INGRAHAM Class of ’61 BIOs, collected in 2006 for 45th Reunion

INGRAHAM Class of ’61 BIOs – July 2006 – updates as of Jan. 2012



  A –


Brian E. Ackley…  

        Brian married Jacquine.  He does wish to participate.    


Barbara Ainsley  Mrs. May   


Scott Alton…   no data


Walter Alverdes…   

         Walter is married to Debbie.   He is not interested in attending reunions.


John D. Anderson…   

         2012... My update is to correct my name.   I'm John O. Dahlseng known in high school as John D. (Dahlseng) Anderson.   I have two kids, Ian (26 yrs old) now serving in Afghanistan as a Mandarin linguist and a Medic, and, Leotia (23 yrs old) is in her last year of Bellevue taking radiology.   I am self employed in Marine Design.  


Lyle V. Anderson…   no data


John Anglin 

        John married Pat Owen from Class of ’62.  She is now called Paris.  That name is lovely to remember.

        Receiving his BA from the U. of W. (with a major in Accounting) John went to work with Hertz Airmac as Regional Controller, in Accounting.  He was there for several years when he decided to go into the construction business, starting his own - Anglin Construction Co.  He ran that for over 25 years, building new homes throughout the eastern Seattle area.  John is now retired.

        John and Paris have three children; the eldest, son Brent, is in construction; daughter Denise is a substitute teacher at different schools; and Joseph, the youngest son, who graduated from U. of W. with a degree in Psychology and a minor in English, is an appraiser of housing.  Joseph will be married this summer!

        There are three grown grandchildren for John and Paris to enjoy.  Brent has a married daughter, age 22, and a son age 21.  Denise has a son who just graduated from High School. 

        John likes to go crabbing and fishing.  He and Paris both like to golf.  And Paris also enjoys playing Duplicate Bridge.  She used to enjoy playing Soccer - for 12 years.  The two of them also enjoy spending a lot of time with the family, with both their mothers and fathers still living and each couple now married for over 65 years. 

        There are also family members in Arizona to travel and visit.  Plus, a favorite vacation for John and Paris is going on cruises.  They have been to Alaska on a cruise, but usually their favorite cruises are to either the eastern or western Caribbean.


Vincent Arkills 


Beatrice J. Arndt…  -  Mrs. Harvey Kriloff 

        In the intervening years, Bea helped her two daughters, Lisa and Melanie, achieve self-sufficiency in their own families and careers. 

        As Bea nears retirement from her full time position, she and her husband have enjoyed traveling.  Now, as she enters the newest phase of life, she and her husband, Harvey, are managing their parents senior interaction with the many forms of government.


Sally A. Axtell…   - Mrs. Johns   

        It's been a busy 40 odd years, as I'm sure it has been for all of us.  I spent a number of years in San Francisco after graduation from IHS.  While I really loved it in San Francisco, here is where my home and family are. 

        I moved to Olympia, WA in 1973, with my daughter Rebecca, to attend Evergreen State College.  Talk about culture shock!!  I loved the academics and method of learning, and ultimately got my degree in Psychology of the Community.  While there, Rebecca and I had the opportunity to go with a group of students and faculty to Mexico.  We studied in a number of cities, rural and urban, heading south to Oaxaca.  Rebecca and I headed back to the border alone on a bus, an education of its own. 

        Before, during, and after college I worked for various Tribes and Tribal organizations in the Mason/Thurston area primarily in the area of Social Services.  I was fortunate enough to travel to a good number of exciting places and know the interior of airports and meeting rooms in all of them.

        I entered the U. of W. School of Social Work, and earned my Master's degree in 1990 and then worked as a clinical/psychiatric social worker until just recently.

        I live in Shelton, WA, the Squaxin Island Reservation at New Kamilche Village.  I'm retired and a grandmother of three.


 B –


Richard “Dick” Baker, Jr…. 


Marilyn G. Bates…  Mrs. Furniss  

        After high school I went to Peterson School of Business and got my certificate.  I then went to work for Boeings.

        I married and had a son, followed by a divorce.  Then I got a job with Miller’s Interiors and worked there for seven years.  During this time I remarried and we had a daughter and a son.  We moved to Idaho and after three years moved back to Seattle.

        I went to work for Stelte Dental System [classmate Joan (Hunter) Stelte and her husband’s business] where I still work today.

        About ten years ago Kenneth Furniss and I divorced.

        I have six grandchildren with the oldest one – a granddaughter – having just graduated from high school.  The other grandchildren range in age from 4 – 14 years.

        Gardening and grandchildren are my loves.  Between them and my work I have no time for anything else – lucky me.

        I have been on a couple of cruises (one to the Caribbean and one to Mexico) and really enjoyed them.  Look forward to taking more cruise vacations.


Judy L. Beach  Mrs. Harvey Kolln  




Sharon Rae Belden  Mrs. Richard L. Krogh  

        I dropped out of Ingraham in the middle of my senior year and married Richard.  I did receive my high school diploma - at age 43. 

        Richard and I have four daughters and one son, with ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  One grandson is now serving in Iraq.

        When Richard retired we sold the home we had lived in for 35 years and moved to Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  We had a log home built out in the middle of nowhere.  We love watching and feeding the deer, wild turkeys, and, have even had a moose wander through.  Our lives are quiet with the enjoyment of the wildlife.  

        We have done some traveling to Europe, Australia, Mexico and South Korea.


Dave A. Bell   no data


Dorothy “Jill” Bergquist  Mrs. Frank B. Kerton

        Since the first reunion, I worked in a beauty salon just after I had divorced my first husband.  I quit that job and married another Ballard graduate – Frank Kerton.  We have two sons.

        Frank had taken a test at the University of Washington (just as we married) and did rather well on the test.  Thus, just after our first son, Greg, was born Frank was recruited for the Dept. of the Army as a computer analyst.  So we packed up our yellow Hornet and along with our 1-½ year old son traveled to Red River Army depot in Texas.  When we reached Amarillo, Texas little Greg decided he had enough traveling and screamed all the way to Texarkana, Texas!

        After Frank graduated we went to Pennsylvania to the Chambersburg area.  While in Pennsylvania we lived first in Fort Louden then moved to Upper Strasbourg for about nine years.  Then we moved to Pleasant Hall.  Just shortly after moving we found out that we had been accepted to go to the Boy Scout Jamborees in Guelph, OntarioCanada and then to Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia for the United States Jamboree, and that I was pregnant with our second son.  Moving from a single-wide mobile home to a three story house with full basement, and traveling being pregnant plus attending the Jamborees took its toll on me.  Whew!                               

       About three years later Frank had had enough of the humid summers, poor roads, and the opportunity to again get to Washington so we packed up and headed west.   Frank got a job at Fort Lewis as a Mars director.  Mars had been quite a thing during WW2.  Then, about three years after we had returned (while living in Spanaway) Frank had another job change since Mars had closed down.  He worked for the Army as a civilian still.  Now he’s retired.      

        Both our sons have done well in Scouting and both have the rank of Eagle.  In business the oldest has two stores called 'back stage thrift' here in Seattle.  The youngest son works for a landscaper and still does Scouting as an Assistant Scout Master.  Right now my husband has me on loan to my Mother so I can help her as best I can in Seattle

        I have a hobby of sorts in poetry, art, and crafting but only when I can feel inspired, like at odd times such as the wee hours of the morning.  I also hold a Technician’s ticket for Ham Radio.


Irene R. Best…   Mrs. Irene Hart

        My passion in school was math and singing.  I still have the record that the Concert Choir cut at the Ballard Church.   Our music teacher was the one who, with the choirs, composed:  The Blue and Grey of Ingraham High claims our loyalty.  Win or lose our faith and trust we pledge to thee.  Mountaineers striving on - building your fame.  Oh!  Ingraham High with banners raised, we sing your name.” 

        I worked after graduation and married a year later.  He was in the Navy stationed on the West Coast.  I have three sons from that marriage.  I later married again and was fortunate to have a daughter and another son.  I then really got smart and stayed single and not pregnant.  The kids are ages:  43, 42, 40, 32 and 31.  Also, I have 11 grandkids and of course they all are very smart and good-looking. 

        I did go back to work 31 years ago doing bookkeeping and other office work.  At one time I was working one full time job and two part time jobs.  I was very busy.

        I got interested in auto racing with my second husband.  We started out in the figure eight racing in Monroe, Washington.  (Yes!  I also raced, and not powder puff.)  I had a pink number 53 Figure 8 racecar.  It was a lot of fun and I learned how to really handle a car in all kinds of weather.  The guys thought it was great to spin me out every chance they got.  I went to work part time for the racetrack for 17 years and the last three years I was the ticket manager.  Had some great times and met some of the NASCAR drivers/owners from the circuit.   

        I worked full time for 20 years at New York Life Insurance Company as the General Manager’s Secretary in Everett, and was transferred to Bellevue as the Office Coordinator until I took an early retirement at age 60. 

        During the 90’s I also started working part time for H&R Block as a tax preparer.  Love those figures. 

        In 2004 I moved from Monroe, WA to Arizona.  My partner, Roger, doesn’t like the rain in Washington and it is healthier here for me as I have arthritis.  I couldn’t believe how hot it gets here in the summer - 115° F - but everything is air-conditioned and we do have a swimming pool.   I really love it here and have no plans to move back to the rain and cold.  Nine months has near perfect weather here in Arizona. 

        I went back to work for H&R Block last year as a tax professional.  And, since I really enjoy helping people I will be starting a new part time job for one of the community centers

in Peoria.  I am not going to vegetate.

        On my agenda next is working with clay and cement.  I love making things with my hands but never took classes to learn the techniques.  I like to make Dinosaurs and want to make some that are two to three feet high!  Now’s the time before I get old, I figure that I have 30 more years left.  LIFE IS GOOD, not easy, never boring, but it is what you make it.    

        I hope everyone has a great time at the reunion.  GO RAMS!


Bonnie Birch…  

        After Ingraham, I attended the University of Washington, majoring in mathematics. As you may recall, I also played the accordion while in high school.  Well, I made one last fling to New York and actually played in Carnegie Hall along with many other accordionists. 

        After that my accordion activities faded out (temporarily) as I focused on school and getting a good job.  To that end, I was very fortunate to have a part time job in the U of W computer center while going to school.

        One day, I realized computing was the wave of the future so I abandoned the idea of being a math teacher and decided to major in computer science.  After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I moved to Los Angeles to work for Computer Sciences Corp.  Not only did I enjoy having a challenging career, I found living in L.A. to be an incredible growing-up experience from the rather sheltered life I had in Seattle.  I worked for several computer firms and then moved to the Bay area to work at Ames Research Center on a super computer called the Illiac.  I also worked for Stanford University Medical Center before deciding to return to Seattle. 

        I could have enjoyed partying in California forever but I did miss the family.  I went to work for Seafirst Bank in their computer facility and spent 25 years with the company which in the meantime became Bank of America.  During that time, I moved into a condo in downtown Seattle (1989) so I could walk to work.  There weren't nearly as many of us then as there are now. 

        At the age of 55, I felt a strong need to resume playing the accordion full time so I retired from B of A.  Thank heaven the economy was looking good then or else I may not have had the courage to retire early.  I have now been a professional accordionist for ten years and am very busy.  There is always more to learn and plenty to do.

        Since all I have talked about is career, you may get the idea this is my main priority.  As a matter of fact, it is.  This explains why I am still single and don't really see any way out of that situation at the present time.  I do appreciate family and friends and without them, I don't know if I could survive.  Maybe I could, but I hope I don't have to find out.  I have a website:


Susan K. Black…  Mrs. Robert L. Schalock    

        After Ingraham H.S. I received my BS in Physical Ed from W.S.U. in 1965.  In 1966 I married my husband Dr. Robert L. (Bob) Schalock and continued schooling.  In 1968 I received my Masters in Education from Univ. of Puget Sound followed by post-master's work at the Univ. of Nebraska.

        My teaching career includes the following: 

- 1965-1966 at Santa Maria H.S. in California, teaching Physical Education.

- 1966-1967 at Mt. Rainer H.S. in Tacoma, Washington, teaching Physical Ed.

- 1967-2000 at Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska, as Assistant and Associate Professor of Physical Ed.

        College related professional courses I have taught are:  all kinds of dance, tennis, paddle tennis, badminton, and exercise and weight control.  Then add to this the major courses of:  theory in sports, exercise and practice, and dance; exercise evaluation, perceptual motor learning, adaptive phys. ed. and comprehensive health.  I also was a coach in women's tennis for 23 years (in the national playoffs nine times) and women's volleyball for 12 years (district playoffs twice).

        At Hastings College, I was on the Faculty Senate three times and on numerous faculty committees.

        Some awards and positions were:  Tennis Coach of the Year in Nebraska three times; President of the Nebraska Assoc. for Health, Physical Ed, Recreation, and Dance in 1986-1987; Intercollegiate Coach of the Year for the Nat'l. Assoc. of Intercollegiate Athletics in 1999; received the Nebraska Service Award; was inducted into the Hastings College Hall of Fame in 1999; and received the Honorary Doctorate of Pedagogy at Hastings College in May 2000.

        I have received numerous professional presentations both state and nationally at conventions on exercise and weight control programs, as well as exercise prescription and evaluation.  Internationally, I received presentations on Adaptive Physical Education and Nutrition and Exercise at:  Perth, Australia; Salamanca, Spain; Beijing, Mainland China; and Taipei, Taiwan.

        My hobbies are tennis, painting, camping, hiking and swimming.


Linda J. Blackstock…  Mrs. Ramos   

        After being married for 42 years, I was widowed in 2004.  We had three wonderful boys, now ages 44, 43 and 42.

        I've retired after 20 years with Gai's Bakery and can now really enjoy my six beautiful grandchildren, ages 23, 21, 17, 14, 6 and 4.  And I can't forget to mention my Jack Russel Terrier "Snooter" as part of the family!

        I presently live in Bothell and have remodeled my home. 

        A real LOVE of mine is to travel.  I've visited Arizona, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Texas and Paris.  Besides traveling I take art classes in painting in my spare time, and have hobbies that include reading, gardening, enjoying music, and casinos $$$. 


Stella M. Boldman…  Mrs. Mark B. Gausman   


Mary M. Bolin…  Mrs. John A. Solack 

        John and I have been married for 40 years September 2nd.  Our two sons are 37 and 34 - Mark, the oldest, lives in Olympia and is a social worker; Brian lives in Everett with his wife Jenine and our two grandchildren.  He is a manager at The Red Lobster.

        I worked part time for 23 years at a funeral home in Seattle (I told people I did odd jobs.). My husband John was a commercial drywall finisher. We’re both retired.

        I volunteered actively when the kids were in school.  I now do some volunteer work with Catholic Community Services and spend a little more time with my mother, who lives in an assisted living place close by.  I love to read (but never seem to get caught up on the books I have) and do some genealogy research.

        John and I are busy with home projects, doing babysitting and getting in some traveling.  Also, we are season ticket holders to the Fifth Avenue Theater in Seattle, and to the Seattle Seahawks games! Plus we volunteer at the Civic Light Opera. 

        We won't be attending the reunion but I want to thank everybody for their hard work.  Happy Reunion.


Linda A. Bonnicksen…  Mrs. Russel A. Libby  

        I married Russel, a 1961 graduate of Lincoln High School.  We have two sons, Russel, Jr. and Michael.

        We are retired and spend time between homes in Cle Elum and Kirkland, Washington.


Robert D. “Bob” Borgford…

Dear Friends,

        Best to all of you as you gather for this reunion.  We regret that, a year ago, our family settled on the same date for a large reunion.  We will look forward to seeing you at the 50th Reunion.  We had such a great time seeing everyone at the 40th Reunion.  And it doesn't seem that long ago that we graduated, does it?

        After Ingraham, I graduated from the U. of W., and married soon afterwards.  Since I had been in the Naval Reserves, I did my active duty after college in Pensacola, FL, NewportRI and a couple of years in the Philippines.  One of our daughters was born in Pensacola and the other in the Philippines.

        Following the service we returned to Seattle to live, which then followed with a move to the Midwest for 12 years due to my work.  I have been in industrial sales of bearings, gearboxes and products used in machinery for many years. 

        The Midwest was a great place for raising children - a small town in Missouri not far from a major city, and a very friendly place.  Moving back to the Northwest in 1983, we settled in the Portland area.  The girls graduated from high school with honors and went on to advanced degrees from college.  One daughter is an attorney, and the other is an assistant professor at an Eastern university.  Each married great guys, and we now have three grandchildren - two girls and a boy.  The girls, ages eight and six, are very engaged in art, reading, active play and just having fun; turning two, our grandson likes making faces, talking a lot and is showing a great sense of humor.

        I remarried eight years ago.  My wife Sharon retired last year after many years of teaching elementary school.  She is very active and has a lot of creative hobbies, from sewing, to art, to making books.....which all works out very well for sharing this knowledge and fun with the grandchildren.

        I am a partner in a manufacturers' representative firm, and we represent companies that manufacture bearings, gearboxes, injection molded parts and like products.  One of the nice things about the job is that if I travel, Sharon can travel with me and enjoy the cities we visit.  We are able to travel on business quite a bit that way.  We also like to travel to Arizona for a week or so during the depth of the winter, as well as to the San Juan Islands

        We like to boat, hike and explore towns.  We have a couple of small rowing/sailing boats and a canoe so it's great to get out on the water.

Best regards, Bob


Bill Bottmer… 

        Bill did not attend Ingraham long and isn’t interested in reunions.


David L. “Dave” Boushey… 

        Dave founded the Society of American Fight Directors, and the United Stuntmen's Association.  He was Instructor/Coordinator for the International Stunt School, and Treasurer to the International Order of the Sword & Pen. 

        He has choreographed over 350 stage productions and 45 feature films in a 30-year career as a "Fight Director" and "Stunt Coordinator."  Some of his films include Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Blue Velvet, Drugstore Cowboy, Northern Exposure, Twin Peaks, X-Files, and Highlander.  Notable theatres he has choreographed in include:  The Seattle Repertory Theatre, Denver Center, San Diego Globe, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Pioneer Theatre, Mark Taper Forum, ACT San Francisco, Cincinnati Playhouse and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

        Dave won the Los Angeles Critics Award in 1981, 1985 and 1991 for Best Fight Choreography.  He is a member of the Hollywood Stuntmen's Hall of Fame.  He is the only American to choreograph the entire Shakespeare Canon.  Presently, he runs the foremost Stunt School in North America (  Click on "School Staff" to see Dave.


Jerry R. Bowers… 

        I married Carol on July 8, 1962.  The 44th anniversary comes a week before our 45th reunion!

    Our daughter, Maria Aliza (born 1/31/65), has two sons - Aiden (born 6/16/01) and Brennan (born 2/21/04).  Our son, Micah (born 4/14/67), has twin sons - Connor & Gavin (born 3/16/01).

        My education:  AA, BA & MBA. 

        I am retired from the Air Force and from Boeing and SSN - but not the human race!
        Carol and I moved to South Snohomish County in 1998.  We like traveling.  I also enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, walking, exercising, golfing, working on my computer, and, playing with our grandsons!


Bettejean Briggs…  Mrs. VanWeerthuizen    

        After graduating from Ingraham High School I attended the U of W and Central Washington University.  I graduated from Central Washington in 1966 with a BA in Education and moved to Brookings, Oregon where I taught for two years. 

        In August of 1968 I moved to Smithers, BC Canada.  I gave birth to a daughter in February of 1969 and a son in April of 1970.  In 1971 I returned to Seattle for a year and then returned to BC where I have lived ever since.

        I did a lot of substitute teaching plus ran a sewing business out of my home while the children were young.  When the children were in school full time I returned to teaching.  Over the years I managed to teach every grade from fourth through twelfth and on many different subjects, but primarily English and Special Education.

        I retired from teaching in June of 1998 and my first grandchild was born in July of 1998.  I now have six grandchildren - three grandsons and three granddaughters. 

        Since my retirement I have done a lot of substitute teaching as well as quilting and teaching of quilting.  In addition I breed and show golden retrievers.  Life is so busy I am not quite sure how I found time to work fulltime.


Kaye E. Bristol  Mrs. Larry P. Knudsen

        After graduating from Ingraham I took a course in keypunching.  This was part of the beginning of what is known today as computers.  I then worked at Boeing as a keypunch operator for four years followed by Kelly Girls (now ‘Temporary Services’). 

        On Dec. 29, 1962, I married Larry Knudsen.  We have been married for 43 years and have three children (Jeff, Lori and Kathy).  And we now have five grandchildren. 

        Larry and I built our first home in Edmonds, Washington.  We moved to Shelton, WA in 1968.  Then we built a home on Oakland Bay and lived there for 20 years.  The next move was to build again - in the middle of 15 acres.  We have been living here for 17 years - and grow lots of flowers!  We have around 1,300 Dahlias every year.  Larry grows around 4,000 to 5,000 annuals from seed.  This keeps us busy planting in the spring and pulling out flowers in the fall.  We always share some seeds with family and friends. 

        I have belonged to an orthopedic guild for Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital since 1980.  Add to my love of Dahlias my biggest sports love of playing golf and you know I keep very busy.  Larry and I are members at Bayshore Golf Course in Shelton.  Plus I enjoy golfing with our women’s club competition; and have golfed in New Zealand twice.

        Larry and I have a 32-foot 5th Wheel Travel Trailer that we take south to California and Arizona for 2-½ months in the winter.  We also travel two weeks in the spring and three weeks in the fall with our trailer. 

        Larry is retired from 25 years with Lumbermen’s and then 15 years with The Peninsula Group that developed Super 8 Motels in Washington, Oregon and Alaska.  I have been a stay at home mother/homemaker.  We are enjoying our retirement years.   


Sheila G. Brockway…  Mrs. Norman G. Warsinske   

        Much of my checkered past is far too scandalous to relate here.  What I can tell you is that I’ve raised a son, Jordan - now 44 years old - and a daughter Erica, 42 years old.  

        After 17 years working at the University Tower Hotel in Seattle I retired as General Manager in 1984.  

        I met Norm Warsinske hanging up Christmas lights in the U District in 1982 and was very gently swept off my feet.  Norm retired after 25 years as co-owner of the interior design store, Miller-Pollard in 1983.   We’ve been very happily married since 1984.           

        We’ve traveled extensively in the U.S. and around the world.   Now, we’re traveling less and spending vacation times at our little cabin on a mountain lake northeast of Seattle. We’ve enjoyed skiing and boating, especially sailing small boats.  Most recently our time is happily filled raising three of our five grandchildren – Cooper age 8, Tia age 12, and Benton 14 years old.


Paulette L. Broesch…  Mrs. P. Druxman    

        I had one year of college and then married.  We had two children – one daughter and one son.  The marriage lasted 19 years.  I never remarried.

        I have always worked – first in retail jewelry for two years and then I was with Nordstrom’s in sales with fine jewelry.  I’ve now been with communications for five years so I don’t have to be on my feet all day long.  Nice.

        The worse thing that ever happened to me is when my daughter died in Dec. 2005.  But I enjoy my son and his wife’s two little ones.  These granddaughters are darling – ages three years and 11 months.  Caring for them is tops on my list of enjoyment.

        I also love to get outside to garden, take walks and hike.  Plus my summer cabin in Chelan is a wonderful place for leisure where I go with family several times each summer.


