Dozer & Dozer Shed 2013

July 11, 2013 we adopted 14 year old "Dozer"
(1999 Komatsu D-21-A with 6-way Blade) and then built him
a shed and extended electricity to the Machinery Barn and Dozer Shed

Dozer on his new home ground

Time to practice on level ground

Dozer helps pile dropped timber
for the chipper

Starting prep for Dozer's Shed

Carefull layout and hand work

Making access for electric line

Finishing augar dug holes by hand

Mike digs power line trench
from Machinery Barn to Cabin

Finished trench

Great help from Cody & Randy
pouring the piers

Pouring piers

Setting post brackets in concrete

Empty contrete bags represent
>3500 pounds of dry mix

Not pretty but the post brackets
are level and straight

Temporary electricity outlet at barn

Temporary, intermittent power
connection at Cabin

High of 21 degrees & 8-1/2 inches
of snow slowed us a bit

11/29 work resumes as Shawn &
Greg start above ground work. Greg
plumbs a corner post.
Shawn & Greg hoist a beam

Shawn lifts end beam. Glad
we got some help!

Greg places wall studs

Wall siding

Roof trusses

Walls up, roof sheathed,
sun about to set

11/30 Shawn nails end wall (ends
open below beam)

Windows in, vertical wall trim
on, roof underlayment on

Eave trim

Metal roof & trim almost

11/30 "Dozer" spends 1st night
in new shed. (Greg returned
12/3 to finish last shed items)

1/7/14 it warmed up
enough to stain. Zane applies
finishing touches

Dozer Shed blends in
pretty well behind
Machinery Barn

With luck, power to Shed will
Flow through that wire in
conduit from the Barn

Lets see - do we really need
that many wires in 1 switch box?

Pulling wires to subpanel
site in Barn

Securing cable in Barn

Happy dance after Barn
wiring passed continuity

EXTREMELY temporary Shed
circuit test connection
(Shed circuit passed too)