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Neil & Michal back to Black Mountain Ranch
July, 2015

(Black Mountain Ranch in McCoy, Colorado)

We returned (again) for a visit July 2015
along with friends Jane the Brit from Switzerland,
and David & Jane from England

David and Jane

David and Jane

Michal & Neil watch wranglers saddle
the horses

Michal does some barrel work

Michal, David, Jane, (someone else),
and Jane on the trail

David & Michal on trail up
to overnight Pack Camp

Pack Camp - our overnight home

Our majestic Loo with a View

Jane orders 4 fingers of whisky

Neil & David advise Jane about
her hair

"Innocent" Mountain Margaritas

Neil and Jane grab some grub
Back at the Ranch
Emily & Michal at line dancing class


And Jane practicing
David ready to practice

Michal practices hearding calf
Every evening the horses are
run out to pasture

Watchin' entertainment in saloon


The saloon swing

Michal and Mo

Must be a slow dance . . .

Again dancing

Jane and Chris

David on the trail

Ready for the morning ride

To Jake's lake for lunch

Jane on cattle drive

Michal driving cattle

David watching something very

Neil on the drive

Jane ready to lasso

Getting him down

Got him!

Michal got one

Neil helps take the calf down

Real branding

Jane very serious at the range

Line dancing

Some wranglers dancing on the bar
Is that a guest up there?

Recognize anybody?

Michal had a red shirt that night?

Oh my gosh!

What a nut!

Nobody fell . . .

Rodeo night we stayed at the ranch
rather than go with the others
to Steamboat Springs
(that's Landon in the kitchen)

Our dinner wranglers seemed to have
come direct from the hottub!

Jane delivers dessert

Then we had the special treat of
a ride to the dump in the custom
ranch truck to see the bears

See the bear?

Perhaps we could come back in winter

Back at the saloon, Landon
played some tunes. Then we played
some sort of a rude card game

Wonderful week!