Don Browne…   no data


Janice Burgy…   no data


Fred D. Burink…  

        Fred's first marriage was to Mary and they had a son, Michael.  The marriage lasted 12 years.  He was then a single parent for 12+ years raising Michael.  Fred married again and then divorced after 12 years.  He is now single.

        During Viet Nam, Fred was a civilian hauling ammunition in VN.  He and Wynn Palmerton, who was a GI in Viet Nam, continued to be friends there.  They also were active on the real "China beach".

        In 1999, Fred fell off a roof while working and crushed both heels, plus broke both ankles.  This accounts for some arthritis problems nowadays.  Fred now is a traveling salesman and keeps busy seeing the country.

        Fred's son Michael was a stock broker before he went to law school.  Michael will graduate this year from Michigan State Law School, making his dad very proud.


Barbara A. Burrill…  Mrs. Jim R. Elder

        After graduating IHS I worked at the Telephone Company for six years.  I then entered WWSC where I graduated in December '71. 

        On April 7, 1972 I met my future husband (Jim Elder) and one year and one week later we were married.  Jim was attending the UW in their Orthodontic Department and upon graduation we moved to Puyallup where he set up his practice. 

        We have three children (two boys and a girl) who are now 30, 28, and 26.  Our oldest is in the computer field and lives in Bothell; our 28 year old son was married three years ago and lives in Oregon' and our 26 year old daughter lives in San Diego and will be married July 2007.  No grandchildren yet - we aren't old enough. 

        Since I was lucky enough not to have to work, I spent my spare time volunteering. While the kids were in school I worked in the PTA eventually becoming its President.  After all our children moved beyond grade school I began volunteering at our local hospital and eventually became President of the Auxiliary.  I am currently volunteering as a buyer for our three gift shops, something I truly enjoy.

        Jim has now retired and we are free to pursue our hobby of traveling where and whenever we want.  In the last 18 months we have traveled to Tahiti, New Zealand, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Ixtapa Mexico and the Northeastern USA via RV.  Plans for future trips include Antarctica, Northern Europe and more of the USA

        We also enjoy skiing (downhill and cross country) at Whistler and are looking forward to the 2010 Winter Olympics because we plan to be there.  Summers find us water skiing. Life is very full when you are retired--we have a hard time remembering which day of the week it is--I highly recommend it!!!   


Charles Burton…  no data


Karen Bush…  Mrs. Niels Poulsen – no data


Ronald D. Buske… 

        I’m recently divorced and have my great dog “Woody” to share life with.  Woody is a Golden Retriever.  He and I live in the house I designed way back when, having subcontractors building most of it.  I have a son Ryan who graduated from Central Washington in Ellensburg.

        In 1964 my dad and I built his 28' cabin cruiser, which we both enjoyed for years.

       As for jobs, at first I did some jobs here and there, then worked for Boeing for five years the last half of the 60's.  Then I worked for Sundstrand Data Control for almost 25 years.  Really enjoyed working for Sundstrand.  When they were bought out I worked for JLT Manufacturing for about ten years.  Due to a bad car accident early in 2006, I am not working right now.

        I've always enjoyed, as a hobby, restoring old cars and even doing some drag racing.  I have restored four of my own cars - all Fords.  In '67 & '68, Ray Hadford, from our class, and I received the National record for "Street eliminator" with his car, a '57 Chevy that we both worked on.  I still enjoy attending the yearly national meets for restored Fords.


Judy S. Byrum…  Mrs. C. B. “Bud” Graves, Jr. 

        Upon graduation I went to work as a Dental Assistant.  I got married and was a stay-at-home Mom for the first ten years that I was married.  At this time I got my private pilot license and enjoyed flying private planes for about two years and then went to work in a Medical Practice as a receptionist.  Eventually I became a Medical Assistant, and finally went back to college for a degree as a Dietetic Tech.  Loved working in the nutrition field.

        I have been married to Bud Graves for the last 20 years.  We've lived in Yakima, WA for the first 10 years and on the Olympic Peninsula (in Port Townsend and now Sequim) for the last 10 years.   

        I still work a couple of days a week - at Jefferson General Hospital in Port Townsend, in the business office.  I really enjoy this work and the people I associate with.

        Bud (a Federal Retiree who worked as a Meteorologist in the National Weather Service) continues in his Meteorology career - doing the Fruit Forecast for the fruit industry in Central Washington every spring, and also for the wine industry in the fall.  In addition there is a Winter Arctic Outbreak Forecast Program that he and his business partners put out in the winter for both of those concerns.

        We spend every February in Hawaii, and travel an additional four weeks to Lake Chelan and other destinations every year.  We also get to Canada for a ski week each year.

        I had four children and Bud had two.   One of my sons died 12 years ago.   Between the two of us we have nine grandchildren ages 1 through 20.


 C –


Richard P. Campbell…   no data


Larry E. Carlson… 

        After high school I went to one year of school at Everett Jr. College.  Then I married in 1962, divorcing in 1968.  In 1963 I spent three years in the U.S. Army where I became a helicopter crew chief and was stationed in Germany for two years.  When back in the states I became a licensed aircraft mechanic and worked in both Seattle, Washington, and Alaska until 1974. 

        In 1972 I married Peg.  Peg is a Licensed RN in the respiratory care field.  She still works though is not with the hospital.  She works at Lincare these days.  Peg and I have a son named Nels and daughter, Sarah.  Sarah has given us two grandchildren. 

        About the time I married is when I got my commercial license as a pilot and did piloting for fire service control, charter piloting, and taught others to fly.  In 1974 I went to Central Washington College in Ellensburg, graduating in ’77 with a BA in Voc. Ed.  I then taught others to become aircraft mechanics.

        In 1981 I went into the health equipment maintenance field and worked as a Bio-medical engineer for seven years.

        For many years I enjoyed summer-time commercial fishing in Alaska for Sockeye Salmon.  Also, I liked having horses and taking pack trips into the forests here at home.  Since I no longer ride horses, it is walking a couple miles a day for me.  Also, there is a lot to do keeping up our ranch land.


Larry W. Carpenter…  


Colleen Casey…  Mrs. Robinson – no data


Charles Chaffin…   no data


Milton A. “Mac” Christensen…  


John W. Christopherson…

        The following is an attempt to convey some of my life’s experiences since high school, but as Mr. Hunt would testify to, English is not my strong suit. 

        After graduation I entered the University of Washington and studied Electrical Engineering.  My college education experience was interrupted due to the necessity to fulfill a military obligation and I chose to do that with the United States Marine Corp.  After completing the USMC stint I was able to complete my college education.

        In June of 1966 I started a career with the IBM Corporation that lasted thirty years.  Initially, I was employed as a Software Engineer working on the design of midrange operating systems and software applications designed for various vertical markets.  With this experience behind me I traded my developer experience for a position within the marketing group at IBM.  This was a very exciting and fulfilling experience for me as I was fortunate enough to assist in the development and management of a small business marketing and manufacturing unit that later became a division within IBM.

        After retiring from IBM in 1996 I moved to Bend, OR and started a consulting business that keeps me sufficiently busy and occupied while leaving me with time to enjoy the outdoors, especially golfing and horseback riding.  Also, while I lived in Seattle I raced sailboats for thirty years or so.  I mainly raced on Puget Sound and the West Coast which has become an extremely valuable experience I’ll treasure forever.

        From a personal standpoint, I have a son, Aaron, and two grandchildren, Harrison – 3 years old and Grace – 3 months old, both of whom I love dearly.  I understand now how fulfilling grandchildren can be.

        As far as traveling is concerned I have been fortunate to travel extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.  Some of these travels have been for business as well as pleasure and something I hope to continue doing for many years to come. 

        In closing, I wish everyone well and hope to see all of you at the 50th in 2011.


Sharon J. Collman… 

       I left high school feeling rather undistinguished and headed for college.  I wound up  withdrawing before being flunked out of Seattle University.  I was then a dental assistant for a while, always looking down in the mouth, so headed to Central Washington U. as an older but wiser student. Received my B.S. in '68 and was off to those jobs one hears college grads can snap up.  Seattle isn't a great place for a field biologist.  I asked a professor at the U. of W. if a woman could become an entomologist (thinking I'd save up my money and go to OSU) but he offered me a stipend for the U. of W. and I quickly enrolled.  I paid my first tuition with a VISA loan.  Post M.S. I worked for Weyerhaueser then WSU Puyallup doing entomology (bugs, not words) research. 

        Travel has included two months in Germany as a governess, and three visits with friends in England

        I got the job of County Extension Agent with WSU Extension in King County and had a lovely time building up the pilot Master Gardener program.  Then, later I taught IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to nursery and landscape professionals, Master Gardeners and the public: teaching, writing, lecturing, TV, radio spots and lots of paperwork and reports.   I specialized in plant problem diagnosis and insect ID. 

        Between working hours (many) I was a doting "ant" but forgot to marry and have kids.   I took on my nephew as a surrogate mother/guide for his last year in HS, then later his friend for a couple years.  (Learning the new music was most interesting - might have missed Bon Jovi - and had to substantially upgrade my TV-video and other "stuff"). 

        I changed to Snohomish County when budget cuts made me dispensable.  

        There were a few nasty years as my grandmother (95), middle nephew (17-Leukemia), Dad (68-stroke) and two dear friends (Aids-HIV) died, causing much reflection while spending hours in hospitals.  

        I took the opportunity to shift to EPA as a liaison from WSU, OSU, UI and UAK working on pesticide/water issues.  Four years later I "disappeared" into grad school for a Ph.D. studying root weevils in Pacific NW.  Am still trying to escape (no truth to the rumor that the weevils ate me).  Then it was back to EPA for a stint as IPM Coordinator for WA, OR, ID and AK; then back as Water Quality Liaison to EPA.; and, finally just recently returned to WSU Snohomish County Extension where I am very happily setting about to change how we manage pests in the Pacific NW. 

        I moved in with Mom (now 86 and memory fading).  That means I'm looking at the same wallpaper I grew up with.  I rented out my house but still garden (my sanity) there.  Coffee in my garden is as close to heaven as I get (thank-you-very-much).  If you’re a gardener please contact me. Other than that, same old Sharon - healthy, warped humor, seriously out of shape, no longer running the bases or shooting hoop - even the bugs outrun me now.  


Jim C. Cooperstein… 

      There was no question in my mind where I would attend school after IHS as I came from a hard-core Husky family.  I graduated from the UW in 1966 in Economics/Political Science, then started the UW MBA program, but had to interrupt it for two years in the military.  I was very fortunate to spend that time in Europe with the US Army Finance Corps. Upon returning home, I finished my MBA in 1970 and chose to move to Southern California to find a good job.

      I first worked for the advertising research firm of Audience Studies in Hollywood as Project Director and Group Discussion Moderator.  The company was growing, so some of us had to share offices and, by some amazing stroke of luck, a smart, hard-working and good looking new female Project Director by the name of Janice Sullivan from NYC moved in next to me.  Well, we became good friends and perhaps you can guess the rest.  Janice and I were married some three years later in Huntington Beach.

      Both of us moved on: Janice to Great American Ins., Kal Kan, then Hunt Wesson Foods in Fullerton, where she became that Co.’s first ever female Marketing Mgr; me to Revell, the toy/model kit Co. in Venice and then to Kawasaki, the Japanese motorcycle, Jet Ski, ATV Co. in Irvine as the Marketing Research Mgr. and first Jet Ski Marketing Mgr.  In 1977, we moved down the coast to Laguna Beach.

      As Janice and I worked at our “real jobs,” we had further taken on some commercial and residential real estate investments in South. Calif. and Western Wash.  Also, for some time, we had talked about possibly relocating to somewhere nearer to our favorite hiking, camping and fishing spots (like Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho) where we could also spend more time with our children (Marc-5, Krista-2 at the time).  (This place had to be (near) a city and have decent sunshine (limited rain) as in Calif.)  

      So, in 1983, we chose to move to Spokane.  We rented our Laguna Beach house (thought we’d return someday) and moved to the Inland Northwest and have been there ever since.  Except that, for the first 15 or so years, we went back to Calif. for part of the winter with the children and for the last 11 or so years, we have spent Nov.-early May at our place in South Palm Canyon in Palm Springs.              

      Our son Marc (32) is a WSU grad and a UC, Irvine MBA and is working now as a Market Analyst for Leapfrog RX, a marketing arm for Allerghan Pharmaceuticals in Irvine.  Our daughter Krista (29) is a Microbiology grad from Mont. St. U. and a Physicians Asst. grad of Oregon Health Sciences in Portland and is working as a PA in the Portland area.  She is getting married this summer to her engineer boyfriend of 6 years, Alex from Missoula, MT.  Marc has managed to stay unmarried in spite of his many hitched friends, but has had a steady girlfriend, Jacqueline, also a UCI MBA, for the last few years.

       We have now managed to hike, camp and fish in the places we had planned for over 25 years, much as a family, but also Janice and I alone.  Marc and Krista are accomplished fly fishers and hikers, joining me and sometimes Janice on nearly every river and stream in Montana, North Idaho and NW Wyoming.  We spend significant time at our fishing cabin on the Smith R. in central Montana (lots of hiking) and  also go out to surrounding fishing spots throughout the region (more hiking).

      We additionally enjoy traveling everywhere in the US and other countries – on trips that have not been for fishing – throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, but some that have indeed included fishing – Mexico, Chile, Argentina and (upcoming) to New Zealand.  We also carry on our support of certain environmental groups fighting pollution and mistreatment of sensitive wildlife and road free areas and Janice continues on bravely to lead our long-term neighborhood fight to prevent/limit a proposed housing development in a sensitive environmental area near our house in Spokane Valley.

     We wish everyone in IHS first class of ’61 the best.


Cindy Corbin…  Mrs. Branson

        I didn’t graduate from Ingraham because half way through my senior year my parents moved to Texas.  I so much wanted to stay with my old classmates, but...  I wound up finishing high school in Bowie and graduated from Bowie H.S.

        I went to college at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) and received my teaching degree.  From there I taught Junior High English for 14 years.

        I married, had three children, divorced, and remarried.  My husband Tom passed away two years ago.

        With four grandchildren - two of which are identical twin granddaughters - I have much to enjoy.  And I now have a great-granddaughter, with a great-grandson on the way!

        This August I have my first overseas trip planned.  Ireland is where I will be visiting along with my friend from school days in Seattle - Alyna McCorkle.

        Quilting has been a hobby for the past 20 years.  Plus, I do art work in oil painting and sketching.  I've also enjoyed writing some poetry over the years - and been published.  My future plans include learning square dancing and line dancing.  


Carole Courtney…  Mrs. Nordstrom    

        I worked with political candidates at the local level moving up to statewide, handling campaign activities.  I also was Assistant President at a university handling the speeches, etc.  Then there was work as Corporate Office Manager in the newspaper industry and communications.  Also was into Import/Export Training Council.

       I've lived in Washington State where I raised four children - all grown now.  Daughter Diana started high school at age 13, quite a challenge to keep up with.  She is married and has no children.  Daughter Cyndi lives in France so as to finish her degree in French.  She has one daughter.

       I have enjoyed many community activities.  Just some of them are:  school district team to review and determine curriculum for elementary level; various boards in Spokane; Bible study leader; Christian yoga; writing and publishing a book; aiding with the French American Chamber of Commerce, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Gonzaga University Mentoring Program and Sons of Norway.

       My hobbies are:  learning (I'll be the old lady with the walker and hearing aid going to some class someday.), being a Grandma (which I dearly love.), and walking (can't do my corporate running team anymore).

        My most memorable trip was driving through 25 countries in one year.  I have also seen 48 of our 50 states.  Got back to Norway (mom's relatives) and Ireland (dad's side, can only find pubs with the name), and have made it to Turkey to which I would like to return again and again.


Charles E. “Chuck” Cox…    deceased - 2009

        After graduating from Ingraham, I attended Everett Junior College for two years, bouncing on and off academic probation since I was still playing with the Regents, drinkin’ beer and stayin’ up late.  Then for some reason in 1964 I decided to join the US Army (remember “Choice, not chance?”).  In I went, guaranteeing the US Government three years of my life if they would send me to Europe.  Fortunately, I ended up in Germany working as a cryptologist in a small missile detachment in what used to be the British Sector of what was then West Germany.  During my 32 months there I learned to speak fluent German, and visited almost all the Western European countries I was allowed to travel.  All- in-all a great vacation and a chance to finally grow up.

        Upon my return to Seattle in 1967, I headed for Shoreline Community College for a year, got my academic grade-point up to an acceptable level, and matriculated to the University of Washington where I graduated with a B.A. in European History in 1970.  Although thoughts of taking a fifth year and becoming a school teacher flew through my mind at the time, I had already started working for the City of Seattle as a part-time bus driver while attending the U of W.  After graduation, the City offered me a full-time position, and since I was making far more money than a school teacher could ever contemplate, the decision was made.  I continued to work for Seattle Transit for the next two years, and during that time I got married.  In 1972 Metro Transit took over, and thanks to being in the right place at the right time, I moved from bus driver to an administrative position.

        I continued to work for Metro and in 1978 the marriage fell apart, with a divorce to follow.  Something about trying to raise some other guy’s kids just wasn’t my cup ‘o tea, especially when their mother was not at all supportive in that regard.  Back then “no-fault” divorce was a big deal and we both walked away with no harm, no foul.

        As time went by, I continued my upward migration in the Metro Transit organization.  And, during this time, in 1982 I fell in love with Barbara, a girl from Miami.  We were married in 1985 and in 1988, our son William was born.  William is graduating from Ballard High this June, and he’s been accepted at Central Washington University.  He wants to be a prosecuting attorney.  He’s a fine lad and we’re very proud of him.

        For fun, my wife makes quilts and wall hangings while I go prospecting for gold. Barbara has far more quilts than I have gold nuggets, but I find the adventure of gold prospecting fascinating.  Though she may have more quilts, I have more mining equipment and a big truck in which to haul it.

        Last year I was diagnosed with colon cancer, had a major chunk of my digestive tract removed, spent six weeks healing up, underwent 24 weeks of chemotherapy, and then cooled my heels for seven months, seeing if the treatment worked.  In March I found out that there were two lymph nodes still involved, so it’s off on another adventure, this time at $8,000 an injection.  Hopefully, this will nail the nasty buggers once and for all, but nothing is certain in this world.  So far I feel okay, and thank God for adequate health insurance and a generous sick leave policy.

        At this point, I’m still fighting the good fight, and if things go well, I’ll be out there on some stream this summer, looking for that elusive yellow metal.  It’s been a good life, and I plan on enjoying it, day by day, for a good long time. 


Robert E. Craig… 


Eugene R. Cyrus…


Dennis Cziske… 

        Dennis married Paulette in 1968 and they have two sons who are both married and each has a daughter.  Dennis had worked for Boeing and Paulette worked with the Shoreline school district.  Both are retired; enjoy doing community work and being grandparents.


D –


Charles W. Daily, Jr.… 

        Upon Graduation from IHS I entered the U.S. Army and served on Okinawa with the 503rd, 173rd Airborne Brigade. 

        I started Junior College at Shoreline Community College and transferred to U of W, finishing with my B.A. in Sociology at the University of Denver in 1969.  I completed my

M.S.W. at the University of Denver in '71.  In this period of time I was married to Sandy Systad (from our IHS) and we divorced.  She was not to blame and was a good wife.

        I remarried and have lived in Wisconsin since 1972.  I was Ordained in 1980 in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Green Bay and was employed with the State of Wisconsin, Department of Corrections until retirement in 1999.  This is when my loving wife Sara died of lifelong complications. 

        Since I remarried outside the Roman Church my faculties were suspended.  I left the RC and moved to the Episcopal Church, Fond du Lac Diocese, where my Ordination in the RC Church was "received".  I have worked in retirement as a chaplain with a rural based hospital and hospice.  I am “The Rev” Charles W. Daily, Jr. 

        My present wife Pam and I are very happy.  We live on a 60 acre farm and I remain part-time employed as a Chaplain with a hospital based hospice.  I have had skydiving, a private pilot’s license, sole ownership in a 1947 Piper Cub, a sailboat, but now fly kites and continue to ride our Harley to recreational areas about Wisconsin.  We yearly go to the Circus at Baraboo Wisconsin and frequent Door County in Wisconsin.  I do some hunting.  We have migratory birds, whitetail deer, bear, wolf, red fox and lots of varmints on our land.  Wild Turkeys are here also.  Well...that's enough of the sharing of a good life.  Peace to all of you!  


John D. Dalseng… 


Doug S. Danner… 


Don A. Dates…   


Dennis D. Davidson…  

        My wife, Nancy, and I have resided on Vashon Island for the last thirty-six years.  I met Nancy in Seattle in 1967 and we married in September 1968.  We have two sons and three grandchildren.  Nancy, (originally from California), maintains a long-established real estate career on the Island.  I retired a year ago and am into some serious playing, home remodeling, and yacht club activities.  Our sons, Ben and Ed, have completed college and are actively pursuing their respective lives.  As a side note, they both appear to have inherited their father’s sickness for boating and already own their own boats.

        A little history:  After graduating from Ingraham, I attended Western Washington State College for a year and then completed two years of active duty in the Naval Air Reserves.  I eventually returned to WWU in Bellingham and attained an Industrial Technology degree in 1969.  Upon graduating, I secured a developmental engineering position at K2 Skis, and Nancy and I moved near the factory on Vashon Island.  Raising our family on Vashon and working for K2 during its golden years turned out to be a wonderful experience.  I left K2 in 1979 to pursue a new career in the boating industry then worked at Honeywell Marine Systems in Ballard.

        In 1984 I joined a Boeing engineering group and for the next twenty years commuted “off island” by vanpool.  I held a variety of interesting engineering positions at multiple Boeing facilities and ended my career supporting commercial and military Flight Testing of 777 and AWACS aircraft.

        I have owned several boats through the years, both power and sail.  Typical summer vacations were spent cruising with the family between the San Juan’s and Desolation Sound.

        Current activities include sailing, traveling and maximizing our home on Quartermaster Harbor.


Norm L. Davis…  deceased 2011

        In 1965 I received my BA from the U of W and in 1970 received my MBA from Seattle University.  Along with this I had four years as a Naval Officer during the Viet Nam times and retired from the Naval Reserve as a Commander.

        I presently own all or part of four different companies which are in the real estate development/mortgage categories.  I really enjoy doing what I do and have no plans for retirement.  However, I do take a lot of time off.  It was something like eight weeks off last year.

        My wife Jolyn and I have been married 30 years this year.  She is an incredible lady, and my anchor.  Jolyn is the Vice President of Marketing for Burnstead Construction.

        We have lived primarily around Seattle except for a two year period when we were in California.  Now we split our time between our homes in Mill Creek and Lake Chelan.

        We have five children and two grandsons.  They are all an amazing bunch if I do say so myself.

        I'm working on being a "real" golfer (got a ways to go).  I also enjoy tennis, water skiing, snow skiing and photography.

        Jolyn and I travel quite a bit.  In the last year we have gone to Palm Desert twice, Porte Vallarta, plus we have a spring trip planned for a cruise in the Far East (Viet Nam, China and Japan).  A few years ago we did a really nice three week trip to Europe.  And one of my most memorable trips was a two week trip to Ecuador and Peru with daughter, Jen.


Diane E. DeArment…  Mrs. Nelson 


Karen L. Denson…  Mrs. Gordy Legg 

        I graduated from the University of Washington in 1966 and married classmate Gordy Legg.  We moved to Kirkland, Washington and raised two children. 

        I returned to school in 1979 for a nursing degree and worked at both Children’s Hospital and as a clinic nurse in pediatrics.  

        After retiring from nursing ten years ago, I became certified as a fitness instructor and have worked part-time since then with seniors (people our age!).  I also continue to volunteer at Children's Hospital.

        For entertainment, Gordy and I have been enjoying fly fishing every year in Montana, backpacking in the Olympics and Cascades, gardening, traveling and a lot of chasing grandchildren.  

        I continue to love living in Kirkland!


Marian A. Dillon…no data


Bill F. Distad… 

        I married Georgene in 1969.  We both taught choral music in Seattle Public Schools for ten years and then opened a children's residential treatment program in Richmond Beach (Shoreline, Washington).  We managed the Group Home for 20 years, until 1999.

        Georgene and I have four children - all married:  Christine, Julianne, Matthew and Andrew.

        We live in Salem, Oregon now and are involved in writing a book, teaching, church music and volunteer activities such as sitting on the Citizen Review Board for the Justice Dept (reviewing children in foster care).  Georgene enjoys teaching piano to beginners and I am busy writing a book or two.

        We spend a month at the ocean each year, which is an hour away from our home.


Douglas W. “Doug” Dulin… 

        I attended the U. of W. and received by BA in Economics.  Then I continued on at Golden Gate University in San Francisco where I obtained my MBA.

        Met my wife Linda (a Snohomish girl) in Sun Valley and we have been married for 34 years.  Linda is an RN at the Swedish Hospital as is our daughter Lindsay.  Lindsay is a graduate of W.W.U.  Our other daughter Leslie, also a W.W.U. graduate, works in the family business as our Marketing Manager. And son Nick, a W.S.U. graduate, works as our Construction Manager.

        I began working with Standard Oil in Marketing Management.  I was with them for ten years and lived in Seattle, Hawaii and San Francisco in that time period.  Then I’ve had 30 years at Sport Court/Court Development, Inc. which I founded in 1976.  We have built over 5,000 installations in Washington, Idaho and Alaska.  Our work includes marketing and construction of game courts, tennis courts, putting greens and gym playing surfaces.  This is addition to my 30 years of owning and managing commercial real estate.

        Linda and I enjoy splitting our time between our homes in Woodinville, Plain (Lake Wenatchee) and La Quinta, CA.  Don't ask me how our pets like it - we just like our animals.  We have a Yellow Lab and a German Shepard plus one cat and now just one horse.

        I enjoy golfing, reading, sports, traveling and lots of family activities!

        My plans for the future are to become semi-retired in the next two years letting my kids run my business while I putter around in Plain and La Quinta.  Nice.


James H. Duncan…no data


James T. “Jim” Duncan… 


 E –


Sheron F. Eiford…  Mrs. John A. Mohan 

        After graduating from the U of W and marrying John Mohan in 1965, I've taught and served as a principal in elementary schools for 31 years (classroom teacher, reading specialist, science specialist).  For the past ten years I’ve been a professor at Northwest University teaching and supervising student teachers. 

        Also, for more than 40 years, I've been a part of John's business, Mohan Skiing and Boarding (previously Northshore Ski School), where I trained instructors to pass their national ski exams.  We have had thousands of "kids" of all ages during our years of working with people; but, no children of our own.  Over the years, though, we’ve had a few precious pets:  a Labrador named Fang, named after John’s favorite book White Fang, and a few cats. 

        We like to walk every day, take cruises, dance, take groups on ski vacations, learn about the stock market, and entertain students and friends.  The Lord has richly blessed me with a full life including a great husband, wonderful friends and colleagues, and lots of interesting and challenging things to do.  I look forward to many more years of being active and productive


Sally M. Ellis…  Mrs. John A. Huxford 

        I married John right after high school (attending college for a year).  Our anniversary of 45 years comes this September.  We have had six children, the oldest had bad health and she passed away just two years ago.

        We have one son who lives near us here in Idaho.  He is a football coach and has four darling little boys.

        We have another son who lives in the Las Vegas area where he is a dentist. 

        One daughter of ours lives in Houston Texas; another lives in Layton, north of Salt Lake City, Utah; and another daughter lives in Seattle.

        Then there are our 14 grandchildren!  They are all simply precious.  Our children and grandchildren are the light of our lives!

        I am a part time florist these days which is more towards my artistic leanings.  I also enjoy doing art work with water colors, oils and acrylics.  Husband John is retired and his enjoyment now is driving a school bus.

        In the past, John and I had been able to travel to Venezuela.  That was due to John's job, and was nice.  We don't travel too much right now.  The family is our vacation fun.


Merv Emerick… 

        What have I been doing for the past forty-five years... The first two years were spent aboard the USS Midway.  The next two years I spent a lot of time drinking and having fun.

        In 1965 I met the love of my life and we were married in November of that year.

        Back one year - in 1964 I got involved in Stock Car Racing at Evergreen Speedway.  And I got a job in the automotive industries.  I am still involved in NASCAR but gave up the job in 2001.

        Pam and I have one son and live in Redmond.  We will be moving to Mexico in the fall.

        Hope all are well and have a great party.  Merv


Kathy L. Entrop…  Mrs. Roland G. Chambers (Kathy Parks-Chambers)

        I attended U of W and joined Gamma Phi Beta sorority.  My major was Music.  I have been continuing in the art world as a fine artist.  I’m also a freelance forensic artist working with the Island Co. Sheriff's Dept.  I do skull re-construction and witness composites as well as age progression for missing persons. 

        My most famous painting hangs in St. Michael's Catholic Church in Kona, Hawaii ... it is of Fr. Damian (the priest who worked with the lepers).  The painting was commissioned and was presented to the Kona community.

        My husband, Gary Parks, was killed in the line of duty in 1987 fighting the Everett Community fire (Gary and I started and ran "Up the Creek" restaurant in Lake Stevens for 10 years).  We were married for one month short of 25 years.  We had two daughters and raised two foster boys.  Our oldest daughter Erin is married to Steve VanRy who has a granite fabrication business.  Erin is a teacher at Marysville High School.  Erin and Steve have three children - Zach is 15, Marissa is 12, and Matt is 10, who all are the light in my life.  Daughter Jennifer is unmarried and is in the restaurant business.  

        I still own the sailboat we sailed all over the Northwest coastal waters.

        I married Roland Chambers in 1988.  He graduated from Marysville High School in 1959 and is a proud Marine.  Roland is a retired Dental tech (making crowns and bridges) and now helps in my skull re-construction. 

        We have had a great life traveling.  We enjoy our frequent trips to the Big Island of Hawaii.  We also bought a condo and sold it in 2001.  We both enjoy golf - too much - and have competed in several tournaments.

        I have been lucky to purchase a pedal harp and play everyday!

        Roland and I have 22 grandchildren between us and enjoy their many hobbies: piano, rodeo, Lacrosse, tetherball, you name it.

        I will enjoy seeing all of you again in July.  Roland and I live in Sandy Hook on Whidbey Island - please feel free to come and see us...we'd love it.  We could twist again, like we did last summer!


Carl Erickson…


Suzie Erickson…  Mrs. Jay Minea

        Suzie is married to Jay, our classmate from ’61.

        Suzie graduated from nursing school and has worked with disabled individuals most of her career.  Her husband Jay worked as a welder at Lockheed Shipbuilding in Seattle for over 20 years until it closed.  Presently both Suzie and Jay own and operate a Licensed Adult Family Home with five disabled adults living with them in a family setting. 

        In December Suzie and Jay will celebrate their 35th Anniversary.


Arletta J. Estenson…  Mrs. Mansfield

        From I.H.S. I went on to college, graduating from Pacific Lutheran University in 1965 with a BA in Education.  This was followed with teaching PE at Puyallup High School for two years.

        In 1967 I married Bob Mansfield and we moved to Vallejo, California.  Five years later we moved to Napa, CA where we lived for 32 years and I raised my children, Marc - now 37 years old and Joelle now 34.

        Napa School District is where I worked as an Instructional Assistant for 18 years.  During this same time I also managed the golf course estate for David and Gloria Wolper.

        I was divorced in 1990.

        I have four grandchildren now.  My son Marc has two children, Mason age 13 and Julia age 8.  My daughter Joelle Gentry has two boys, Kyle age 10 and Kellen age 7.  They are all the lights of my life!

        My newest change has been retiring in 2005 along with selling my home in Napa and moving back to the Northwest.  I now live on Lopez Island where my sister and I share full time care-giving responsibilities of our parents. 


 F –


Roberta J. Falconer…  Mrs. Bill Smithno data


Andy L. Fiksdal… 


Jim L. Fletcher… 


John Dodds Fletcher… 

         My twin brother is Robert “Rob” from our Ingraham Class of ’61.

        Right after high school I went into the Army and was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  I was in the Paratroopers for three years.  Just at the end of those three years I met a gal ("Cookie") who had come to visit her brother.  We married and moved to West Virginia.  I couldn't find any work there so re-enlisted for four more years.  I attended the Army Signal Corps School and then was sent to Germany for the rest of my four-year stint.

        Cookie and I had two sons who were both born while we lived in Germany.

        Then we moved to Portland, Oregon, where my parents lived.  I went to work for Burroughs Corp. and repaired office and computer equipment.  I worked with Burroughs until 1995 when I decided to look into other work.  I did different kinds of jobs for a while and now am reading water meters.  I plan on retiring at age 66.

        Wife Cookie works in retail sales at Macy's which just took over May Co. Stores.  She does very well.

        Our oldest son has no children.  Our younger son has three - two daughters (Madison, age 16, and Kelsey, age 14) and one son (Connor, just turning 12) who all live in New York.  Their father, our younger son, is in the Army Reserves and was sent to Iraq for two years about two years ago and now he has just been sent to Afghanistan.

         As a hobby I have always enjoyed collecting U.S. military insignia.  And, Cookie and I have two white Schnauzers!


Ken W. Fletcher…

        Ken works as an appraiser with Tri-Co. in the Puget Sound area.  He’s been with Tri-Co 38 yrs.  Ken has two daughters and two grandchildren.


Robert A. “Rob” Fletcher…  -  His twin is John Fletcher.


Tracy Floren…  Married 22 years to Nancy.  Tracy fought alcoholism for many years.  In 2007 his wife was murdered by two shots to the head.  Tracy went on trial and on January 2010 he was convicted of her murder and sentenced to 30 years.  He is now serving his time in the Washington State Penitentiary.


James L. “Jim” Forrest…  

        With one year of Jr. College, Jim went on active duty with Dennis Davidson to serve with the Naval Air Squadron on the air craft carrier USS Hancock.  Jim and Dennis were able to stay together for those two years of active duty.  And they saw the Far East.

        Afterwards Jim stayed in California and married Shirley Davis.  They had two children; a son now married to a Chinese girl and living in Shanghai China; and a daughter who lives in Rio Vista, married to a farmer.  They have given Jim four grandchildren, ages 5-19 years in age.

        Jim started into residential real estate.  Then he married his second wife Marla.  Marla was recruited by Beverly Hills so they moved to Los Angeles.  While there Jim was a review appraiser for Brentwood Property Appraisers - appraising houses in Beverly Hills, of all those well known peoples.  This work ended along with the marriage and Jim returned to San Leandro where he took over a business.  He also owns his own company, enjoying his work.

        He is very active as a sailor and says it all started back when he was in his twenties.  Dennis Davidson and Jim Duncan took him out sailing.  They wound up tipping the boat over and just had so much fun that day!  Jim was hooked and has been at it ever since... well, not tipping any sailboat over.  He enjoys his Catalina 36 sailboat too much for that.  He just loves the cruising, as does his significant other, Mary Coleman.  She has her own Farr 40 racing sailboat. 

        Also, Mary and Jim have done a lot of world traveling.  The world just gets smaller.  And there are plenty of places for them to snow ski.

        Now Jim is in the process of buying a resort condo (which is under construction) in Puerto Vallarta.  They plan on living there eight months out of the year.        


Michael D. “Mike” Forzley…   deceased - 2006

        Mike was a W.S.U. graduate. He then became a group counselor for Juvenile Court selecting to participate in a federal program in Chicago where he worked in the core area of Chicago with street gangs and problem kids.  While in Chicago, Michael received a Master's degree in Urban Sociology.  He then went on to saving the kids, beginning with those living in the projects of south Chicago where he began his lifelong work with troubled children. 

       Mike, along with two pals, Duncan Campbell and Orin Bolstad, initiated the foundation for Friends in Portland Oregon where he and Duncan worked in Juvenile Court.  Mike was Director of Strategic Planning for Friends of the Children and did continual work with urban children.  He also was a teacher, counselor and administrator in the Portland Public School District.  Also one of the businesses he established was the national children's newspaper - The Young American. 

        Mike loved talking about "his kids".  His daughter Jenna began working with Friends for the Children in 1993.


Robert Foster…   no data


Sidney G. Foster…  Mrs. Paul Perdue – no data


Linda Fredrickson…  Mrs. Phillip J. Slabaugh 


Owen C. Freeman…  


Sue M. Fruhling…  Mrs. Burns – no data


Velrie Ann Fryberg…  Mrs. Hopkins - no data


Carll R. Frye…  


 G –


Gordon D. “Gordy” Gardner

        My wife Jann and I met at W.S.U. where she graduated in Speech Education and I graduated in Wildlife Biology.  I went into the Marine Corp then and served in Viet Nam.  Shortly thereafter we had our two children Andy and Matt. 

        Andy has done several things including a brief (thank god) career as a rocker.  He had a band, did the tour thing and has a CD.  Not a big seller.  He recently took his Doctorate in Applied Anthropology from Arizona and is an assistant professor at University of Puget Sound.  He and his wife Kristin and our 14 month old grand-daughter live in Tacoma.

        Matt lives in Moss Landing, California which is just north of Monterrey.  He is an administrator in the MATE program which is a group dedicated to Marine Advanced Technical Education.  They run annual regional and international competitions dealing with the construction of underwater robots by high school and college students.  This year the regional winners will all compete in the finals at NASA in Houston.  Next year it will be in Halifax, Nova Scotia

        I have been retired from my medical practice for 4-1/2 years.  I'm busy with my own yard and gardens but am also active in Master Gardeners.  I fish almost daily during the salmon season each summer (recreational fishing) and we ski several times each winter.

       My wife Jann has a doctorate in Educational Leadership and is a professor at Peninsula Community College in Port Angeles WA.  She has no intention of retiring any time soon.


Joe W. Gilbert… 

        After high school I did two years of active duty in the Navy spending my time on Midway Island and on the aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge.  After the Navy I went to work for the Boeing Company, Aerospace Division.  I worked in New Orleans, LA; Huntsville, AL; Cape Kennedy, FL; and Bay St. Louis, MS. 

        I then graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi going to work for General Dynamics, Electric Boat Division, in Groton, Connecticut.  I came back to Boeing in Washington State in 1978. 

        I married Diane Spurgeon in 1981 and we have one daughter and one son. 

        I’m now drawing my retirement checks from Boeing. 


Wilfred Gill…   no data


Betsy A. Gillogly…  Mrs. Smith 


Leon T. Gilly…  

        Leon married Donna in 1971 and they have two children, but no grandchildren yet.

        Leon had only attended Ingraham for one year and so therefore had not formed any close relationships at Ingraham.


Randy J. Ginsberg…  

        Hello Ram's Fans - Here's a question that I'll bet almost NEVER comes up anywhere--What ever happened to Randy Ginsberg?  For anyone who did not respond "who cares?" I'll be as brief as possible.

        Probably the last time most of us saw each other, I was headed off to the U of W, where I majored in Finance, was a member of Beta Theta Pi, played three years of Varsity Baseball and managed to graduate in only 4-2/3 years (pretty much without honors).  

        Yes, for those of you with very long memories, shortly after my graduation, I married Eleanor Milner--the foxy song leader from Roosevelt that I dated throughout college.  We will celebrate our 40th anniversary at the end of July, and to me she's still pretty foxy.

        We have three grown children.  Jeff, our oldest works in X-BOX with some local computer firm up there and is married with two children.  He and his wife Melanie also graduated from the U of W.  Brent, our middle son, is a pro surfer trapped in real life as an elementary school teacher in Inglewood, Ca.  Brent is a graduate of the University of Hawaii.  Krista, the caboose and only daughter, is an attorney in Redondo Beach, Ca.  She graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder and got her law degree from Loyola Marymont.  She is married to Bruce Myhre, a former all-American soccer star from Claremont College and a very successful high school soccer coach in southern California.

        For those of you who knew my dad, Norm, he's now 87 and looks and acts 60.  He's in great health and spirits and lives in Palm Desert, when he is not traveling.  And my brother Ron (Class of ‘63) is still in Seattle selling Ocean Alexander yachts on Lake Union.

        Shortly after she graduated, Eleanor went to work with United Airlines as a "stewardess", based in New York and later in Seattle.  She was forced to leave "show business" when we got married.  Don't worry, we got to keep those airline passes, because at about that same time, I went to work for TWA as a pilot and stayed there until the company demise.  I then finished out my "career" after 36 years of flying, in 2003.

        Although we lived for the first ten years in Manhattan Beach and for the past 29 in Palos Verdes Estates, I was based mostly in Los Angeles, but also flew out of New York and  St. Louis.  I had a couple of chances to fly inaugural flights to new destinations, but mostly it seemed that I flew the last flight out of just about everywhere during the final months at TWA.  For any of you who may possibly have gone to work at Boeing--especially on the 707, 727.747, 757 and 767, THANK YOU for nearly 25,000 hours of safe flight! 

        It has always amazed me, but two guys from our Ingraham class flew for TWA at the same time.  Mac Christensen was there before me and left after I left.  Small world!  We really didn't even know each other in school but became good friends at TWA.

        While I have been retired for a little over three years--except for my new career in art (metal work), Eleanor continues her work in Community Affairs at LAX, where she has been for 30 years plus her charity work for Children's Hospital. 

        I must say that I don't miss flying much--I really never fully returned to work after the Sept. 11 affairs, and, anyway, I have more stories to tell than I will ever have grandchildren to tell them to.

        I now spend too much time on golf courses to explain my poor handicap and not enough time on tennis courts--which explains my weak backhand.  Thankfully, both Eleanor and I are in very good health so we continue to travel at every opportunity.  I really enjoy revisiting all of the foreign cities that I couldn't spend much time in when I was flying - but it was sure a lot better when somebody else was paying for the hotels.  We cruise often, both blue water and river boating, and have spent considerable time on the French Riviera--usually for the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival with much of our travel time spent in Northern Italy and Tuscany.

        Recently we have reconnected with a large number of old friends from Roosevelt High school.  We see them on a pretty regular basis in Palm Desert and have had a couple of large reunions in the past few years. 

        Although this is subject to change, most likely, I will not attend our 45th Reunion but I am anxious to get the Reunion BIO book, so I can catch up on all of the news.  I'll miss you all.  Have fun.


Wendy Givan…  - Wendy Givan-Hess.  Her partner is Michael J. Evans.

        There have been three (and soon to be four) especially significant periods of my life since graduating from Ingraham in 1961.

        - First, would be the birth of my wonderful son, John, in 1969, who is now a family medicine physician in Reno, Nevada, as is his wife, Katie Dolan.  They have three spunky children, Harrison (8); Ryan (5); and Ella (1-1/2) who are a continuous source of joy (inspiration and silliness) to their grandmother.

        - Second, would be moving to Gambier, Ohio, in August of 1987 (son John went off to college) with Michael Evans - Historian and Director of an Integrated Studies program at Kenyon College (see  Michael is also a Seattleite and a UW graduate to whom I am now married.

        - Third, would be the 17 years I have been employed at Kenyon College (since 1989) as the College’s Ombudsperson (conflict resolution person) and an Associate Director of Human Resources.

        And, soon to be…

        - Fourth, will be our upcoming retirement to Tucson, Arizona (where we have already bought a home) beginning in January, 2007.

        There has been a heck of a lot of life that has been lived in, around, and between these years, but I don’t think I need to bore you with the details (not all that interesting, trust me).  I can say it has truly been a great life thus far and for the most part, rewarding - (She said, optimistically, since retirement looms large and is finally within reach!).

        The passions I had as a “high-schooler” remain:  music (I’ve signed-up to sing in the choir at St. Philips in the Hills Episcopal in Tucson); nature (avid birder; dog & cat collector; gardener); art & architecture (collector & dabbler); all outdoor & sporting things; and adventure-travel, to name a few.  But of course the thing I feel most passionate about are my family and lovely grandchildren—they make sense of my world and life (quite an accomplishment!) and it will be wonderful to be in the same time-zone again--forever, and at long last.

        ~~~ All the best and warmest wishes to all. ~~~


Grace Glasgow…   no data


Larry E. Godsey… 

        I entered the Navy, after graduating IHS, and served as a Jet Mechanic on the USS Bon Homme Richard CVA-31.  After that 2-1/2 year experience I went to work for Grant Jenson in Arlington, working at his Dairy.  Shortly thereafter I purchased a Partnership in "The Poor Boy Farm" so I could start my own herd of cattle. 

        In 1981 I married my wife Leanne, moved to Whidbey Island, and we had four children; Emily (28) came to the marriage with Leanne, Linda (24), Lawrence (21) and Nancy (19). 

        I worked for my wife's family business, Long Poultry Farm Inc., for about 15 years, then went to work for the Island County Road Department where I am currently employed. 

        I am an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints where I have become very involved with the Boy Scouts of America program, acting as Scout Master for many years as well as hiking and canoeing hundreds of miles. 

        I have six grandchildren from our two married daughters, still enjoy working in the garden, making whole wheat bread and chopping firewood for sale. 


Linda P. Godsey…  Mrs. Jerry L. Strock 

        Our classmate Larry Godsey is my brother.

        After high school I attended college in Washington and Missouri in Theatre Arts/Performing Arts.  Then life kicked in and so did employment.

        I have worked for (and held the positions mentioned):

- President, of a brokerage house in Kansas City, Missouri- Board of Trade Building

- President, Stimpson Advertising, Seattle Washington

- Vice President and Acting President of Siemens Stromberg Carlson, Orlando Florida

- Owner/operator of two restaurants in Orlando, Florida

- Director of Human Resources, St. Joseph Hospital, Bellingham, WA

- President/Provost for Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

- Chair of Theatre Arts, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

- Director, Academic Technology, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

- Various – Kelly Girl – Seattle, WA and Kansas City, Missouri

        For enjoyments there's - acting, singing, roller skating, basketball, softball, downhill skiing, golfing, scuba diving, sailing and yachting.

        Then there are friends... eight of us Ingraham girls went to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate our 60th birthdays...Cory Stubbs, Karen Legg, Joan Martin, Wendy O'Leary, Diane Lorimor, Janet Duff, Sheila Warsinske and myself.  Most of us gather each summer for a frolicking weekend of fun and friendship.

        I enjoy being a guitar player, singer, performer and songwriter.  Also you have to count in my gardening, hospice volunteering and being an animal lover.  Then add in my being a pretend Mom to 'Rent-A-Kid' (sister Kimberly AND friends daughters!!!).  Plus, I am a snow blower operator – we have a very long driveway in Ferndale, WA:-)

        Note:  I am soon to be retired - June 30, 2006………………………………….


Ralph E. Gorsline…   

        I spent two years at Everett Junior college while also being in the Navy Reserves.  Then I went on active duty with the Navy and was attached with the USS Ticonderoga - the first attack carrier to go to Viet Nam.  The carrier had us headed to Hong Kong when we were diverted to Viet Nam.  Then it was to Japan as well as the Philippines. 

        When out of the service I worked many jobs.  I was with Boeing; then did heavy equipment work for eight years; then for four years it was real estate.  Next was working with my brother in Boise, Idaho, for ten years in our bicycle shop.

        I returned to Washington State and have been working for the past 18 years now at the Puget Sound Naval Ship Yards.  This has taken me on many trips to different states - both short trips and long trips.

        I keep very busy and enjoy my rest when I can.


Marilyn Ann Gould…  Mrs. Burns – no data


Virginia Ann “Ginny” Graignic-Greene…  Ginny’s partner is Larry Roe.

        A ceramic cat was once enough, but the life I’ve lived has seen me herding goats and grandkids, an occasional duck (aided by my near-human dog), and one awful, awful goose.

        Allergic all my 42 years in Seattle, I was dragged from the ruts of my life and shoved to the cliffs of challenge, which ended up on a long country road.  Couldn’t have picked a better existence for a lover of mornings like me, since rural adventures always start early. I’ve watched west coast and Texas sunrises arm-in-paw with my four-legged pal, Gretchen; after an all-nighter with a laboring critter; alongside Larry (I found him in California) while we thrilled to the morning pallet of the Master.

        While Larry worked on a/c systems, I put other people’s stories on paper, and they became Lifestyle feature articles.  Our family’s story turned into words and became a weekly newspaper column.

        I still love Larry, even though the nice merry-go-round he promised ended up being a tilt-a-whirl.  My grandkids, now grown, delight in a trail of stories about their lives.  And the ceramic cat stares at me from the filing cabinet in my writing room, reminding me every morning what a blessed life I live.

p.s. - Click onto - our writing contest is in July.


Phyliss W. Granfors…  Mrs. Olson – no data


Thomas Griffin…   no data


Peggy J. Griffith…  Mrs. Dan J. Covert 

        When I graduated from Seattle Pacific University I taught grade school.

        I got married to Dan in 1965 and we raised two sons, who remain single.  We all enjoyed a trip to Israel this April.  It was quite a nice family vacation as we had been there before.  Plus, every two years we go to France and put on a vacation Bible class at the Mission Conference.  We have also traveled to South America.

        I enjoy writing about our travels for our church magazine. I also enjoy sewing and making teddy bears.


Wendy Lea Grimes…  Mrs. Mike O’Leary 

        On June 21, 2006, at the age of 62, I retired from the Mercer Island School District where I have taught at the only middle school for about 11 years.  Prior to that, I taught at a private school for about six years in Kona, Hawaii.  Even though I graduated from W.S.U. in Elementary Education, I took a hiatus of about 13 years to raise a boy, who is now 25, and a girl, who is now 23.  My son has gone the Iraq route being an Arabic translator, and is now at the Univ. of Georgia majoring in International Business with a minor in Arabic.  He is

talking about going into the Special Forces...but I have suggested that I may break both of his legs!!!  My daughter graduated from Western with a Psychology major...but don't know what she is going to do with it...however there is talk of going to graduate school.

        I have been married to the same man for 36 years...and all seems to going well.  He isn't planning on retiring soon as he is good at what he does...bidding road jobs in Alaska out of Anchorage.

        The other news is that we have built a house on the western coast of Costa Rica, near the town of Jaco.  It is finished and has three beds, but that is about all.  We need to get some furniture and decorations to make it more homey, just in case we get company.  At this point we will not make it a full time home, but share time with a bungalow in Bellingham where we will move the first part of July.

        So that's a thumb nail bio...the reunion sounds like fun...and I suppose you have heard that a  group of us get together at least every summer if not more often.  So we do keep in contact.


Vivian J. Gundersen…  Mrs. Tom W. Profit 

        I have had a very happy, full and fulfilling life since high school.  My husband Tom and I have been married for 41 short years.  Time does seem to have a habit of getting away from us all, doesn't it?  We have two lovely daughters, two fine sons-in-law, three sweet grandchildren (two boys, 9 and 4-1/2 years old, and, one little doll of a girl, 1-1/2 years old).  We also have two grand-dogs and two grand-cats, although the dogs are always happier to see us than the cats. 

        I did work outside the home as a bookkeeper for various small businesses on a part-time basis while the kids grew.  Then I "retired" after the girls were both married and I felt my parents needed a little more attention.  Staying home has been a blessing. 

        My husband has worked at the University of Washington for about 38 years and we live in the home which we built 33 years ago.  I think I see a pattern of stability here. 

        Husband Tom and I have our own favorite hobbies.  He likes to play with his hot-rods and I like to paint.  He gets to look at my pictures and I get to ride in his hot-rods, so we actually do quite well together. 

        I can't believe that 45 years have passed so quickly.  Hope you all have had as blessed a life and as much fun as I have.  Have a great reunion! 


 H –


Joel R. Hadfield…

        After high school Joel graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in Pharmacy.  He and his wife, Dana who is also a pharmacist have been involved with many aspects of helping to improve the health and lives of others ever since.  Joel currently runs a buying group for independently owned pharmacies.

        Joel has two children, Brian and Holly.   He participates in various charity activities plus donates to the many humanitarian causes. 

        He and Dana like to dine out, golf and travel extensively with friends to warm spots like Mexico and Hawaii.  They have trips planned next year to the Dominican Republic and China (if he can talk his wife into it)!


Raymond L. Hadford… 

        Ray married Doreen.

        He has enjoyed racing in drag car races. 


Rick W. Hafer…   no data


Ron C. Hansley…   deceased - 2009

        Ron was divorced in 1986 and since enjoyed his life riding his horse on the trails.


Sally Ann Hardenbrook…  Mrs. Peter B. Kelly  

        What a joy to catch up with classmates' activities and adventures via a bio-booklet of 45 years of events.  Not easy to write but wonderfully fun to read.

        From Ingraham I spent four years at U. of W. as a Home Economics & Elementary Education major, while working in the University District and at the Seattle World's Fair.  At age 18 I met Peter Kelly from Idaho, on campus, where he was beginning med school.  We married when I graduated (at age 21), spent one more year in Seattle and then moved to California for his internship year.  I applied to teach in Torrance, but all 36 grade schools were filled as the previous years' teachers moved out of the Watts area after the riots.  So I worked at Bullocks store for the year. 

        The next year Peter was drafted to Viet Nam and I returned to Seattle to live with my parents where four months later our first child, Patrick, was born in 1967.  After Viet Nam Peter had an additional year in the Army in Virginia, and then moved back to Seattle for three years of residency where our daughter, Kathleen, was born in 1970.

        In 1972 we became Oregonians when we moved to Salem where Peter joined a radiology practice.  As our children grew, I volunteered for various groups and taught Sunday school.

        Through the years we continue to be Husky fans and attend football games in Seattle (visiting my folks and siblings--Daddy died from Alzheimer’s disease) and catch some games in CA + Notre Dame, plus OR.  It is tough to be a Husky fan in "Duckville"!!! 

        We have loved traveling in the USA and Europe over the years.  Since 1998 we've spent half the year in Palm Desert when winter arrives in the Pacific NW. 

        I spend a lot of time cooking and creating.  A friend and I entered a national cooking contest for MacKenzie-Childs taking photos of the meal on my bird bath in the garden.  We were thrilled to win 1st prize and got a free trip to Aurora, NY to tour their factory and estate, where they served us a fabulous feast in their garden.  What a marvelous memory!

        I was blessed to lead a weekly Bible study of 45 women for 15 years in our neighborhood---also doing some retreats at Black Butte and the coast.  I still help host studies and retreats in CA.  I love to cook, read, garden, create greeting cards and scrapbooks for family photos, play some golf, sew and knit.  Currently I am knitting and selling  fancy  fun purses for friends.  Women  from several  states  now own a  SALLY KELLY ORIGINAL handbag.  All these activities fill my days and nights, but best of all is the terrific time with our kids, their spouses and our grandchildren---our son's kids are ages 2 thru 13 years and live in Gig Harbor.  Our daughter has a son five years old, and a daughter three years old.  They live in Valencia, CA.

        Looking forward to spending time together with other Rams, to share stories and laugh and learn.


William A. Harper… 

        Will graduated from the University of Washington, and then went to graduate school at the Univ. of Kentucky.  He subsequently joined the faculty at the Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, where he was awarded tenure in 1976.  He and his wife, Judith Harbers Harper (having met at U. of W. and married in 1965 in Pasadena, Calif.), returned to Seattle in 1978 and built their home near Redmond.

        Will held various positions with Seafirst National Bank (Vice President, Banking-On-Line project), Group Health Cooperative (Network Manager), and U. of W. Hospitals & Harborview Medical Centers (Network Administrator and System Program Manager) before retiring in 1993.

        In retirement Will is President of the Penn Creek Corporation, an intellectual property holding company with some nine U.S. and foreign patents currently under management and several applications pending, all concerned with biotechnology and infectious disease suppression.     

        Will and Judy have two adult children - Gail is a Federal wildlife biologist currently serving in Alaska, and, James is a Senior Editor and Publisher with Wiley & Sons who lives in Manhattan.                  

        Will is involved in conservation and governance issues in eastern King County.  He currently serves on two King County Council appointed commissions, in addition to participating in several environmental advocacy groups.  Will and Judy still find time to travel about three months a year and have visited most parts of Europe, China, South America, Central America, and all States and Provinces in North America.  


Stephanie J. Harris…  Mrs. Ron E. Hanson 

        I look back on the years at Ingraham with humor and fondness, and upon reflection over the fifty years since, that same type of pleasure seems to typify my life.  I made good friends at Ingraham, and have continued to make good friends.  My best friend is my husband Ron, who has put up with me for 37 years.  He retired as an engineer from Puget Power a few years ago, and his greatest joy in life is to escape my "mini lists" by retreating to our cabin on the Twisp River in the Methow Valley.  My second "best friends" would be our daughters, Kayla and Heidi.  Don't you love it when your kids far exceed your expectations?  These two girls are kind, caring, strong, and have a motivated work ethic.  Kayla is a special ed. teacher, whose current assignment is staying home as a wife, and mother of two young daughters. Heidi has worked at Microsoft for ten years, and her newest passion is hiking.  After working 22 years as an elementary school teacher, for the Snohomish School District, I decided to retire.  My reason for retirement is one of the best - I found out that I was going to be a grandmother!  However, family and friends often say, "Stephanie, we really, really miss your funny stories about what happened at school that day."  Folks, it's true---elementary kids really do and say the most outrageous, outlandish things, and without a sense of humor--- the teacher is doomed!  However humorous my career may have been, I'm sure all of you will agree---NOTHING beats retirement.


Phyllis Harrop…   no data


Doug L. Haskins… 

         I am married to Betti.

        After graduation I gave Uncle Sam a hitch in the Navy.  When I returned home I served a four year apprenticeship for cabinetmaking and worked as journeyman cabinetmaker.  Then I moved from the Seattle area and did not find much work in the trades.  I lived on Hood Canal for some time. 

        Then to entertain myself and make some money I went to the Washington State Law Enforcement Academy and worked with the Mason County Sheriffs Department.  After retiring from law enforcement I went to work with the Shelton School District as Maintenance Foreman. 

        A year ago I fell and broke my back and some other things.  I thought at this time it might be a good time to retire.  Again, something else came along of interest.  So, at this time I am the Resource Conservation Manager for the Shelton School District.  (Oh, had a year of recovery time). 

        My hobbies are fly fishing, photography, and ten grandchildren plus two great grandchildren.  Also I like helping out our church. 


Susan L. “Su” Hausle…  Mrs. Jim Hickenbottom

        I have been married for 42 years to Jim and we have three daughters and six grandchildren.  When all of the children were in school, I went to work as an Instructional Aid in a shop class and fine art class in a middle school.  At the end of seven years I finally decided to go back to school and get my teaching degree, followed by a Masters degree in Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction. 

        Social Studies and teaching has become my passion in education the last 20 years.  I just retired from teaching, but will be working at a national level in Social Studies starting in September. 

        My husband and I have framed and built three houses, which have been a joint effort on behalf of my husband, family and me - and a great learning experience!!!


Allan D. Haven… 

        After Ingraham I went to Everett JC (now Everett CC) for awhile.  Then I joined the U.S. Coast Guard in 1964 where I spent 22 years and retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 4 (Finance and Supply). 

        While in the Coast Guard I saw duty in:  Alameda, CA and Astoria, OR aboard two buoy tenders; Washington DC on different tours; New York City as a criminal investigator; Seattle, WA aboard the USCG Boutwell; Cleveland, OH; and Kodiak, AK

        In Cleveland and Kodiak I was the Officer-in-Charge of the commissaries and exchange facilities.  While in Kodiak I received my Associates Degree in Business Administration.  After returning to Washington I attended Chapman College at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island where I received a BS in Computer Science. 

        I worked at Boeing for 15 years in various computer fields and retired in 2005. 

        I have been a volunteer fireman for over 30 years now.  My plan is to retire from that in another year or so.

        I was married the first time in 1964 for eleven years.

        Then in December 1977, I married Diane, my present wife, who is retired from Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.  We have four daughters - two from my first marriage and two from her first marriage.  Plus we have three grandchildren and one great grandchild.

        We keep busy with all of our animals.  Diane used to breed long hair miniature dachshunds, but has quit, so we only have the old ones now.  They are her main hobby.   Other animals that keep us busy include peacocks, chickens, a pot belly pig, cats and two horses.  Other than this my main hobby is playing golf. 

        We usually take a couple of trips a year to Whistler, BC, and Las Vegas, Nevada.  Now that we are retired we are planning other trips and maybe a cruise.


William T. “Bill” Haynes…  


Sharon I. Haynes… 

        I received my BS degree in Human Services Administration & Health Services from Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, CA. 

        My employment is with Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Menlo Park, CA and has been for the past 25 years.  SLAC is a high-energy physics & synchrotron radiation research laboratory.  I’m currently working in the Human Resources Department and the job title is: Workers’ Compensation/Return-to-Work Coordinator. 

        Have been married twice and am now single - for 20 years.  I lived in Redmond, WA, Richland, WA and Salem, OR with my first husband, and, Cupertino, CA with the second husband. 

        I have two daughters:  Alison who lives in Santa Clara, CA; Tanya who lives in Hillsboro, OR.  My three grandchildren are:  Ryan (13), Tanya’s only child; Mikayla (10), Alison’s daughter, and Alistair (11), Alison’s step-son. 

        I’m active in Beta Sigma Phi (service/social organization) and the Red Hat Society.  

        Passion: playing bridge & hiking. 

        Have traveled to several states in the U.S. plus Malaysia/Bali.


Connie C. Heck…  Mrs. Lee A. Forsberg 

        From IHS, I attended the University of Washington and joined Phi Mu Sorority which I am still active in after spending eight years as a National Officer and recently finished being co-President  of Pan-Hellenic.  I married Lee Forsberg who now is retired from Safeway Stores as a manager and had some of our classmates as employees.  Lee and I just celebrated 46 years of marriage.  We have a son, now 43, that was active in  multiple sports and attended Walt Milroy's basketball camps for two years.   Our daughter that is 40 was equally athletic and ended up specializing in swimming which resulted in winning a State Championship her Senior years.  She also was the majorette for the band and a finalist in Miss Seattle.  This activity resulted in my going to work as a Middle School secretary in the Edmonds School District for 22 years.  With this I also became the volleyball coach for 15 years and had many students that went on to play in college.  Both my husband and myself don't know how to say "no" when asked to do anything and are very active in our church and community.  I have had to miss our IHS 40th & 45th reunions due to knee replacements so am anxious to see everyone and have enjoyed working with the committee to put our 50th reunion together.  My husband Lee still helps out at the District stadium working soccer game and graduations so you may see him at one of your grandchildren's events.   Currently we hope to do more travelling with Wyndam/Trendwest Travels that we joined.  Looking forward to sharing our Ram stories and good friendships!


Mary E. Hedman…  Mrs. Phillip A. Rue (Rev. Phil Rue)

        Phil and I have been married almost 40 years now and have four children and nine grandchildren!  We have lived in Montana, Minnesota, California, eastern Washington, and now the western side of Washington State.

        My husband, Phil, is a Senior Pastor at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.  Whereas I am working full time as an RN in an allergy/asthma office and look forward to retiring in about one year.

        A very special part of my past 40 years has been Phil and my involvement and travel to Tanzania, East Africa - a number of times.  I had grown up there through the 8th grade and going back seems just like home.  Our grown kids have spent time there also - touring, doing volunteer construction work, and our youngest studied at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania for a semester.  It's a small world!  We have been blessed!  


Arthur W. Hedquist… 


Sandy H. Heiberg…  Mrs. Robert H. “Bob” Olsen

        I went to college at W.S.U., U. of W., and Shoreline Community College where I finally received my AA.

        I married Bob, who is a graduate of Ballard High School class of '62.  He graduated from Seattle University and became a banker.  He hopes to be retiring this summer. Then we will be moving to Eastern Washington!

        We have three boys.  The oldest is David who is now 38 years old and works as a bartender at Anthony's.  David plans on going back to school when his wife graduates from nursing school.  Our next son is Chris who is 32 years old and is a manager of a boat yard in LaConner.  Our youngest son Mike is 25 years old and is in yacht repair, working on many of the large cruise ships all over the world.

        I still enjoy all kinds of work.  There is my part-time work in interior decorating and landscaping that I really enjoy.  I also do tax returns.  Then add that I enjoy selling antiques, etc., on E-Bay.

        For vacations Bob and I get to Mexico a lot.  We also love seeing the many parts of Europe.  And, of course, we love getting away to our house in Arizona in the winters.


Mike C. Hensel…  

        Mike is retired.  He is disabled somewhat, due to a motorcycle accident in 1993. 

        Mike and his wife Judie enjoy their ten grandchildren these days.  They also quite enjoy going on vacation cruises.


Glenna Hill…  Mrs. Rufca – no data  


Leslie H. Hodges…  Mrs. Armstrong

        I have had a good and successful life.  In the beginning I lived on a farm with my family and raised four children - two sons and two daughters.  We raised many animals including New England Red chickens.  My children helped with all the animals and the showing of some at 4-H shows. 

        I was a 4-H leader for nine years.  I also raced horses.  All of this was while I was a real estate broker and taught real estate classes to those wishing to obtain their licenses.

        After enough of real estate I took up managing a convenience store which is really exciting.  I have quite enjoyed collecting many tales about this work, the farming and the children and plan on writing a book in "retirement" someday. 

        My three grandchildren are fun and we all are looking forward to another birth in December of another grandchild - which just may be twins.  There is quite a history of twins in my family.  This will be very exciting.  I will really sing then, something I have always enjoyed doing.  I have never given up singing.


Dennis R. Hogan… 

        In 1964 Dennis went into the Air Force Reserves for a six year stint.  (Owen Freeman was in the same unit.)  Dennis was called up for active duty the last seven months and got out early.

        He married in 1968 and had two children, son Scott and daughter Michelle.  The marriage lasted until 1979.

        Dennis has worked for the Daily Racing Form - a newspaper for horse racing - since his Air Force days.  However, he is now a distributor.

        He has always lived in the north Seattle area.  He enjoys working on his cars and even has a classic Muscle Car.  Dennis likes to attend the drag races too.


Judy A. Holcombe…   Mrs. Stumpf


David Holmstrom…

        After graduation, I served six months active duty in the Army Reserves.  Boot camp at Fort Ord, CA followed by four months as a clerk typist at the Presidio in San Francisco.  In January 1962 I started at the Univ of Washington and graduated with a business degree in June 1966, working my way thru college.  In 1965, I married my high school sweetheart, Pam Waite IHS '62.  Pam and I were married 10 years and had two wonderful sons, Todd Gunnar and Brett David.  They are just great sons, primarily thanks to Pam, and both graduated from the UW and are avid Huskies.  As is their dad.  After graduation, I accepted a position as a Management Trainee at National Bank of Commerce (later to become Rainier Bank) and stayed there 11 years, primarily in lending assignments.  In 1978 I married Elaine and we've been  happily married for 33 years.   Elaine and I enjoy spending time with our four children and four grandchildren.  After leaving Rainier Bank, I took two other assignments before returning to Rainier as a Credit Officer.  After 4 years, I left to spend a combined 7 years as VP and Manager in Seattle at both National Bank of Canada and Bank of California, primarily originating and servicing commercial real estate loans.  My biggest thrill was being one of the lenders for the construction loan for the 76 story Columbia Center Building in Seattle. In 1991, I left Bank of California to start my own commercial real

estate lending firm, HMB Capital Company.  I closed this company in 2001 when Elaine and I sold our Mill Creek home and moved to La Quinta, CA, where we still live during the winter months.  They have sun here.  We still go to Seattle/Mill Creek in the summer to spend time with our family. In 2000, I was asked to be an original member of the Board of Directors of Golf Savings Bank.  Within a few years, our classmate Bill Tindall became a board member also.  What a dynamic duo!  In 2004, I started the commercial real estate lending department at Golf Savings as SVP & Manager and commuted between La Quinta and Seattle for six months for 6 years.  As of last September 2010 I'm trying retirement and so far so good.  It helps that Bill T. is trying to fix my golf game.


Cory R. Humling…  Mrs. Gary R. Stubbs 

        Hello from the Angelina Jolene body double!  Yep!  And I got to meet her at drug rehabilitation even.

        Gary and I have been married 40 years and have one great daughter, now age 35.  We all enjoy life.  Gary and I are retired and love kayaking in the summer months along with our daughter.  In fact I've just been getting the paddles out.

        We love our animals and I do enjoy gardening by the sea at our place here in Clinton. 


Bill E. Hunt…  - no data


Joan H. Hunter…   Mrs. Michael L. Stelte

         (Written as per Micki (Tracy) Botting) . . .

        Joan married her high school sweetheart Mike Stelte and they have now been married 44 years.  (Mike attended another high school and used to drive to Ingraham to pick Joan up after school.)

        Joan graduated from college in the medical field and worked in many different specialties.

        She and Mike have a business they started in their garage which began as kitchen cabinetry.  It turned into dental opratories which is now nationally known.  They also raise cows - a special small and compact cow called the "Low Lying Angus" which is a brand new line from Australia.  These Angus are bred on a new program using no antibiotics, for good, high quality meat.

        Joan and Mike have two children and three grandchildren who are all a great source of enjoyment for them.

        Volunteer work at hospitals has been fun for Joan.  She also is an avid quilter and does specialty contemporary art forms with her quilting.  Plus she and Mike enjoy boating on their 40 footer, which they also use as a cabin - like a second vacation home.     


Howard G. Hutchings... 

        I have been married to my wife Bonnie for 30 years. 

        I graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in Business Administration, and a major in Marketing in 1966.  I worked my way through college with summer jobs as follows:  a.) painting the oil/gasoline storage tanks of Chevron Oil at Point Wells, Richmond Beach;  b.) working on a floating cannery canning salmon at Bristol Bay, Alaska; and c.) spent two summers working on the freeway going throughout Seattle installing lawn sprinkler systems.  

        I was a Staff Sergeant in the 50th General Hospital, United States Army Reserve.  

        My main job after college was with IBM Corp. where I worked for 29 years in administration.  I've been retired since December 1995. 

