (with calf roping), and accomodations were wonderful!

Here is our big "HOWDY!"
Tye, Rita, Sonja, Shaar, Cameron, Conal, Grandpa Neil, Gramma Michal, Alee, and Kira !

Some great photos of our week of FUN!

Arrived at BMR

Gathering in front of cabins.

Shaar & Alee cheering on the week.

Rita & Tye checking the ranch out.

Sonja finds the baby goats!

Conal has a goat too.

Now they curry the donkey.

And Alee gets fitted for chinks.

Now we all have chinks!
Neil's longer ones called chaps.

Conal has his chinks too.

Everyone attends orientation.

We all are paying attention.

List of guests & their horses.

Sonja feeds oats to horses.

Cameron & Alee get their horses.

Kira ready to ride.

Advice re sitting the saddle.

Practicing is learning.

Sonja gets in her lesson.

Everyone gets to know their horse.

Our family rides out.

Shaar nears the top on the ride.

Cameron, Rita, Neil too

Michal, Tye, Jane, & Cameron too

Riding back with wrangler Vic.

Some of us relax on saloon swings.

Hey! Let's practice some shooting!

Cameron's good with the 22.

Shaar learns to skeet shoot.

Taking aim with the big shotgun.

Tye sights in for the skeet 'kill'.

Michal's turn!

Visiting with friends
while waiting for dinner.

Nightly the horses are run
out to pasture.

Mounted up for riding to a cookout.

Neil knows how to push horse
from tree.

Cookout is in full swing.

Conal likes fishing in large pond.

Sonja gets help from Avery.
Avery May - BMR owners daughter.

Kira watches it all. :)

Conal & Zak May enjoy paddle boat.

Alee caught in air!

Shaar & Rita do a floating dock thing.

Kira & Tye enjoy taking it all in.

Grandpa cowboy naps.

'Yep, it's nice." say Tye & Rita.

Mounting up to return.

Back thru uphill gate at BMR corral.

We all continue to ENJOY!

Tye & Shaar breakfast before rafting.

Off we go river rafting!

And away we go...

On front Alee hangs on tight!

OH! She gets whacked back!

Yes, it was fun!

Back at BMR awaiting dinner.

Now for the competing games.

Hearing rules of games.

Cameron scores in squirt gun race!

Conal races to target!

Michal joins in too.

Sonja rides the barrel race route!

Kira concentrates on barrels.

Alee rounds one of the barrels!

Cameron races his horse to a barrel!

Neil helps wranglers keep score.

Shaar is ready for the EGG race!

And Alee has her egg too.

Rita racing with her egg!

And - the 'Under age 12" winners!

Ready to mount up.
Going to the overnight campout!

Brother and Sister are ready.

Shaar wants to shovel some
horse poo first. ooooo

Fun rest stop on way up to camp.

Back on the trail.

At camp - choose a tent and cot.

Ah, Neil plays the guitar for us.

Tye enjoys it for sure.

The cell still shows a program.
Good time for just chattin'.

Breakfast cooking before sunup.

Back at BMR & ready for more!

So Kira relaxes some for a bit.

Her siblings get her in the jacuzzi.

The swimming pool entices playtime.

At night we go to the rodeo!

We do enjoy the rodeo.

This day has lessons with a lariat!

And Sonja learns about roping!

And we learn how to push cattle.
These are Longhorn. :-)

Rita keeps her cattle together.

Cameron and friend pushing
some of the herd.

Sonja helps hold cattle.

Longhorns with calves are corraled.
Now we rope & catch for branding!

Cameron loops him a calf!

Holding that strong calf!
The wrangler rushes to help.

Wrangler flips that calf.

Picture time! :-)