Black Mountain Ranch 2013

June 2013 we spent a great week at Black Mountain Ranch near McCoy, Colorado

Horses, scenery, wranglers, food, range of activities, and accomodations were all wonderful!

Black Mountain Ranch HQ

Outdoor BBQ for 1st night supper

Being fitted for Chinks

Head Wrangler Amy gives
riding rules

1st day ride - N & M (out with
"our" wrangler Victoria who
snaped the picture)

Host Nowell cooks lunch
Neil helps from the shade

Ranch & guest kids in
serious lunch discussion

Michal makes dust

Michal has lesson in
the arena

Itchy back?

Brothers Nowell and Bryce
show off longhorn roping

View from the mess Hall

Mess Hall - not always linen

After ride to overnight
campout. Dinner on the fire

Amy & Kyle make camp margaritas

Campout Loo with a View

The Botting tent - boots left outside

Michal with "our" wrangler Victoria

Making a point?

Barrel racing lesson

Shootin the breeze outside saloon

Horses evening run to pasture

Bryce gives roaping lesson -missed

Watching evening entertainment
at saloon


Shooting clays

And shooting clays

Beautiful forest, meadows & views

Off at a lope

Michal enjoys hot tub

Guests to Steamboat Springs
for Semi-pro Rodio one evening

One morning woke up to
the horses among the cabins

Guest Jane & Wrangler
clean up after horses

Youngins help with morning
grain for horses

Resting after a morning
ride and lunch

Giving Max a brush down
after a ride

Weekly round up starts

Facing off new mama
with very young calf

Round up a success - horses
proud of their work

Now the fun starts! Lasso a calf,
take it down, and hold it
if it needs branding. or tagging
Victoria and 2 guests get 1 down!

Branding irons kept hot

Wrangler Madison & Neil &
puppy secure calf

Brice, wrangler & 2 guests

Yup - kids worked too

Casterating calf

Start the heard back up to pasture

Kids, adults & wranglers all
hearding back up to pasture

Brice's girl helps guest
learn to fish

Watching kids fish

Michal makes 1 final point -

To a fun filled week!