        There have been many interests and pursuits for me through the years.  I own and maintain a small orchard of 20 fruit trees.  I enjoy painting water colors of vintage race boats and World War II aircraft.  I explore ancient cliff dwellings and pueblos of the four corners area of the southwest!   I am a student of history of the Old West, where, during the winter I  read  about the  history of such things  as  the  Oregon Trail, the  Lewis & Clark

Expedition, old forts and Indian/soldier battles, and, then visit the actual sites and areas in the summer.  I actively hike in the canyon lands of southern Utah and have done many backpacking hikes of 35-60 miles in the Glacier Peak Wilderness area of the North Cascade Mountains.  

        Am in continual search for the Greater Truths.


 I –


John Iverson…  deceased – 2007


 J –


Lillian M. Jacobsen…  Mrs. Thogersen

        I live in Bothell now, but often visit my parents who still live in Broadview in the home where I grew up. 

        After college I traveled to Europe where I met my husband in Norway.  We were married for 37 years, (he is recently deceased), and raised nine children.  Eight of our nine children are adopted from the U.S. and Asia.  One of them even attended Ingraham for a year, - it has changed a lot over the years.

        I am currently the CEO for a humanitarian aid organization that serves children worldwide.  I travel a great deal for my job but love coming home to the Pacific Northwest.  There is no place better to live in the summer than Seattle!


Sandra Jameson…   no data


Toni Jarrell…   no data


K. Alayne Johnson…  Mrs. Ron E. Noftle 

        All is fine with Alayne.  She has a sister living in Puyallup.

        Alayne and Ron enjoy vacations traveling about the U.S. and camping.


Chris J. Johnson…   no data


Diane L. ”Dini” Johnson…  Mrs. Richard A. “Dick” Lorimor 

        I have been married to Richard for 41 years now (It’s now 2006.).  We have two sons, ages 37 and 35.  And they have given us two grandchildren - Ashley age 12 and Riley age 8.

        I have been retired for four years - nice.


Mary Ann Johnson…  Mrs. Albert L. Coppin

        After high school, I went to Peterson Business College and took classes for a year.  From there I went to work at Pacific Northwest Bell, which is now Qwest.  There I started from the bottom and worked myself on to Head Typist in the Business Office.

        I met my husband Albert from Hoquiam, Washington.  At work I tried to get a transfer to Aberdeen WA, but, being a small town the turnover wasn’t great. 

        Albert and I have been married for 37 years on May 17, 2006.  We have two kids – Mark, age 35 who lives in south Aberdeen, WA, and – Lisa, age 33 and her husband Jeremy who live in Issaquah WA.  Last year on May 1st we were blessed with our first grandchild, Amanda Jane Korst, parents Lisa and Jeremy.


Ron D. Johnson…   

        One month after graduation I joined the Air Force.   During that time I was stationed in Texas, Mississippi, the country of Turkey and then California.  Fortunately my enlistment was up just as the Viet Nam war started the big build up in 1965.

        In 1966 I married Kathy Watkins (Ballard ’63).  We met while I was teaching scuba diving and she was one of my students.  Kathy and I have two children, Ben born in 1972 and Erin in 1974.  Now, Ben is married and has two children, Nathan and Olivia.  

        In 1968 Kathy and I bought an airplane and took up flying.  I started a career in International Transportation and eventually became the Transportation Manager for Morrison Knudsen International, out of Boise, Idaho.  My position gave me the opportunity to travel extensively, both in the United States and overseas.

        We were transferred around quite a few times, living in Indiana; New Orleans, LA; San Francisco, CA; Beaumont, TX; and Boise, ID.  We were scheduled to move to Iraq just prior to the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein.  This was on a project for General Motors.  Needless to say, that project was cancelled. 

        In 1991 we returned to Edmonds and I started an international freight forwarding company, doing business with the military.  In 1999 I hung it up, and since then have taken on a part time job as a school bus driver for the Edmonds School District. 

        In 1997 I became a Freemason and am presently a 32nd degree Mason and Past Master of the lodge in Edmonds. 

        Our present interests are going camping in our trailer, music and attending plays.

        It’s been a good run, with few regrets.  I’m looking forward to the future and all it will bring.


Charles “Charlie” Johnston, Jr…. 

        Following graduation from Ingraham I attended Washington State University.  GO COUGS!!  I graduated in 1966 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  In 1966 I went to work for the Boeing Company doing design work on the 747 and R & D design for the SST.

        I got married in 1970 and we were blessed with a little boy in 1971.  That little boy has now grown to a successful young man of 35.  He lives in Kennydale and also has his degree from WSU.  GO COUGS!!!! 

        The 1971 problems at Boeing sent me to work on missile silo designs.  Later that year I quit and went to work for Systi-matic Co. in Seattle as the Engineering Manager.  Since we lived on Beacon Hill I spent a year managing an apartment house to save towards purchasing our own home.  In 1972 we purchased a home off Juanita Drive.

        The neighborhood near Finn Hill was full of soccer coaches, players and want-to-be soccer players.  I got involved with youth soccer coaching (which led to being one  of  the  coaches  for  the  first  women's  soccer  team  in  Washington  State),

coaching men’s teams and playing on a men's team for 20 years.  What a great sport for exercise and conditioning!

         In 1976 my wife and I called it quits and got a divorce.  We are friends to this day, which has been good for our son Rob.

        The summer of 1979 I quit my job at Systi-matic and received a job at Flow International, an innovative company in the early years of waterjet cutting systems.  I took the summer off from work and Rob and I went off in the truck and camper for much fun and travel - from the Lewis and Clark Caverns thru Yellowstone and then down to southern California.  We then toured the pacific coast via good old Highway 101 back to Portland.  At that point we headed home with many great memories.

        I spent ten years with Flow as Vice President of Engineering.  These were interesting years with much travel for work, from Europe, to Australia, to Japan and more.  In 1989 Flow changed its management strategies and focus so I moved on.  It was time to go out on my own.

        In 1989 I moved to Ephrata and started a company to produce automated machines for cutting with waterjets.  The company, Chukar Industries, got a slow start due to the Gulf War but by 1997 we were designing, manufacturing and selling at a $10 million a year rate. A larger company bought Chukar Industries from me in 1997.  I then formed International Waterjet Parts which produces replacement parts for all waterjet manufacturers worldwide. In 2000 I sold IWP to my general manager and went off to play golf, or at least chase the little white ball around, and do some salt water fishing.

        Golf has been very enjoyable since my son also plays and we often play together in tournaments or for the fun of bragging rights.  We have traveled and played in Mexico, Canada, Japan, Thailand and the western U.S.  I own a Condo in Cabo San Lucas so both fishing and golf have been enjoyed.  Best golf was in Thailand.  Two trips to Thailand, and I have played about 25 courses.

        Salt water fishing has been relaxing and yet a challenging adventure.  In Cabo with my brother I caught a 320 pound Marlin. That was fun!!!  Each year I travel to the north end of Vancouver Island and stay for a few weeks.  Different groups of friends come up to fish and we have a great time fishing and eating the freshest seafood right out of the ocean.  This year three friends and I are going to travel an additional 100+ miles north beyond Port Hardy in the boat, fishing along the way, enjoying the wild country.  Last year we saw a Mole Mole (a salt water Sun Fish) while at Port Hardy.  This one was about 700 pounds and liked to swim around the boat.  I actually was able to reach over and scratch its head.

        In 2004 a company bought IWP from the person to whom I had sold.  They asked me to come back on contract for five years to help grow the company.  So... I'm back at work for another short stint which has cut into my golf and fishing time but soon that will be done and besides work can be fun.....sometimes.

        I've also enjoyed keeping in touch with some of the Ingraham classmates.  John Christopherson and I still keep in touch.  He now lives in Bend Oregon and we get together to hunt birds and play golf whenever possible.  We will be going fishing with another mutual friend this August in Port Hardy.

        So if any of you are going to be in the Moses Lake area drop me an e-mail and maybe we can hook-up and chat about old times.


Larry A. Jones… 

        My wife Sue and I have been living on Queen Anne since we returned to Seattle in 1981.  This is when we became members of the Plymouth Congregational Church.  

        Since then our son Andy graduated from Garfield and moved to Vermont where he runs a large member-owned, nonprofit, organic vegetable farm.  He and his wife have given us two grandsons. Our other child, Wendy, was born with very disabling conditions in 1973 and died in 1990. 

       From 1972-85 I taught sociology at Saint Martin's College in Lacey, Washington.   

        I then went to law school in order to open a law firm focused on the needs of people with disabilities.  The firms’ website is

        I like hiking in the Olympics and razor clamming. 

        I have been researching family history -- especially the disgusting parts -- since I graduated from Ingraham.  Since 2004 I’ve been studying DNA-based Anthrogenealogy which reveals each of our ancient lineages.  I am delighted to be among the small minority -- perhaps 3% of British immigrants to America -- who are members of the E3b Haplo group.  That means that my father's family left Africa about 15,000 years ago, which is 35,000 years longer than most Europeans.  That also means that if skin color genes were on the sex chromosome, I'd be black.  (Both figures are estimates subject to revision with the march of science.)

UPDATED 2/2011…

      Larry has not yet retired. In 2008 he published Civil War P.O.W., a biography of an ancestor who died in Andersonville Prison, Georgia. In 2010 Larry published Doing Disability Justice: 75 Years of Family Advocacy. The Arc of Washington State advocates for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. It is the world's oldest organization in the field. The book traces the Arc's beginnings in Washington state during the Great Depression, details its development from obtaining services to demanding rights, and sketches its preeminent role in founding the national Arc. The Arc is the 5th largest non-profit organization in the country.  Both books are available on 

      In 2008 Larry also published his family history Saints Sinners and Welshmen (listed as Saints Sinners on but none available 2/2011).  He would be delighted to talk to you about how you can send in a swab from your cheek with your DNA and get back the answers to where your strictly maternal line and paternal line ancestors lived in prehistoric times, all the way back to your origins 75,000 years ago in East Africa.  For example, during the last Ice Age 15,000 years ago, Larry's maternal ancestors were likely in Spain, while his paternal line ancestry was certainly still in Africa, perhaps in Egypt.  Ask Larry how he knows his paternal ancestor in Wales 2000 years ago was a Roman legionnaire.


William R. Judd…


Walt Justesen Jr. … 


 K –


Vincent Edw. “Vince” Kane… 


Leslie Karlin…  Mrs. Michael Green 


Janet M. Kaufmann… 


Bill A. Kelly…   no data


Bill C. Kelly…   no data


Lawrence E. Kennedy… 


Cassie Kenyon…  Mrs. Richard Larson




Bill C. Kerzie…

        I currently live in Kirkland, WA with my wonderful wife and best friend Kathy, whom I married 21 years ago.  Between us, we have three daughters and two grandchildren who all live in the surrounding area.

        I attended the University of Washington and have a degree in Business and Accounting.  After being in the accounting profession for several years, I joined Western Marine Construction, Inc. in 1975 and presently hold the position of Chief Financial Officer, as part of the executive management team.  We are a general marine contractor building ferry terminal and boat harbor facilities and other marine related projects for both the private and governmental sectors.  We do projects in the entire Pacific arena.

        My wife Kathy retired from the property management profession several years ago, and devotes much of her spare time to volunteer work with Children’s Hospital and the Regional Medical Center in Seattle.  She is a retired Board Member with Children’s, and together we belong to a Children’s Hospital couples guild that volunteers and holds functions to raise funds for CHRMC.

        Over the years we have enjoyed snow skiing and tennis, and in more recent times have pursued the unrelenting game of golf.  We also enjoy gourmet cooking together, taking great pleasure in sharing a special meal and a fine bottle of wine with our family and friends.

        I feel very fortunate to have attended Ingraham High School as a junior and senior class member.  IHS was a wonderful new facility that had a great staff and an unusually close group of juniors and seniors.  I wish you all well!


Judith A. (King) Halverson…   Mrs. Lloyd Halverson

     I married the man I had attended our Senior Prom with after four years at Western in Bellingham. We moved to Vancouver, WA where he taught school.  We had two children, Geoffrey Allen (44) who lives in Atlanta with my two grandsons, Cody and Jarod, and Wendy Anne (41) who lives in Seattle. We were divorced when the children were young and I remained single until 1995 when I married Lloyd Halverson.

     I met Lloyd in 1985 and his goal was to sail around the world. I couldn’t join him when he left in 1986 because Wendy was still in high school but when she graduated I was gone. Her line is “Mom, kids are supposed to grow up and leave home, not parents.” Anyway, I joined Lloyd on S/Y BATWING in 1989 in Tonga and we proceeded to sail around the world, visiting 54 countries, making friends everywhere and having the experience of a life time! We returned to the states days after 9/11. We continued to travel via motor home circumnavigating the U.S. three times visiting all the states except Kansas.

     We have now sold the boat and the motor home and live in a senior community called Green Acres in Bothell. Our lives circle around my garden, our community here, visits from friends from all over the world and Lloyd’s children, grandchildren and great grandchild. We enjoy telling our story with slides and video.


Louis F. Kinner…  


Tom T. Knudson…


Tom R. Krause… 

        With high school graduation I joined the Navy for five years.  After the Navy I then worked for the John Fluke Manufacturing Co. Inc. in electronics.  Then, 33-1/2 years later I took early retirement at age 54 from John Fluke Mfg. and am still retired today.

        I have two daughters and no grandchildren and have lived alone since 1980.

        My hobby is building hot rods.  I’ve built three which I still have.  One is a 1915 Bucket-T Roadster with a '72 Corvette running front gear through it.  Its body is painted black with a fluorescent pink, baby blue and some silver flame job on front.  Another is a 1934 Chevy 4-door sedan with a 1966 Chevy Nova gear through it.  It is painted a "1990 Toyota Blood Red" with a blue, silver and pink flame job on front.  And the third is a 1936 Chevy pick-up truck with a '68 Camarro running gear.  This is painted emerald green with diamond dust and has lavender, yellow and red flaming.

        I have enjoyed taking my cars - and just plain going - to car shows like the ones held at the old Lake City Elementary School on 125th and Lake City Way.  Have also gone to car shows in Snohomish, Marysville, as far north as Vancouver BC, and as far south as Portland Oregon.

        Other than this I enjoy my gardening and yard work and just being retired.


 L –


Serita A. Lagerstrom…  Mrs. Robert Zimmerman 

        After high school, I attended Pacific Lutheran Univ. for two years.  I then worked the next three years as a Service Representative for Pacific Northwest Bell.  

        I married Bob Zimmerman in 1964 and finished my B.A. in Elementary Education at the U. of W. in 1968.

        I started teaching for the Issaquah School District in that same year and taught 1st grade for five years before our daughter Jennifer was born in 1973.  I was then a caregiver and manager of our home until the mid 80's.

        During my time at home I attended Bible Study Fellowship.  I have been involved with BSF for 20 years as a class member, children's leader, children's supervisor and leader for small groups. 

        I worked part time as a pre-school teacher, and in 1990 returned as a 1st grade teacher for another seven years.  I then left full time teaching in 1997 when Bob retired as Athletic Director and Assistant Principal at Issaquah High School.  We both returned to part time work in 1998.  Now we are both officially retired and completely available as active grandparents!


Daniel H. Lains… 


John E. Lally…

        I received a degree in Marketing from Seattle University.  From there I went to work at Boise Cascade in Idaho - a lumbering business where I worked in office supply for 15 years.  I ended up at Office Depot for the rest of my work years, retiring in 2004.

        In 1990 I married Barbara.  Between us we have five boys and three grandchildren.

        We enjoy our summer home on the Columbia River south of Wenatchee.  We love to travel and have been to many parts of the U.S. - including Hawaii.  Have also been to Europe, Portugal, etc. 

        I alway enjoy sailing, fishing, hunting, golfing and watching sports on TV.


George LaMaine…

        George is married to Sue McCaffrey from our Class of ’61. 


Jack H. Lambert...

        While attending Ingraham High I was in the Navy Reserves.  Then two days after graduation I went on active duty with the Navy for three years.  (I got out just before Viet Nam.)  As soon as I was finished with the Navy, I married Diana - which was 40 years ago.  We have two children (a son and a daughter) and four grandchildren ranging in age from four to eight years old.

        I have always worked in the auto parts business, with the past eight years being an outside salesperson.  I retire this summer, whereas, Diana has already retired from working with the phone company.

        My main and only hobby is collecting, buying and selling muscle cars.

       Diana and I have been able to do some vacationing in Mexico and Hawaii.  With retirement we look forward to some more traveling.


Pamela J. Lancaster…   Mrs. Steven J. Palmer


Pamela J. Lawyer…  Mrs. Edward L. Loomis


Keith LeBow…   no data


Donna S. Leek…    Mrs. R. Wm. “Bill” Humphreys 


Gordy H. Legg Jr. …   deceased - 2010

        After receiving a degree in Fisheries/Biology at the University of Washington, I married classmate Karen Denson and raised a son and a daughter. 

        I retired five years ago from the insurance business in Kirkland

        Since then Karen and I have enjoyed traveling, fly fishing in Montana, hiking and backpacking, vegetable gardening, and perfecting the home brewing of draft beer.  Karen says I make an excellent IPA, Pale Ale, Stout and Porter and a very good imitation Mac and Jacks.  

        I am most passionate about FareStart, an organization in Seattle which trains and prepares homeless men and women to find new opportunities and employment in the food service industry!


Barry G. Lewis…  -    Not interested in reunions.


Paul Lewis…   no data


Richard Lewis… 

        I did my duty with the Army and stayed in the  San Francisco area afterwards.

        For the next eleven years I was with the San Francisco Police Dept. on patrol.  This was the original Swat team in the U.S. - in the 60's.  When I got hurt I retired from the police department and went into construction, starting my own company.  While working I went to college at U.C. Davis in CA and got a degree in Electrical Engineering.

        Then, 18 years ago I started a gem and mineral business which mines out of South Africa.  I'm still at this and get in plenty of traveling.

        I have two kids (one living is Mississippi and one in Sacramento) and have seven grandchildren.

        Currently my pet project is building Working Ranches for terminally ill children.  There are now seven ranches.


Dennis C. Locknane… 


Charles L. Long…  

        I have been called Chick since just after Ingraham H.S. graduation.  I went to college one year at Wayland Baptist, in Plainview, Texas, and then on to graduate from the U. of W. in 1967. 

        I married Judi in December 1965. 

        I spent 3-1/2 years in the Army.  After Signal School in Augusta, GA we were stationed in Italy for one-and-a-half years.  Then I served a one-year tour in Korea followed by a short time in Fairbanks, AK before leaving the Army as a Captain and moving to Whatcom County in 1971. 

        I worked for a short time in forestry before going to Farrier School (horseshoeing) in Olympia, WA.  All my life I had wanted horses.  We have been breeding, raising and training Arabians, with a few Quarter horses thrown in, for 30 years.  Plus, we are active members of several horse groups. 

        The entire family rides with the Whatcom County Sheriff's Posse.  The family consists of our son, Justin (34 in Sept.), his wife Michelle, and two grandchildren, McKenzie (8) and Kyle (4).  They live a quarter mile away so we are very lucky grandparents. 

        Besides our mutual interest in horses, son Justin and I fly RC model planes.  He flies scale acrobatic models and I fly trainers.  On a good day I get them back in one piece.  I'm working under a tremendous handicap - I have a license to fly the full scale ones.  The transition is not easy.   

        And Judi and I are members of the Nooksack Valley Baptist Church


Randy Long…   no data


 M –


Rod Scott Madden… 


Brenda Marshall…  Mrs. Charles Leonard


Cay Marshall…  Mrs. Hal Mueller still? – no data


Margaret “Meg” Martin…  Mrs. Nick Chyr    

        I have been married 37 years to Nick.  He's been retired for six years.  I continue to be a flight attendant for United Air Lines (39 years - too long I think!).  Mostly I do the international routes out of Denver.

        Our son Corbett (“Corey”), and his wife Jen (both 31), have a four month old son - our first grandchild---yeah!  He’s named Brodreck Nicholas Chyr - we call him Brody.

        Our daughter, Nicole, and son-in-law, Kyle, (28 and 30) are expecting their first child in September.  Yeah again!

        As far as hobbies, etc. - I think working and raising our children and participating in their schools and activities was my main hobby.  Also, we traveled a lot over the years as a family and of course enjoyed (and still do) our Colorado mountains; i.e., hiking skiing, snowboarding (the children did the latter).  Plus, over the years we spent a lot of time in the mountains during the summer with my parents.


John E. Maxin… 


Richard L. “Dick” McAllister… 


Sue McCaffrey…  Mrs. George LaMaine. 

        Sue is married to George of our Class of ’61.  They have been busy.


Jill McCleave…   Jill McCleave Kinney.  Her partner is Dave Stromquist.

        Jill continued to center her life around horses until she turned 24.  She then got her Ph.D. in Psychology at Stanford when she was 25.  She and her ex-husband, David Haapala invented a family preservation program called "Homebuilders" which got replicated all over this country and in nine others. 

        The best part of her life has been her son, Scott, who just passed the bar in Maryland, and is now working on renewable energy at the international level.  Jill lives in Dash Point, WA, in between Seattle and Tacoma, and would love to hear from any of her Ingraham classmates.  Her e-mail is


Michael McCuster… 

        I am married to Gail and she is the “best”.   I have two kids - two wonderful daughters of dissimilar personalities, each with a son (grandson) and all in ‘go’ gear.

        My work has pretty much been, and still is, accounting/auditing/taxes, (it pays the bills).  Regarding traveling, there's never enough, with lots of scenes and life to soak up.

       Life has had many paths offered, choices made and ups/downs, with a current result that is better for it.  The “mantra” I would like to aspire to all:  Stay healthy, enjoy life, always remember --- “it’s the quality NOT the quantity that’s important". 


Reggie C. McDonald… 

        From high school Reggie got in to the sheet metal trade for awhile.  He married and then divorced.

        In 1975 he moved on and opened (along with a long time friend) a 3-S.E.T. Motorcycle Shop which did custom Harleys, repair and restorations.  They also built them.

        Reggie also built old cars, and, had a great time traveling.  He got to the South Pacific, England, Mexico and California and got to visit his friends in all these places. 

        In 1996 he closed the motorcycle shop and worked with a local tavern for a few years.  Later he wrote articles for friends in northern England who had a magazine.  They asked him to do articles about Seattle's Blues Scene - rhythm and blues.  The magazine sold so Reggie retired from that.  Then he was able to enjoy his custom Street Chopper 1942 Knucklehead Harley that he built in 1964.  He has also built street rods.

        He still drives his 1936 4-door Ford Sedan, which has been to Mexico with him a couple of times.  The '36 Ford looks great and drives great to this day. 

        Reggie is now enjoying building 1927 Model T Ford Coupe hot rod. 

        He has lived in the same place for 34 years - on Portage Bay over looking the water, enjoying the view and all it offers.


R. T. “Dick” McKeag…  no data


Janice M. McKee…  Mrs. Downs 


John Douglas “Doug” McLeod…

        Right after IHS I joined the Army Reserve for eight years and was off to Fort Ord CA.  I was an Army Mess Sargeant.

        I went to college at the California Institute of the Arts, which was great!  I received my BS in Advertising.  Then an ad agency had me working as their Art Director.

        After a few years I moved back to Seattle and got into the grocery business and here I still am - managing a produce department in Langley.  This is where my Dad was born and raised, and my whole family is from here.  In fact I would say that all of my many cousins and I grew up on Bell's Beach just near here.

