Favorite Photos - taken & edited by Michal
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ENJOY   :-)

Susan & Ken on WAC
My sister Susan & Ken
on the cover of Seattle's WAC
Nov. 2008 magazine issue.
Susan died suddenly March 2009.
Mr. Snowman
Mr. Snowman built by grandkids
Alee and Cameron in 2008.
cold icycle
Now here's an icycle!
Elephant Rock
Elephant Rock greets all
to our place.
Pine Cone buds
Lovely late springtime
pine cone buds!
A tornado to our West!
Aug. 18, 2009
Clouds & Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak in winter 2008.
She lies to our southeast
A Thunderhead!
Sunset thunderhead June 2010
& Full Moon over Pikes Peak
Full Moon
      Then watch a lovely Full Moon      
      in the dark of the night.      
Boiling sunrise
Wake up to a "Boiling" sunrise!
Over Pikes Peak.   :-)
The sun always shines.
This butterfly knows.
What excitement to catch a rainbow!

Eerie sunset

Sunset casts eerie glow to our East.
Crystal Peak
Winter cloud settles on our
northern Crystal Peak.
5 Grazing doe
Early am - 5 doe out grazing.
Snow storm
    We do get stormy and cold snows!   
wind turbine with airplane tracks in sky
"X' marks the spot for our wind turbine.
Yellow flower
A sister's yard with peace & glory

Arctic mts.

But ice, snow & cold stay in these
Arctic mountains we saw in 2008.

Bearded seal
And this Bearded Seal loves it there!
Ship in Spitzbergen
         Our ship Vavilov at anchor.         
red flower
And at another sisters' in WA
this beauty caught my eye!
An American sister

An American sister.   :-)
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
      A visit to Wash. DC and      
      The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier