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Neil & Michal returned to Black Mountain Ranch
September, 2014

(Black Mountain Ranch in McCoy, Colorado)

We returned for a second 2014 visit to the best Guest Ranch EVER!

"Our" wrangler Victoria throws clay
pigeons for Michal

and Michal shatters them!

Michal "lunges" Landon's young

Practicing pole bending

Heading out

Just riding

"Our" Ranch

Alicia & Vic dropping hay for horses
from custom Ranch truck

Neil rests his eyes . . .

Wranglers wash up after lunch

Afternoon return to base

Horse & wrangler scratch backs

Fording large creek . . .

On the trail

Trail Camp

Dinner at Trail Camp

A bit of dancing

A bit of smooching

Egg race

Stick race

Barrel Race

Our team won

Round up

Cattle start to fill the corral

Ropping calf

Oops - calf won


Thanks for a great week