        Thirty years ago I married Mary.  We both enjoy art works.  Mary was a music teacher for 18 years and now teaches art at the intermediate school in Langley.  And, my daughter graduated in Music Education. 

        Mary and I are also enjoying our grandchildren - the light of our lives!  Plus, every year we take a two week vacation to a place just above Lake Chelan where there are many artists.


Brian W. McMahon III…  


Dorine B. McMorris…  Mrs. McGuire 

        At the age of fourteen I dreamt of being a stewardess, an actress, and traveling the world!        

        In the late 80's, I was a flight attendant for Sierra Trans Air; we flew weekend gambling junkets to Jackpot, Nevada.  I also performed in college and community, but no pay.  I backpacked throughout Europe and Greece for five weeks...twice!  So, on a small scale, I believe I'm entitled to say "fait accompli!"

        I was married to Mr. Right for 26 years and brought into the world two lovely, talented daughters.  One of my daughters just presented me with my first grandchild.  Of course, Genevieve is the most beautiful child ever hair, big blue eyes and her grandmother's dimples!  She's a Hollywood director's dream, and, lucky for her, dad IS in  the "business.”  Santa Monica is their home and she's the reason I won't be attending the 45th reunion.  California calling!

        I did eventually return to academia and received two AA degrees from Bellevue Community College - Business and Drama.  Upon graduation I was hired as Assistant Theatre Manager at the college.  It was a fun and sometimes very glamorous position. Often celebrity types frequented the building.  My favorite was working in an acting program with "the" Stanley Kramer & family, plus, "the Fonz" Henry Winkler.

        My boyfriend, OK, partner, and I still enjoy doing the wild things like windsurfing, skiing, surfing and of late - stupid golf...!#*&&#@#%^&!!!!

        Currently, when not trotting off to some impromptu destination, my work is maintaining my home in northeast Renton.  The house is large and the grounds are larger...need I say more!  I'm healthy and count myself pretty darn lucky and hope you're all enjoying the same!  Dorine


S. Sue Menth…  Mrs. Jerry Keltner

        Fall quarter of 1961, I went to college at Western in Bellingham.  I met Jerry, my husband, at that time and we married in June 1963.  We moved into our home in Aberdeen in August 1964. 

        In March of 1965 I graduated from Western with a teaching degree.   I then started a 31 year teaching career as an elementary teacher, mostly first grade. 
        Son Larry was born in 1966 and I kept busy with our family, remodeling our home, my job and community theatre.

        Now in retirement - since 1997 - I keep very busy.  My favorite activity is being grandma.  We have two granddaughters (ages 16 and 9).  Jerry and I provided before and after school day care for our youngest granddaughter for four hours each day. 

        Now I continue my involvement in education by volunteering at my neighborhood school.  Then there is being the business manager of our community theatre.


Marilyn Mickalsen…  Mrs. Jack Rafn 

        Just before getting my degree from the University of Washington, I married Jack Rafn [Joan (Rafn) Nie's brother].  Then, after graduating from U. of W. I worked for a small CPA firm and became a CPA.

        In 1978 Jack and I started a commercial construction company - Rafn Company.  Fortunately there have been many great people working there and many great projects constructed.  After 16 years, I changed from working at the company to working in accounting at Springcrest Business Resources Co.

        Now Jack and I are both almost retired.  Some terrific key employees own Rafn.

        Jack and I have two grown boys (one is married) and we are pleased that they live in the Seattle area. 

        We love to travel and spend a month each year in Costa Rica.  So far in 2006 we have also traveled to Guatemala, Ft. Lauderdale, Boston, Washington D.C. and San Francisco  

        When the boys were teen-agers, we took family scuba diving trips to warm waters.  (We dove twice in Puget Sound and it was freezing!)  We especially liked Fiji and Roatan Honduras.

        Over the years, I've enjoyed volunteering for various charities and organizations including my church.  I also enjoy boating, hiking (easy ones) and swimming.


H. George Miller III… 

       George married Carol Rock (IHS Class of ’62). George, a Sales Mgr. of Motion Industries, was with them 29 yrs. George and Carol left Seattle in 1978 moving to Houston TX. Ten years later they moved to northern CA for 14 years, then to southern CA. In 2006 they retired back in the great NW. “Yes, we are still together and have two daughters – Tracey, married with two children, lives in Houston and works as a pediatric ICU nurse at TX Children's Hosp.  Lisa, single, is an FBI agent in San Jose CA.” 


Jane L. Miller…  Mrs. Kinner


Rosemary Miller…   no data


Vicki Miller…  Mrs. Cleveland


Wes Miller III…  

        I am married to Cecelia.  We have four grandchildren.  My son is a Major in the US Air Force stationed in Virginia.  

        I just retired after 37 years with the Snohomish County Fire Dist. 1 as a Deputy Chief.  Cecelia continues to work as a realtor for Century 21.  She used to be a travel agent.  

        Celia and I recently moved into a new house we built on Lake McMurray in Skagit Valley, just south of Mt. Vernon. 

        Our travels have taken us to Australia, Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean.


Jay T. Minea… 

        Jay Minea and Suzie Erickson (our classmate) married in 1971. 

        Jay worked as a welder at Lockheed Shipbuilding in Seattle for over 20 years until it closed.  Suzie graduated from nursing school and has worked with disabled individuals most of her career.  Currently Jay and Suzie own and operate a Licensed Adult Family Home with five disabled adults living with them in a family setting. 

        They are looking forward to their 35th Anniversary in December. 


Rod E. Molzahn…                                                                   

        Rod has been in theatre since the late 1970’s.  His talents include acting, directing, teaching and writing.  And since 1986 he has brought Will Shakespeare to life for audiences in the United States and Canada by performing in theatres, schools, arts festivals and Renaissance Fairs.

        Rod Molzahn has been included on the Artist in Residency rosters for the Arts Commissions of Washington and Oregon.  He is regularly invited to perform and teach on all levels from elementary to university.

        He creates a delightful new way to meet Shakespeare and visit the world in which he lived.  The audiences are treated to a first-rate theatrical performance as Rod infuses his portrayal with years of research and study of Shakespeare the man, the playwright, the poet, and the literary legend.

        Since 1994, Rod has produced and directed the Wells House Players, a summer acting company of students performing Shakespeare outdoors.  Wells House is a historic, well cared for mansion located on the Wenatchee Valley College campus.

        Rod also has two Award winning CDs out depicting Will Shakespeare.  One can learn about these, his performances, and what he offers to his audiences by going to his website:

        Rod lives in his own big old house in Wenatchee along with a son and a dog.


Diane Montgomery…  Mrs. Devereaux 


Anne Moody…   Mrs. Bill Dumond

       After graduating from  IHS in 1961, I graduated from WSU in 1965.  At WSU, I  joined Alpha Omicron Pi  Sorority as a charter member.  Presently I am a member of the Seattle Alumnae Chapter of  Alpha Omicron Pi and the Scholarship Chairman of Overlake Alumnae Panhellenic.  In 2010 I was President of Overlake Alumnae Panhellenic.

       Bill Dumond and I were married in 1974.  We have two sons who are both married.  Jarrett (age 31) and Ruby live in Singapore where Jarrett works for the Institute of Material Research and Engineering (IMRE) as a Research Scientist.  Josh (age 29) and Annie live in  Bothell where Josh works as a Producer for Microsoft.  We have one granddaughter, Ali, 9 months old.

        My husband Bill retired as a third grade teacher two years ago.  Bill and I are flying to Singapore to celebrate Christmas with Ruby and Jarrett this year - 2011.  We are then going to Australia on December 28th with Jarrett and Ruby for two weeks.

        I look forward to seeing everyone in our Class of ‘61 after all these years on June 17, 2011.


Bob Morrison…   no data


Wayne A. Morrison… 

        “What Happened After High School?”

        It started for me a few months after graduation - July 16, 1961 to be exact.  I had just quit my job working at the Safeway on 15th NE as a box boy.  That morning I wrote a good-bye note to my parents, brother and sister, and left it on the kitchen table.  I walked down to the corner of Westminster Way and Greenwood Ave. and caught the city bus that took me down to the USAF Enlistment Center.  That same bus took me into a world that I would come to know in so many different ways.

        Many years later my Mother would tell me that the Air Force was good for me.  The Air Force proved to be an exciting time. 

        After basic training I ended up in Flight Operations.  How fortunate --- if you’re going to join the Air Force you want to be around the airplanes, the jets, the B-52's, the KC-135's, the fighter bases, the pilots, and flight operations. 

        The discipline was good for me. That's what Mom meant.

        A bunch of us met a retired Major and his wife who asked me to come back and go to school at a new junior college being built.  That was Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake.  By the end of 1968, I not only had transferred all those junior college credits to the University of Washington but I had graduated from there too.  While attending college I worked at Friedlander's Jewelers downtown and at Northgate.  It was sort of fun.  They offered me a full time position.  I was surprised.

        During this time, a good friend to this day, as well as from the elementary years at Broadview, used to visit me in the evenings.  He would talk about his work day at IBM.  It sounded interesting and there seemed to be a future there so I went to work for IBM.  After some 28-½ years, of which five years were passed along to me, I retired, having started work in Seattle at the Denny Building, then Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, and several other locations in southern California.  But I continued working independently with IBM in trade show operations until 2001.  Now, that was fun.

        First, I met Jean at an IBM Tacoma and Seattle office picnic and she is the mother of the three boys, one of which I assisted in the delivery of at home because the ambulance in a little NJ town didn't get there in time.  Brad had arrived!  The other two are Bryan and Bret.  Bryan came along with Jean.  Part of our life together, Jean and I were owners in a small rest home for the elderly in California.  She would run the day-to-day operation using her culinary arts and I would visit with the veterans.  Everyone lived an interesting life. 

        The kids live in Arizona, Minnesota and California.  Jean is in Montana.  There are three grandchildren - Brianna, Teagan and Spencer.

        I married Jodi about 12 years ago.  She works at IBM in Somers, NY.  I met her in Las Vegas during a 'one of the many' Technology trade shows there.  I had thought I would be single for the rest of my life but then she showed up.  Lucky for me.  Jodi is the third generation of an Italian family here in the U.S.  We never have to go to an Italian restaurant.  Presently, we live in Connecticut on a couple of acres with two Terriers that were rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico.

        My little brother's birthday is July 16th.  I've never left any notes for anyone since that day in 1961.  I've never been afraid to get on a bus.  There have been days that have not been a vacation, but, nevertheless, it's been quite a trip.


 N –


Juliane A. Nakawatase…  Mrs. Ron Tada 


Kathleen Nathe…  Mrs. Olsonno data


Robert Neeper…  no data


Richard G. “Dick” Newell…   deceased - 2006

        Dick married Diane.

        He spent 22 years in the Air Force and retired as a Chief Master Sgt.  He has lived in Colorado and Texas, and now California.

        Dick is a grandfather who enjoys the grandkids, plus fishing and making model ships.


Priscilla L. Newton…  Mrs. James P. Herrick 

        Soon after I left Ingraham H.S. I married a musician.  We had two children… and I worked as a meat wrapper and a short order cook in Kenmore at the Thriftway store.

        I married again and had three more children who I raised solo, as my husband was killed in a car accident in 1978.  Then, besides my own children, I have fostered a few extra teen-agers.

        I worked at Boeing a few years, and then got into road construction as a laborer.  I retired from Sea-Tac airport - still in the same union.

        In 2005 I met the love of my life and was no longer single.  My wonderful husband, James, and I live in our Auburn home and care for my 85 year old father.  We will eventually move to Arizona - hopefully in a couple years.

        For fun, James and I enjoy riding his Harley around Washington.  And being an avid camper since childhood I love to get outdoors as often as I can.

        I also enjoy music, dancing (when the knee isn't acting up), playing pool, gardening, Pomeranian dogs, crafting and seeing new sites.  We enjoy it all!


Gary O. Niemann…

        Gary attended the University of Washington receiving his degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Before graduation, he worked one summer at Mattel Toy Co.  This led to his being recruited upon graduation from the U-Dub by FMC Corp to develop machinery concepts at their Central Engineering Division in Santa Clara, CA.  The job took Gary to Santa Clara, CA.  In 1974 he went to the FMC, Florida Division to become the Research Projects Manager.

        In 1978 Gary started his own company to invent, develop, manufacture and sell unique equipment to the citrus processing and packing plants.  And, more recently his company has developed printing and die-cutting machinery for the pizza box industry, and worked on a unique approach to household recycling.

        Gary married Meredith in 1974.  She enjoys her work as a school teacher of 1st graders.  Gary and Meredith had no children of their own. 

        For recreation, they go kayaking, fishing (with bow & arrow, or rod & reel), snorkeling, playing golf, and, they thoroughly enjoy riding their bicycles on the long trails created by the "Rails-to-Trails" program.  On the trail rides they get to bike through swamp land, forests, ranch land, etc. and get to see wild turkey, all kinds of other birds (including eagles), deer, rabbits, cattle, alligators, tortoises, snakes, butterflies, etc.  They may even see some of the butterflies they've raised and released.

        The Niemanns bought a new frame house with many large windows when they moved to Florida in 1974.  It's a nice place to live, but they thought it could never survive a strong wind.  For their first thirty years in Winter Haven, no hurricanes came close.  Then came the summer of 2004 and their house of wood and glass, and surrounded by large trees, took direct hits from 3-1/2 hurricanes.  They were so close together, there was barely time to get the power back on before the next storm hit.  (Charlie came off the Gulf and passed right through Winter Haven on its way to the Atlantic.  Frances and Jeanne came off the Atlantic and passed through for two more direct hits on their way to the Gulf.  In between was Ivan "The Halfer".  Ivan came off the Gulf as a powerful hurricane, but passed safely by to the north.  It then went out into the Atlantic, turned south, and when it got down to Stuart, FL where Frances and Jeanne had come ashore, it too came ashore and followed nearly the exact path of the other two across the state.  However, by that time it had degraded to a tropical storm.)  The Niemanns report that the only real damage was a severe increase in their insurance rates despite having no claims.


 O –


Cathy L. Ohmie…   no data


Sharon Osborne…   no data


Henrietta G. Otten…  Mrs. Schmidt 

        After high school graduation, Henrietta worked in credit checking and oil heat billing.  In 1963 she moved to California when she married.  While in California she worked as a bank teller. 

        Her son, Ted was born in 1967.  At that time they moved back to Seattle, bought a house and started their own business - a Diesel and Fuel Injection business. 

        Then in 1972 her daughter, Tina was born.  Henrietta was very involved in the children’s school activities as well as in a women’s sorority where she held many positions.  She was involved in publicity for both the sorority and the children’s school.  After her divorce she assisted with the care of her parents and learned about investing.  She also began political volunteering, which she continues to do.

        Her son is a mechanical engineer with a degree in Business and Engineering.  Her daughter has a degree in Construction Management - builds houses and develops land.


Mike Owen…  

        I am married to a good woman named Alice. 

        Since July 2005, Alice and I’ve been continuing the journey toward retirement this year from WSU – Mike in May and Alice in July.  Last summer we sold our large 1908 house near campus and moved temporarily to our permanent residence, near Potlatch, Idaho.  Over the winter months we’ve lived in a rental in Pullman which, ironically, is an old farmhouse on the edge of town that has goats, sheep, and llamas in a next door field.  In the rental I’ve been looking after six laying chickens, so we’ve had an abundance of eggs. 

        At WSU Alice and I are able to walk three miles round trip to work and back from our home.  This has helped me get back in better shape after knee surgery last year.  Alice and I walk through downtown everyday.  There are some things we’ll miss about Pullman when we move back out to our cabin in April 2006.

        After retirement our plans are to live in our rural cabin, near Potlatch ID, in the summers (May-October) and travel to major cities around the world in the winters (November-April).  For our first retirement winter we are hoping to secure a flat near the theater district in London, with room for guests.  If you’re interested in visiting, let us know!   

        We had a super trip with our 14-year-old granddaughter, Shaina, and her 11-year-old brother, Daniel, to Nevada.  In an air-conditioned van we drove to Salem, Oregon to pick them up.  Then our first stop was in Ashland to see Twelfth Night, then on to California and Nevada, and back to Salem via Crater Lake.  It was part camping, part motels, and non-stop wonderful. 

        We’ve also enjoyed spending time (though never enough) with grandsons Nicholas (7), Jack (4) and Peter (2), plus our granddaughter Astrid (9 months).         

        We have a big road trip planned this summer, with grandchildren, which will include the Grand Canyon.  That is why I’ll be absent at the Reunion – but I’ll be thinking of you all.

UPDATED:  2011  My wife, Alice, and I designed and built ourselves our 800 sq. ft. house on seven acres in Potlatch, Idaho. over a six-year period in the nineties.  Now we live here six months during the summers and live in cities for six months during winters.  Since retiring in 2006 we’ve lived in London (3 times), Bologna, Amsterdam, and Fort Worth.  This coming winter we’ll spend in Portland, Oregon.  We prefer cities, even though the weather is cold and wet, because of the cultural opportunities they offer.  Also I taught architecture and urban planning at Washington State University for 22 years, and promoted the concept of walk-able neighborhoods  served  by  public transportation,  with no need of a car.    We are really enjoying the contrast between our rural and urban lifestyles.


 P –


Fran F. Palmer…   Mrs. Jeff H. Martin 


Wynn C. Palmerton…    no data


Wm. C. “Bill” Parfitt… 

        After graduation I attended Seattle Central Community College and received my AA degree in Computers.  I then married Phyllis Krape (Class of '62) and we were married for ten years.  As is the case sometimes with high school sweethearts it didn't last.

        I worked in banking Information Systems and worked my way to a senior level manager with one of the major banks in Seattle.  I was with the bank (First Interstate Bank) for ten years. I loved Information Systems and wanted to continue in that endeavor, but found myself drawn to sales - particularly Executive Recruiting.  In those days it was called employment agency (1973).  I started out by providing placement service to the hearing impaired (I learned American Sign Language at the bank).  I managed to place a couple programmer and data entry folks, but it wasn't paying the bills so I moved to hearing candidates.  I've been in the Executive Search business for over thirty years and have experienced excellent success.  I currently have my own firm in Kirkland.

        I remarried in 1976 to a wonderful woman I placed in a Systems Analyst position in Seattle.  She had one child from her previous marriage and I had three from my previous marriage.  We haven't had any children together.  We will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this August 19th.  We have eight grandchildren ranging in ages from 17 years to six months.  Like the bumper sticker says "If I knew how great having grandchildren was I would have had them first!"  is how I feel about my grandchildren.  They are all great!

        My wife (Jan) has a dog daycare and boarding business she runs it out of our house which keeps her extremely busy.

        We travel mostly to tropical places like Hawaii (we have a time share condo there) and the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Mexico, etc.

          "Never mistake knowledge for wisdom.  One helps you make a living; the other helps make a life."


Richard H. “Dick” Pederson… 


Leroy W. “Le” Perry

        After Ingraham I graduated from Whitworth College in Spokane.  The Navy took me right out of college (it was that or carry a rifle around VN).  I had a great 20+ year career flying Phantom fighters off aircraft carriers (mostly USS Ranger).  As a Commander, I got to command the Naval Air Reserve Center in Denver, then retired after a tour in the Pentagon.  I'm currently on the staff of the Attorney General (Washington State, not DC). 

        I married the little sister, name of Carol, of my best Navy flying buddy.  Carol has put up with me for the last 34 years. 

        Our son is doing drafting, site management, and is on the dive team of an engineering firm on Federal Way

        Our daughter married an Air Force (how could she) Master Sergeant, serving at the National Security Agency.  She holds my dream job… she runs the office and dock, and gets to crew on the 74' sailboat Woodwind out of Annapolis, Md.  You saw the boat featured in the movie "Wedding Crashers."  

        It's time to start looking forward to retiring in 2008.


Larry L. Peterson 


Lawrence W. “Larry” Peterson  

        Larry is married to Beverly and they enjoy living in Alaska where Larry works in construction.  Larry used to be with the fishing industry. 

        Larry and Beverly have five children between them. 

        They are constantly traveling south to visit Larry’s mother and their many children and grandchildren.  Having another home in Vader Washington is an aid for the visits.


Merry I (Peterson) Glaissia…  Mrs. Glaissia

      Merry converted to Islam and married.  She then divorced and remarried.  After 9/11 her husband was deported to Tunisia and has been there since 2002.  He was proven innocent but the judge thought Mr. Glaissia needed to be out of the U.S.A.

      Merry has worked for the past five years for an institute in Tacoma assisting with mental health research.  She uses a voice activated computer. 

      Our 50th Reunion is on Merry’s docket, which she hopes to attend.    


Roberta A. Peterson  Mrs. John Donnelly    

        After Ingraham I attended Seattle Pacific and did my degree in English (as language, not lit), Languages (Ancient Greek, Japanese, Old English, and Spanish), Philosophy and Linguistics.  I had no idea what I would do afterwards as I didn’t do any education courses, but I had a vague idea that I’d like to teach. 

       Through family contact with Rex Batt, who was an exchange teacher we had at Wilson Jr. High, I was offered a job teaching at his high school in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia.  If you look at the map of Australia you’ll see a tiny island off the coast to the south of Melbourne.  What an experience!  It really seemed like the end of the earth!  I taught English, and of all things, Australian Geography.  I was there for a year, and then went back to Seattle. 

        I then taught at Shoreline Community College before going back to Australia for another year, then back to Seattle for another year at Shoreline.

        On my second stay in Australia I met John and knew this is where I would end up.  He had started a business about five years before we met.  When I came back the 3rd time we got married, I joined him in his business and this is where I am today.  Not in Tassie, but in Sydney.  Sydney is an absolutely beautiful place to live.  In fact, Australia is a great place to live.  I miss my family and friends, but life here is really good.

        We manufacture hair care products and distribute them throughout Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.  It’s a great industry to be in as it keeps us up to date with young people and fashion.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing what I do.  I’ve done a lot of product developments, and, achieved a world Patent with a “no-rinse” perming solution.  Have no idea how my BA related to any of my career!!!

        John and I have two children:  Cass (who got teased in school because of HIS name), now 34 and in the business with us, and, Julie, 32 who lives in Queensland.  Julie and I are starting up a new range of products called Divine Woman which we’ll be launching this year.

        I keep trying to retire, or at least semi-retire, but it’s not happening.  Anyway, I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I did.


Victoria K. “Vicki” Peterson 


Wayne K. Peterson   no data


Charles N. “Chuck” Pierson   no data


Nancy J. Potemkin  Mrs. Jerry G. Forhan 

         After high school I worked for Safeway.  And, in October 1961, I married Jerry.

        In 1965 I went back to school at North Seattle U. for two years and had our first daughter in 1966 while in school.  Jerry and I then decided to become foster parents, adopting one of our foster children.  This put an end to my schooling.

        We also worked for Children’s Protective Services which places kids right off the streets.  This meant taking in a child for a 72 hour receiving period - which usually meant longer than that.  We did this until 1980 when I had to go back to work.  It was to Safeway again where I worked until June of 2005 when I retired.

        Jerry worked for Boeing and retired December 2005.  He now is into woodworking making benches, planter boxes, etc.

        Two of our daughters graduated from college - one from Shoreline College and one from Seattle Pacific.  Our adopted daughter joined the Navy - she was our Ingraham High School graduate!  All of these daughters are married now.  The oldest has two children - a seven year old and a four month old!  (It is nice to have a baby in the family.)  Our middle daughter has a ten year old and a five year old.  And our youngest daughter has a three year old.

         Now with more time on my hands I want to travel more and will do so with friends as Jerry prefers to remain home. 


Elisabeth Powell-Rodon   Elisabeth’s partner is Don Osias.


Audine L. Pugh… 


 Q –


John A. Quam 


R –


Margaret C. Rabben   no data


Joan M. Rafn  Mrs. John Nie    deceased - 2006

        I attended the U. of W. and graduated in 1965 with a BS in Biology Teaching.  While at college both Marilyn Mickalsen and I joined Sigma Kappa Sorority.  Marilyn and I both married about graduation time - Marilyn married my brother Jack and I married John Nie, an Englishman who came over from England at age 15.  Marilyn and I had our weddings within a few months of each other - not too close.  My mother was really busy!

        John is an auditor and we wound up moving to California.  Then John went to work with Safeway where he's been for 33 years.

        We adopted two children, a son and a daughter.  Then in the early 70's I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Just after the diagnosis I found I was pregnant and gave birth to a son in 1974.  We were delighted.

        I have never worked with regards to my degree from U. of W. but have used it later with our church's Sr. Activity Center as coordinator of Arts and Crafts.  The laws stated that someone with a degree needed to be working with the group.  I enjoy all the people.

        “There are no strangers, only friends we haven't met yet.”


Barbara M. Ramey  Mrs. Robert J. “Bob” Imbrie  

        Quote from Barbara:  “I have followed my dream of being a musician.  I have taught 35 years in public and private schools.  I have sung with Seattle Opera, Arizona Opera and the Roger Wagner Chorale.  Currently, I teach private piano and voice in my home. 

        I am married to a wonderful man who has provided much joy in my life.  I have five grandchildren, two stepdaughters and a beautiful home in Portland, Oregon

        I am very blessed.  Life has its ups and downs and I am a survivor!”   

Musically,  Barbara (Ramey) Imbrie 


Brent D. Rawson  


Caroline E. Reynolds  Mrs. Michael Atwood    

        Michael and I have been married for 44 years.  We built our home on five acres in Bothell in 1970 and raised our two children Mike and Eileen.  We also raised all kinds of animals. The kids got to ride horses and motor cycles.  Oh - and son Mike went to Ingraham for one day when he was one year old as they were having some kind of child learning day.  My younger sister took him to school.

        Mike has two girls - Amanda, 20, with two years at UW and going to WSU next year, and, Shelly, 19, who is an equestrian and cross country rider.  Her goal is to be in the Olympics one day.

        Eileen has three children - Danny, 17, who lettered in golf this year;  Nick, 14, plays all the sports; and Miss Noelle who is 10 and knows all, plays all sports and acts in plays.  She won all kinds of metals with her cup stacking.  We were all shocked.

        We lived in Guam for two years.  During the Fall of Saigon I worked in Tent City and the boat dock with the refugees.  Michael was treasurer of the U.S.O. while we were there.

        Volunteer work: coaching the kids in their sports, President of Northshore girls’ slow pitch, Cub Scouts, Girls Scouts and working with the school and PTA.  We even played on a Jack and Jill softball league for a few years.  

        Michael and I enjoy traveling and cruising with family and friends.  We have been to Europe, Alaska, Hawaii and many of the states.  We are looking forward to traveling around the U.S.


Helen L. Ridley  Mrs. Harris 


Linda A. (Rigg)   Mrs. Gary Richards

      After graduation I attended WWSU in Bellingham. In 1962 I moved to New Orleans when my family was transferred by Boeing. My friends, Taree Turcott and soon after, Linda Vye, joined me.  We all spent time living and working in New Orleans, having a wonderful adventure! 

      Later I became a flight attendant, working out of California. Then I moved back to Seattle, married in 1971 and in 1979 we bought a fishing resort in the interior of B.C. 

      In 1984 I met and married Gary Richards, a bush pilot. We lived in Tofino, BC for 25 years owning and operating Tofino Airlines. Then we moved to Creston, BC, just north of the border from the Idaho panhandle. We love it here ant the four seasons and drier climate. 

      Gary and I have two granddaughters and two grandsons.  We enjoy camping and golfing.  And I still see Taree regularly and try to keep in touch with Linda.


Laura J. Robbins  Mrs. Lee Worley – still? - no data 


Bruce A. Robertson  

        I got married in 1966 to Janet Zoret.  She was from Wallace, Idaho.  We got a divorce in 1990.  I have one son, Jeff, born in 1968, and twin daughters, Carrie and Cindy, born in 1972.  They all still live in the Seattle area.  I have three grandkids.

        I worked during high school at Lake City Lumber and Hardware.  I attended some college as I continued to work.  I stayed in the hardware business for over 32 years - both in retail and wholesale and became a buyer at Schwabacher Hardware for over 15 years and covered 13 states. 

        Then I worked for a company which had 45 stores in Alaska, and was head of the purchasing department, doing a lot of traveling to Alaska - saw 2/3 of the state.   Lots of work and fun, too!  Met some great people up north.  Most of the travel was by air as there are not many roads.  All but two of the stores were in villages - very remote.

        Then in 1994 I opened my own business - Dr. Cue and Billiards in little old Lake City at 147th and Bothell Way.  That was a lot of work and lots of fun, too.  I sold the business to my son and a friend of his.  They are doing even better than I.  Having two makes it much easier.

        In 2003 I met a lady named Barbara from Canada.  We bought a house in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland (Canada).  We married, bought a motor home and spent over four months traveling back to Seattle, then down across the states to Florida, seeing all the sights and friends on the way.  We just got back here as the snow started to fly.  In fact, we incurred snow in Connecticut, and followed it right to home!  We have seen 41 states and travel trans-Canada from BC to here. 

        Barbara and I now are planning to sell this house and buy a smaller home, do more traveling, plus we’re looking at spending winters in Florida.


Gary R. Rockwood   

        Aloha!  I retired from the US Army after 30 plus years as a Colonel in 1992.  I started my second career in the Hotel industry in the gorgeous state of Hawaii.  I'm currently the Director of Human Resources for Mauna Kea Resorts which is two hotels---The Mauna Kea and The Hapuna Prince, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  These are two fabulous hotels with golf courses at each resort.  This is good in that golf continues to be my favorite hobby.

        I'm married to Tish  We have six kids between the two of us - I have a daughter and two sons and Tish has two daughters and one son.  We have the "Brady Bunch".  We also have six grandkids, four dogs and a cat.

        In 1999 I got a Doctorate in Education/Business Leadership and Management from USC.  This will come in handy when I retire for the second time.  Teach a little---golf a lot!

        Come visit the Big Island!  Aloha, Gary Rockwood 


Elzelina J. Rombout  Mrs. Callis 


Susan D. Rowe  Mrs. John Mitchell – no data


Kathy L. Rugg  Mrs. Ron Ward - no data


John Rutherford   no data


Bob Rutzel   

        Bob is a bachelor.  In 1961 Bob went into the Navy where he spent time in Guam.  He then got out of the Navy in 1967.  From 1968-81 he worked for the postal system. Bob now enjoys working at a golf club – and golfing all he wants.


Pat L. Ryan   no data


 S –


Ron A. Saunders 


Lucy M. Scheidt  Mrs. Whitney – no data


Linda D. Schenke   Mrs. Gary L. Warne

        Soon after high school Linda married Gary and they have been married for 44 years.

        Gary has retired from both U.S. WEST (Qwest) and from Boeing.

        They have had two daughters and one son (he died in infancy).  Now they also have two sons-in-laws and six grandchildren.  The grandchildren range in ages from one to eleven years old.  They all live close by!

        Life is continually busy and enriching.  Their prime focus is their faith in Jesus Christ.  Following His lead in all things is continually fulfilling and challenging.  Philippians 3:7-10


Kaaren F. Schillios  Mrs. Gary E. Jacobson

        Kaaren dated Gary (an I.H.S. graduate Class of ’62) while they attended the U. of W.   From U. of W. Kaaren received her degree in Elementary Education and Gary in Accounting.  After Gary completed a year of law school, they got married and spent time in Hawaii and a season in Aspen skiing and working.  Upon returning to Seattle, Gary completed law school while Kaaren taught kindergarten in Lake Washington School District.  Kaaren retired after three years of teaching to start a family. 

        They settled in Kirkland where they raised their first two children.  About 10 years later they had two more children.  They home schooled three of their children for about 10 years.  The two younger girls are now 22 and 20, and, Gary is envisioning a vacation in two more years after about 16 years of paying college tuition.  Oldest daughter Erika lives in Mt. Vernon with her husband and soon-to-be five children.  Their only son Leif is a cop in Anacortes and he and his wife have one daughter. 

        Kaaren and Gary moved to Anacortes themselves in 2004, where Gary continues to practice business and real estate law by email from his Anacortes Skyline Marina home office; he is still connected with his three partners in their Bellevue office and goes there for meetings every week or so.  Retirement is a future vision; for now, Gary still enjoys his work and gets out in the San Juan Inlands often with their boat moored nearby.  Kaaren still loves to sew and garden every chance she gets. 

        Life with children and grandchildren is very rich and involved.  The whole family are dedicated Christians, and church activities are a very important part of all of their lives.  Kaaren is grateful for every day, as she is a breast cancer survivor.  She and Gary appreciate the simple pleasures of spending time with their children and grandchildren.  Despite the usual difficult episodes along the way, the Lord has blessed them and life overall is very good. 


Arleen P. Schmilski  Mrs. Thomas G. Ryan 

        Arleen and Thomas are both retired from teaching.  Their two sons live in Alaska.


Cathy Schulz   no data


Jeanette L. Schultz  Mrs. Lloyd E. Johnson 

        Lloyd and I have been married for 45 years come August.  We have three children, Rick – who has two daughters, Dan – he and his wife are trying to have children (we pray for twins), and, Becky – who has two girls and one boy.  Our children and grandchildren have been and are the joys of our lives.

        We have lived in Brier, Washington for 42 Years.  We still attend the same Church where we grew up and met and married there.

        I have had a few jobs since high school.  The long term ones have been for Edmonds School District where I was a baker in the school lunch program at a middle school, and, Lamont’s Dept Store where I worked until I retired.  I had also worked in a small shop in Country Village in Bothell called the Victorian Manor. 

        Now my favorite job is caring for my five grandkids.  Love that!!

        I have a greenhouse and I love to garden.  Also, a couple years ago Lloyd bought me a fancy sewing machine, so I do embroidery work and take classes to learn even more things that my sewing machine can do.  That in turn is making me learn more about how to use the computer because I can hook my sewing machine up to it.

        Lloyd and I have done some traveling with Lloyd’s work, and, just for fun around the 48 States.  We went to Yellowstone for the first time last summer.  I just love seeing all the natural wonders there.  This summer we are going to Mexico.  We will be in Mexico when the reunion happens.  I am sorry to miss everyone.


Darlene Ann Scott  Mrs. Scott-Wood

        Darlene goes by Darlene A. Scott-Wood (first marriage).    

        I have one daughter, Jennifer who is 43, who has been married 23 years to my wonderful son-in-law, Ray.  They gave me two grandsons - Sky’e who is 22 and Orion who is 20.  And I have one great-grandson, Levi who was born in February 2006, his father being Orion.

        I am married to a wonderful man, “Shoe”.  We have been together for 34 years.

        I worked in the Financial Services offices for both Harborview and University of Washington Medical Centers for 39 years, retiring from my position as Director in 2003.  I

now work 20 hours a week for another healthcare company - Outreach Services here in Seattle, as Manager of Client Services.

        I’m enjoying semi-retirement as it gives me more time for my hobbies and family.  And I enjoy walking on the wonderful trails in Seattle, long car trips, reading, doing jigsaw puzzles and keeping in touch with friends via email.


Lee R. Scrimgeour 

        Lee married Lorraine and he worked for 30 years teaching 6th & 7th graders.  He retired in 1998 and now enjoys golfing and his grandchildren. 


Janet K. Sellen  Mrs. Duff 


Serafima Shane   no data


Catherine A. Shaver   no data


Sharon E. ShaverMrs. James Nelson still? - no data


Michael L. Shelly


David L. Shorett 

        After Ingraham I went to Whitman College with RC Owen, our esteemed first el presidente.  I still go fishing and hang out with RC every year. (He is retiring this year from WSU as a Professor.  I claim he has the lowest college grade average of any college professor in history).

        I got married in 1967 to Alice and am still happily married after 38 years, even though Wendy Givan has always been my dream woman.  

        I graduated from law school and went in the Peace Corps in Micronesia for two years with my wife. 

        We then returned to Seattle, just in time for the wild and wooly 70's - it was great.  I worked as a public defender for a couple of years, lived on a houseboat for about four years and then went into private practice.   I've been mainly a criminal defense lawyer but tried all

kinds of different cases over the years. 

        I got back into fishing in about 1972 and have fished as much as possible since.   Alice and I moved to Bainbridge because fishing was much better than the Seattle side of the Sound.  

        Alice and I have two sons.  One was a hell of a lot better basketball player than I was (which isn't saying much - I did play at Whitman for two years before being invited not to play any longer).  One son works in Berkeley as an urban planner and the other is in graduate school in Boston

        I now work about 10-20 hours a week, not a lot more than I have for years. 

        I fish, and travel wherever I can in the world for hiking and fishing, especially New Zealand.  I have written four fishing guide books since 1995. 

        I get back to Ingraham about every couple of years to watch high school basketball playoffs- it seems so different. 

        Ingraham was great - it was a new start for all of us, no cliques, no “who is cool and who isn't”, like Roosevelt, for example.  I've always been grateful that they opened that new school in the north end - I needed it. 


Sandy Short  Mrs. L. W. “Bill” Horn


        My second husband Bill and I have lived on Camano Island, Washington, for the past 30 years.  Great place to raise kids.  There were just 800 full time residents, and now there are 18,000.  We have a “his, mine and ours” kind of family.  He has three by his first marriage and I have two.  We have one child together - our baby is now 30 years old.  We have almost ten grandchildren, the 10th due on June 10th.  They age up to 21 years old.

        My husband retired from military work and police work.  I was a stay-at-home mom.  Fourteen years ago I went to work at the City of Stanwood, just 15 minutes from Camano. My husband officially retired a year ago, and I just retired from the City a couple of months ago.  Maybe now we can use the boat and our fifth wheel.  We have a few trips planned for this summer, which I planned around the Big Forty-Five year reunion.  Hope to see everyone there.


Leslie G. “Les”  Sickles   no data


Paul Silva

        After many years in the Insurance and Estate Planning fields, and several in Office Management/Company Administration, I'm currently the Puget Sound Representative for a small publishing company.

        Following college (WWSU) I became involved with the sport of Rugby Union Football, was an officer of 2 Canadian based unions (leagues), and was the founding President of the Western Washington RFU.  That activity got me appointed to the Seattle Sports Advisory Council (served 22 years) and elected to the board of the Associated Recreation Council (21 years, 14 as President) supporting and assisting the Seattle Parks Department with their recreation programs.

        Prior to fighting, (and defeating, thank you), cancer near my vocal chords, I had been active as a sports announcer, announcing many regional and state level Gymnastics and Track meets, as well as many Rugby Football matches including one National Championship.  Was also an announcer for games involving various Local, Regional and National Teams, including one test match between the United States and Canada.

        In my late 20s, I married a beautiful widow with three children, and we added a son.  We now have 13 grandchildren ranging in ages from 25 years down to six months.  Keeping track of, and being involved with our grandchildren, and their activities takes up much of our ‘leisure’ time.


Sharon Simmons  Mrs. Beavin 

        Sharon lost her husband Ron to lung cancer in 2003.  

        In 2005 Sharon retired from 34 years of successfully operating 7-Eleven stores in the Edmonds/Mukilteo area. 

        Her life these days is busier than she could have imagined… all three children live within a five-mile radius and being a “built-in” babysitter has it’s advantages - lots of time with her grandchildren! 

        Also, Sharon has traveled quite a bit in these past ten years - from Caribbean cruises, to Disneyland, to Arizona, to Florida, and is looking forward to a trip to New York in October.  “I am definitely enjoying life!” 


Marilyn Simonson  Mrs. Gunderson 


Peter T. Skelly 

        Peter and his wife Helaine are enjoying their retirement.


Sally Skinner  Mrs. Darrel Emery


Melinda “Linda” Small   Mrs. Paul Beeghly    

        I'm living in the same house, with the same phone number, in north Ballard/Seattle - since 1972.  I continue to work 25+ hours a week at my accounting job.  I'd like to work indefinitely if my eyes will let me. 

        My next big project will be to look for a smaller house/yard right around here and downsize.  I also have a triplex in Ballard and a house in the Eastlake area of Seattle which I rent out (and have to maintain).  At times I can be very busy!

        The best decision I ever made was to become a mom.  My three kids are all in their 30's, on their own, doing well and living in the Seattle area.  Two of my kids are married.  No grandkids yet.

        For travel this year I'm going to a family reunion in mid June.  It will be a 2-1/2 hour drive to NW of Toronto.  I'm also going to Chicago (the same week-end as the IHS reunion) for my college sorority's National Convention.  This has been a primary focus of my philanthropy work for many years. 

        Hopefully I'll make it to our Ingraham H.S. 50th/51st reunion.  


Aldrich “Al” Smith  

        Al has enjoyed working with the police force where he lives.  His family keeps him busy.


Judy A. Smith   Mrs. McEwen 

        I still have a friend in Wynn Palmerton, as we grew up together living next door to each other.  Plus I keep in touch with the LaMaines of our Ingraham classmates.

        After high school I worked at a printing company followed by working for the Federal Way School District.  In this time period I married Robert McEwen and we had three lovely children.  I was widowed in 1992.  I have five grandchildren all of whom live nearby. 

        My youngest son still lives with me.  He has a degree from college but no partner . . . yet.  We both sure enjoy my eight acres here in Marysville.

        I presently work at Safeway and yearly take vacations to Canada.  My slightly grey hair doesn't slow me down.


John M. Snowden 

         I have been married for 23 years to Cindy and we have two kids - Dan is 21, Julia is 20, and both are in college. 

        Wife Cindy trains dressage horses in Florida and is in business with Lisa Wilcox, one of the riders on our Equestrian Olympic Team.

         I am in the manufacturing business in Massachusetts and split my time between Newbury, MA and West Palm Beach, FL.


Douglas L. “Doug” Solbeck 

        My career began at the Udub, however, not as a student but as a landscaper.  I worked there until the summer of 1964, when I joined the U.S. Army Reserves.  I was on active duty for six months and then in the Reserves until 1970, when I was discharged.  At the end of active duty, I was looking for a full time job.  After bugging Boeing on an almost daily basis, they finally hired me June 7, 1965.  As of this June 7th, I have been with Boeing 41 long years.  Retirement is on the horizon, hopefully by September of this year.

        I met my wife, the former Linda Olson, via my twin cousins who were dating two sisters working at Boeing.  One of the sisters worked with Linda - from Edmonds.  We met June 30, 1968 and got married on July 12, 1969.  By this class reunion, we will be married 37 years.  We have two grown daughters, DeeDee, 36, married to Chris Carpenter for seven years and Karen, 32, who is single.  We’re still waiting to become grandparents! 

        We’ve lived in our current home for 28½ years in Lynnwood, two miles north of Alderwood Mall.  We’ve also lived in Mountlake Terrace and north Seattle in an apartment for just six months right after we were married. 

        Linda worked for Stevens Healthcare for 15 years, but was abruptly laid off in 2005.  She is now retired.

        Family vacations included a very special trip to Washington DC in July 1987.  We were there for July 4th and got to see several historic sites.  We found out what humidity really is!  Whew!!  We stayed with our friends who lived in Virginia, 45 minutes outside of DC. 

        Other family vacations have been to Disneyland, San Diego, and along the Oregon Coast.  In 1999 we went to Georgia and to Virginia.  In 2002 we went to Florida to attend two weddings, seeing Disney World, Sea World and Busch Gardens. Then in November 2003 Linda and I went on our first cruise to the Mexican Riviera. 

        We try to go to Vegas and/or Reno/Lake Tahoe every year.  We also love to go to Yakima to visit the Fruit Loop (wine country) and Wenatchee.   However, so far this year we’ve been close to home.  Linda was in a car wreck, not her fault, in February this year.  On June 1st she had surgery on her left foot, not a result from the accident, and is recouping.  I keep busy doing our yard work and other projects as they come up.   However, I am looking forward to retirement!  I’d say, “It can’t come soon enough!”

UPDATE 2011…

        Thought we'd tell you why we weren't at the class reunion on June 17th.  Doug was in Virginia Mason Hospital that day getting an ultrasound upper endoscopy confirming what none of us wanted to hear.  He's been diagnosed with Stage 3 Esophageal Cancer!!  This news has been an absolute total shock for both of us!!  He is now waiting to start chemo and radiation.  After the chemo and radiation are over, Doug will then have a 6-10 week break to recoup, and then he will have a huge surgery.  He will be in the hospital 7-14 days and the surgery will last 6-8 hours, possibly longer!!!  The doctor, Dr. Donald Low,  will remove the affected part of the esophagus and top of the stomach and then reconstruct that part of the esophagus with the stomach!!!   Google "adenocarcinoma" and a link from Virginia Mason will come up - check it out.

            Another tidbit about our family, too.  Our youngest daughter, Karen, 37, is on dialysis and on the transplant list!!  Her kidneys dropped to 6% function in April.  She has been dealing with declining kidney function for quite a few years now, and she finally hit bottom. She gets treatments three days a week and is doing darn good.  She's even been able to keep her full time job!

     That's it for our update -- a very crappy one, isn't it?  Take care!!   Linda


Patricia Southern   no data


Jean Spiegelberg  Mrs. Marvin L. O’Connor  

       After graduation my mother died - in September 1961.  Then on October 24th I married Fred Cronk (U.S. Navy).  We started on the trail of the U.S.N. Dec. 14, 1962. 

        While living at Oak Harbor, WA I gave birth to our twin daughters - Holly Maria Cronk and Teresa Marie Cronk.  And in 1965 our daughter Janna Annette Cronk was born. 

        We moved to Pensacola, Florida where I worked for Monsanto as a draw-twist operator from 1965-70.  Then we moved to Lemoore, California, where my husband retired from the U.S. Navy in May of 1975.  We then moved to Tucson, Arizona, where we divorced.

        In September 1977 my father, who lived in Medford Oregon, died.  This was followed by my marriage on Nov. 30, 1977, to Marvin Lamar O'Connor and off we moved to Texas, where we started our own trucking company.  I began driving a chemical tanker coast to coast and did so for the next four years.  Marvin and I deal in special over-dimension moves which are permitted and escorted to all points of the USA

        The twins graduated in 1982 with Janna graduating in 1984.  Twin Holly now has three children - Alice, Sabrina, and Ben.  Twin Teresa has two children - Victoria and Janna.  Daughter Janna is with the U.S. Air Force as Tech Sgt. Janna Cronk.  She has had 20 years service and is presently serving on a transport to the war area.  She has no children, was married and then divorced.

        I also have six step-children (two boys and four girls - Kathy, Marvin Jr., Shannon, Trisha, Sean, Cristy ... and five step-grandchildren!

        Presently Marvin and I are operating our trucking company in Corsicana, TX and have done so since 1985.  We also deal in freight brokerage and have had as many as 30 trucks in our terminal.  We are leased to Dallas Mavis Specialized Carrier out of Kenosha, WI

        Since September 2004 we have been known as the "Angels of Corsicana TX" who support the troops in harm’s way with monthly boxes of goodies and letters.  We started this because of my daughter, Tech Sgt. Janna Cronk of the U.S. Air Force, who saw a need for our troops.  She has carried our boxes to the men and women on the battlefield.  And this year we have had the honor of the American Legion Auxiliary of Texas to join in helping to support our troops.

        You have met our families, friends and Legions project which we do with love.

        Add in, I am a 42-year member of the Women of the Moose.


Marion Spooner   no data


Laurence J. “Larry” Steffensen 

        I graduated Ingraham along with my triplet brothers.  After school I joined the Air Force for four years where I was stationed at Fort Worth, Texas and Amarillo, Texas followed by Jacksonville, Arkansas.  

        After the Air Force I went back to Seattle and worked for Boeing a few years – my brothers and father were there also.  While working at Boeing I married Sue in 1966.

        My next job was with Fisher Flour Mills where I stayed for eleven years.  This was followed by moving to Alaska to work for five years on a maintenance crew at a school which was followed by going back to the Seattle area and to work at Boeing again.  Sue and I moved from Everett, WA to Cascade, Oregon, to Everett, WA and then to Vancouver,  WA. 

        We are retired now and are raising a puppy named “Jojo” – our little Lhaso Apso.  We also enjoy doing all kinds of things now that we are retired.  I like sports fishing.


Leland H. “Lee” Steffensen  

        I am one of the triplets.

        I worked for Boeing for 40 years and just recently retired.  And now I enjoy getting into new hobbies.

        I am married to Colleen and we have several grandkids and step grandkids.  We have fun at all the large family gatherings

        We want to travel the U.S. but for right now the gas prices are steep.  We will travel more later on.  We have enjoyed a cruise to Alaska.


Leonard Steffensen   

        Leonard is the other triplet in our class!


Mark C. Stewart  

        Directly from high school, I went into the Air Force for four years.  This was followed by going to work for Boeings for five and a half years until I got laid off.

        Then I went to school for two years at Everett Community College, taking horticulture.  With this I became head gardener for Everett Comm. College and then became Facility Director at the college.  After 30 years I took an early retirement.

        My wife of 22 years, Janice Paulson, continues to work as Human Resources Director at Everett Comm. College.

        We have one cat named “Peaches” – for her color.

        My hobby ever since high school has been antique gun collecting.  I am a member of the Washington State Gun Collectors Association and enjoy attending their different conferences about the U.S.

        Janice and I have a ranch in Chelan which we love to go to often.  We are transplanting trees there.  I have put in hiking paths as we like to constantly hike.  Plus there is also hunting and fishing.

        Our favorite traveling is to the many islands of Hawaii.  We go whenever we can.  We will also have to visit the northern part of New Zealand as my brother lives there.


Melody Stewart  Mrs. R. C. Marksno data


Marjorie Stolz   no data


Judy Storhow  Mrs. Tom McCarthy


Roberta S. “Bobbi” Stotler…  Mrs. Malone

        I have two sons - the older son, Doug, is 35 and living in Homer, Alaska, and son Brian is 32, living in Seattle.

        I worked in the health education field and have been retired for about ten years.

        My antenna is always tuned to new adventures and opportunities.  I enjoy swimming, hiking and active travel and have done bicycle tours in this country, Europe and Canada

        This year I am looking forward to helicopter hiking for a few days in Canada's Bugaboo Mountains; then I'll spend a month hiking with friends in Scotland and England.  I've also been fortunate to visit New Zealand, Bali, and other parts of Europe.

        Next summer I'm hoping to compete in the National Senior Olympics in Louisville, KY.

        For the past few years I've been spending winters in Sun City, Arizona… the best of both worlds.  Life is good! 


Janet Strickland   no data


Donna L. Stulgis…  Mrs. James B. Zimmerman    deceased - 2007

        I went on to the U. of W. a couple of weeks after our graduation, graduating from the School of Nursing along with Bobbi Stotler Malone.  As both of us had begun in different majors, it was a pleasant surprise to see Bobbi join our class. 

        I worked in psych and medical/surgical nursing before returning to the “U” for a master’s degree.  Following this I joined the medical/surgical nursing faculty and taught until my husband, Jim, graduated from Dental School.  I was then expecting our son. 

        Jim was off to Okinawa with the USAF, and when baby Bill was two months old, we joined him.  Deciding to add to our family we applied to adopt a Korean baby, thinking it would take a long time.  Well, it didn’t!  Jamie arrived months later and suddenly there were two in diapers.  It quickly became clear to me why God plans at least a nine month interval between babies.

        We returned to the U.S. in 1973 and Jim established his practice in Kirkland.  I initially worked in his practice while it got “off the ground”, and then was a stay-at-home Mom until the children were in junior high, returning to the office as Jim’s office manager until his retirement.  Meanwhile, I served 15 years on the Board of Directors at the Union Gospel Mission, where Jim and I had the privilege, along with the Mission, of establishing the first, free dental clinic to serve the homeless population.  Today it is staffed completely by volunteers along with a paid clinical coordinator. 

        The year 1995 was our most eventful and not in a good way.  In August, Jim was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor.  The surgery was disabling and prevented him from doing dentistry until a couple of years ago when he was able to volunteer again on a limited basis.  November of 1996, I had a stroke, with complete left side paralysis, while in Mexico.  Thankfully, I think recovery was complete . . . sometimes I wonder about memory, but have decided that is an age thing.  I think I will always be thankful for being able to put my feet on the floor in the mornings.

        During our travels, we fell in love with the city of Morelia in Mexico and ended up buying a colonial home there.  Once there, I questioned why, what is the purpose?  God soon directed me to an orphanage that’s walking distance from our home.  I have worked with them the last 10 years and established a non-profit tax deductible foundation to provide support for the children.  Please visit to meet these precious kids, (our other 40 grand kids). 

        Life had taken yet another turn when my almost 93 year old Dad joined our family a year ago, as he needed some assistance.  He, who discouraged my studying nursing, now has decided it was a pretty good idea after all. 

        Jamie has given us a precious granddaughter and Bill is off to Africa with the Peace Corps this June.  We have been blessed to have a wonderful life, albeit not without wrinkles.


Michele C. “Mikie” Swanson  Mrs. Gary D. Gallagher   

        My husband Gary and I have been married 35 years as of April 10, 1971!   We have two grown daughters:  Christine Gallagher Moore who just got married and lives in Las Vegas; and Kelly Gallagher living in Seattle.

        My husband has traveled for his job most of our married years so we have seen lots of the world.  Have traveled to China, Japan, Australia, East Coast, Hawaii, etc. 

        I have worked in my niece's wedding stationary business, "Bliss Ink”, for six years.

        This list of where we have lived includes Redmond, Seattle, Spokane (9 years) and Camano Island (12 years).  We do have a place in Mesa, Arizona that we hope to enjoy more after retirement.

        Things I love are gardening, quilting, music, golf and travel.


Willis A. Sykes   

       Willis retired Oct. 2002 and enjoys retirement.  He and Sharon moved to Arizona one year after Willis' retirement - where Sharon has part-time employment of the local golf club.


Jack Syria  


Sandra Systad  Mrs. Darrell Robinson 


 T –


Glen H. Teeter…


Colin Thomas  


Eric “Ric” Thoreson  

        In 1967, Ric graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Marketing. He had a minor in Chemistry.  From 1967-1969 he was in the US Army, stationed in Saigon, Long Binh.  Ric was in logistics assigned to MACV. 

        From 1969-1971 he was a dealer Rep with Shell Oil in Seattle

        1971-2006 Ric was with Abbott Laboratories.  This is when he married Christine. 

        Then from 1971-1988  he was the Pharmaceutical Hospital and Diagnostic Equipment Rep in Oregon.  

        From 1988 to 2006 Ric and Christine moved to Denver where he was the District Sales Manager with a specialty group calling on psychiatry, neurology, vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists and radiologists.  Ric retired in 2005.

        Ric’s wife Christine was a stay-at-home Mom while their two daughters grew up.  Later, Christine worked as a manager at a large Barnes and Noble and they both then retired together. 

        Their daughter, Erica is in charge of the Access Center at the University of Colorado HSC and their other daughter, Katie, sells for C2 Media around Denver

        Ric and Christine have two Labradors they enjoy.  Their hobbies include hiking, snow-shoeing, a little skiing and travel. 


John H. Thorp III…

        I am a U. of W. graduate for years 1966 and 1974.

        Married Barbara Brandon, I.H.S. Class of '62 (sort of)--still hitched after 40 years.

        After college, I joined the Seattle School District where I have worked for the past 40 years as a teacher, middle school principal and central office administrator.  Currently in semi-retirement, I'm still working part-time for the district.  Barbara is an RN who retired from Group Health but is still working a few days a month in the Infectious Disease Specialty Clinic.

        We have two children--Kristina who is a kindergarten teacher in Seattle; and John, a financial analyst for LensCrafters in Cincinnati.  And we now have four grandchildren--two in each city.

        We like to travel--Hawaii, Mexico, Las Vegas, the Caribbean, and recently cruised to Alaska (never saw so many eagles in one place as in Ketchikan).  We like to babysit the grandkids; unfortunately we only get to see the Cincinnati babies a couple times a year. 

        Golf is still one of my passions but the game seems to get more difficult as one ages.  Perhaps I need to take some lessons from our classmate Bill Tindall.


Sharon Tierney   no data


Marc L. Tillson… 

        Marc married Nancy.  Marc retired from being a Seattle Fire Fighter.


Wm. L. “Bill” Tindall… 

        I attended the U. of W. and married 1962 graduate Linda Hinkey in 1964 (we are still together!). 

        I taught 6th grade in the Seattle Public schools for two years and then went to work at the Glendale CC in Bellevue before playing for nine months on the PGA Tour (a great experience but I wasn't good enough). 

        In 1969 I became the Head Golf Professional at the Longview CC in Longview, Washington, for eight years before getting the same position at the Broadmoor GC in Seattle.  I worked there for 22 years and during that time I was the U. of W. Men's Golf Coach for nine years. 

        In 1999 I moved to ‘The Members Club at Aldarra’ as the director of golf for six years. 

        Now I am teaching on Camano Island (where we reside) and in Seattle.
        Linda and I have two children Rob (39) and Tricia (36).  Tricia's son Leo, who is eight, is the joy of our life.  Tricia resides in Redmond, WA.  Rob lives in Palm Desert CA.

        Linda was a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines which has enabled us to travel more than we probably should.  We just returned from two weeks in South Africa where we were on Safaris (thanks to the Auction at Ingraham).  We love our home and both enjoy working outside in the yard and gardens.  We have 3-1/2 acres. 

        I continue to play lots of golf and enjoy the challenge more than ever. 

        I weigh more than in 1961 and don't have as much hair but won't exchange my life now for anything.                            


Russell L. “Russ” Tisdell, Jr…. 


Michal S. “Micki” Tracy  Mrs. Neil W. Botting    

        I have used my given name of Michal since age 20 and enjoy the fun connected with being called “Michael”. 

        In November 1964 Neil Botting and I were married – just after he graduated from U. of W.  Neil then went to work for Shell Oil and we moved to Anacortes.  Due to Neil’s job we lived in many different states as well as in London, England and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  We enjoyed our moves and raising two children. 

        When living in the Houston, Texas area I was a volunteer fire fighter and also a volunteer EMT with the ambulance.  Neil was a volunteer Paramedic with the ambulance.  I also taught CPR, played softball, etc.  

        While living in London, I took Cordon Bleu cooking classes and in Kuala Lumpur I taught CPR – introducing it.  Neil and I were also the International H.S. football teams’ medics in K.L.  Plus, our overseas life got us fully involved with visiting other countries.

        Our son, Tye, received his PhD in Nuclear Chemistry Research from Texas A. & M.  He taught at and did research for NSU at Natchitoches, Louisiana.  Tye then got a job with I.D.A. and he and his family live in Virginia.  Our daughter, Shaar, has two degrees in Design and was an Art Director for one of the top fashion photographers in Dallas, Texas - Paul Morgan Photographers, Inc. who served Penney’s.

        Neil and I are fully retired [me from a stay-at-home mom (ha!) and Neil from Shell Oil and his part-time E.R. RN].  We live in the mountains of Colorado, west of Colorado Springs.  Love this beauty along with the open spaces – not to mention the animals! 

        I enjoy my office with computer work, reading, listening to music, attending astrology conferences (have studied astrology since 1973), hand analysis, traveling, designing stained glass work, taking saunas, walking my dog in these mountains while looking out for animals, - heck, everything!  Plus, our five grandkids are a joy just watching them grow up.      

        UPDATING - One sister Teddi lives in California. And my other sister Susan died unexpectedly March of 2009. But my brothers still live in Washington as does Neil's brother Pete. We enjoy visits there as well as going to see our son Tye and family in Virginia or our daughter Shaar and family in Dallas TX.    

       Neil and I also enjoy our trips to the Arctic and especially the Antarctic areas going off on ice breakers which have been made into cruise ships holding approximately 100 passengers. Then in 2014 we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary so will have our children and grandchildren join us here in Colorado on a dude ranch!   Everything is for a reason so 'Smiles' to you all.  :-)


William A. “Bill” Traver…   no data 


Sidney A. Trimble…   deceased - 2009


Diane Lee Tucker…  Mrs. Clutton – no data


Taree Turcott -  Mrs. Gibson


 V –


Robert J. “Bob” Valentine…   

         I used to think material possessions and outward signs of prosperity were important.  I was wrong.  Sorry I was such a pain in the ass in high school. 

        Here's what changed my mind:  after high school came five long years at WSU, followed by two longer years in the Army (Viet Nam).  After that came two marriages, four wonderful kids, and, two 20-year jobs. 

        The last job, I owned my own company ...and felt responsible for the 100+ employees and their families. 

        Now I'm in retirement and trying to build a new home (not going very well) and am humbled by the wonderful people who've helped me along the way. 

         I am married to my Susie, a practicing PA.  She had gone back to school for this and received her degree a few years ago.  She likes to serve the underserved, and that may mean volunteer work in 3rd world countries.  Otherwise, there are a lot of underserved people in Seattle, and she volunteers at the shelters.

         “Thank God for second chances."


Ronald V. VanDrongelen 


Arlen M. Vixie  

        I graduated from the University of Washington in 1965 with a BA in Elementary Education.  This was followed with teaching in the Northshore School District at Arrowhead Elementary.

        I received a Standard General Teaching Certificate in 1967.  This was followed by: receiving my MEd. in Educational Administration from the University of Washington in 1973; serving as the President of the Northshore Education Association in 1974-75; and being Principal of Arrowhead, Cottage Lake, and Bear Creek Elementary schools from 1979-1998.  And then came retirement in 1998.

       Working as part-time Assistant Principal of Bothell High School from 1998-99 was my next step.  Then I was Director of Summer Discovery at the Overlake School and Principal of private Evergreen Academy from 1999-2002.  I took retirement in 2002.

        I am currently Activities Coordinator and leadership teacher at Woodinville H. S.
       In 1968 Patricia Anderson and I married.  We have four sons: Myles (34), Tyler (31), Kyle (28), and Blayne (26).

        I competed as a middleweight in Weightlifting (Olympic style) from 1966-1979.  Won Pacific Northwest, Washington State and AAU Region 12.


Phillip J. Voight…  deceased - 2009


Linda L. Vye…  Mrs. Donald O. Wicks   

        Linda's first husband, Bill, passed away in 1994.   

        In 1998 Linda married Donald Wicks.  Then she retired from Boeing in 1999 and now works part-time for King County Water District.

       Husband Donald who used to own his own concrete pumping business now works in mechanics for a friend who does sand-rail and mud racing.  They travel around with his friend when they can and find it quite exciting.  Linda and Donald also spend free time enjoying camping and fishing.

        Linda’s son, Bill, has three boys named Justin (17), Austin (11), and Casey (7).  They live on Camano Island so Linda doesn't get to visit with the boys too often.

       UPDATED 2010 …

        My dad had a leg amputated in 2010 and my sisters and brother have been taking turns taking care of him and his wife.  He's doing very well - it just takes time.  We all work, so it doesn't leave much time for anything else.  I'm supposed to be retired -- yea right!!   I still have my 20 acres in Republic, WA and a couple of year's ago we bought a lake-front lot on Timberlake in Shelton.  We're heading down there this coming weekend rain or shine!! We have a tip-out 26' trailer on the lot and of course I've packed it, so we don't need much when we go.  Our golden retriever loves to go and he swims most of the time - at least until he exhausts himself.   

      Gee, I haven't talked to Taree Imus and Linda Rigg for quite sometime either....guess I had better get with the program...

      I hope all is well with every one of you.


 W –


Larry Wahl…   no data


Joan M. Wanezek…  Mrs. David M. Martin 

        First I attended W.S.U. for a year and then U. of W. for about a year (going to night classes, etc.).  Then I decided to move to Hawaii where I met my husband David.  He was a Naval officer.

        David and I then moved to Dallas, Texas as that is where he is from.  Our first son was born there.  We then moved to the northwest and I had twins! 

        I worked as V.P. in marketing at a financial institution for 23 years.  I am now retired as is David.

        Our biggest passion are our five grandchildren and of course our three kids.

        We have also enjoyed doing a lot of world travel and continue to do so.  We have a few trips planned already between now and next January.  One trip will be to France where we have not been to yet. 


Veda K. Ward  Mrs. Evans.   Her partner is Jim Powers.

      Veda (the name on her birth certificate is Vida) graduated from I.H.S. when she was only 17 years old, so after school she wasn't old enough for much besides attending business school, which she did.  After business school she went to work in insurance. 

        She married in 1968, and when her son Todd was born in 1970 Veda was a stay-at-home mom until Todd was in the 1st grade.  Then it was back to work for Veda.  She became a licensed insurance agent, working at that until she was ready for a change.  

        She then began work as an Occupational Medicine Coordinator for Skagit Valley Medical Center where she stayed for 16 years.  Veda just retired last August.

        In early 2000 Veda was divorced.  She has been with her partner Jim Powers since 2002.  She lost her son Todd and the close relationship between them in 2005. 

        Veda recalls her visit to Yugoslavia with the family in 1978.  Otherwise she has traveled about the U.S. and into Canada, enjoying it all.


Carol Waters…   no data


Ronald H. Watts   

        I married my second wife Fonda 29 years ago. 

        My two sons from the first marriage are in their 30s.  The oldest is finishing up his doctorate in History at Washington D.C. right now.

        I attended Everett Jr. College for four quarters and also worked in the wholesale lumber industry.  I continued working at Kenmore Lumber Inc. for eight more years.    

        Then in 1970 I and a couple others started Woodinville Lumber & Trust Inc., running it for 24 years.   We  sold  it in 1994  when  I  retired  at age 50 some years of age.   But, I did continue with one of the same partners in our other business which we began in 1990 called Tri Co Trust Inc. in Burlington WA.  We sold it in 1997. 

        In 1994 (in retirement) I started my own company – Ron Watts Inc.  One of the things I do is heavy equipment contracting.  I also buy property, develop it and turn it.  So I am not completely retired as I like being busy.

        Fonda and I have a second home in Victoria, BC, on the inner harbor.  We enjoy spending 3-4 months of each year there.  We just love the beach.


Richard W. “Dick” Werder…    

        Dick is married to Carmen.  His interests with Ingraham have waned.


Sally S. Wheat…  Mrs. Bruce C. Adler   

        I have been married to Bruce for 41 years.  We have one daughter, Laurie age 34, and three grandchildren - Sam age six, Charlotte age four, and Tess 11 months old.

        Bruce and I have lived 27 years in Issaquah, a few years in Bellevue, and two years in Wenatchee and have a part time home in Arizona

        I've been a Homemaker since our daughter Laurie was born and am an Artist... selling in galleries and currently on EBay.

       I love gardening (design and maintenance), antiques, collecting art and décor, and selling clothing (mostly designer) on EBay; club hopping and dancing. 

        Bruce and I definitely enjoy traveling and have visited 11 countries in Europe on two separate trips, have been 20 times to Hawaii, been to Mexico, have seen most of the U.S., and, been to the Canadian Gulf Islands by boat.


Richard B. White   

        I attended Lincoln H. S. for my Sophomore Year 1957 to 1958, and then transferred to Ingraham H. S.  The U.S. Air Force had me from 1962 to 1966 and I was stationed in Texas, Japan, Korea, Okinawa and Delaware.  I attended Shoreline C.C., Edmonds C.C., North Seattle C.C. and U. of W.

        In 1973 I started R. B. White Electric, Inc., performing both Commercial and Residential Electrical Remodel work. 

        1975, I became one of the founders of the first Non-Union Electrical Training programs in Washington State.  I was active with the Electric League of the Pacific Northwest and International Association of Electrical Inspectors for more than 30 years.  I served on the Seattle Electrical Code Review Committee for 2002 and 2005 - adoption of the Seattle Electrical Code.  I have been an  “Expert Witness” for Court Testimony in a variety of cases.

        My avocation:  Nature & Wildlife Photography, which I started in 1993.  I’m semi-active with the Mountaineers Photography Committee as a Trip Leader and Instructor. 

        I enjoy travel (mainly for Photo Opportunities, i.e. Hawaii 2003, Peru 2004, Greece 2005, Italy 2006), down-hill snow skiing; river rafting; bike riding; hiking and dance. 

        I’ve lived in the North Seattle area my entire life.

        I have three wonderful adopted daughters - one lives in Seattle, one in Kirkland, and one in Glasgow, Scotland.


Mike Wicklund   no data


Linda Wilgus…  Mrs. Bowe – no data  


Richard “Ken” Williams…


Avery W. Willis III  

        In 1961 my senior prom date was Roberta Peterson.  We shared many of the same friends and we all wanted to go as a group. 

        After graduating from IHS, I attended W.S.U., graduating in 1966 with a B.A. in Business Administration. 

        I joined the Navy and married my college sweetheart, Robin Carey, that summer. 

        In 1967 my ship, USS DAHLGREN DLG12, shipped out for a nine month Viet Nam cruise as a search and rescue team to get downed pilots out of North Viet Nam.

       In 1968 I joined Scott Paper at the Everett Mill, going into sales in Los Angeles

        My wife Robin gave birth to our daughter, Julie, in January 1971.  A month later Scott Paper sent us to Beaumont, Texas, and in 1973 we moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where our son, Ben, was born.  I was the District Sales Manager there. 

        In 1978 Scott Paper moved us to Boston where I was the New England District Manager, and in 1981 we moved to Greensboro, N.C. where I was the District Sales Manager for VA, NC and SC. 

        In 1988 we moved to Thousand Oaks, CA – Scott Paper again.  In 1995 Scott was bought out by Kimberly-Clark and I went back into a sales role where I am still today. 

        Robin’s and my lifetime hobby was motorcycle riding - we had 12 of them.  In November I crashed our 2001 Goldwing going 65 MPH on the 101 freeway with Robin on board.  I was almost killed.  Spent two months in the hospital, then I bought a BMW Z4 to replace the motorcycle.  It is just as much fun. 

        We drove up the Big Sur this weekend with the top down and got caught in rain coming home.  We were happy to be able to put the top up.

        All four of our parents have passed, and the family house on Whidbey Island was sold.  We kept the Carey, Idaho, lake-house in the family and have a family reunion there planned for August. 

        Robin and I will be married 40 years this July and have been back to both western Washington and Spokane every year except when I was deployed with the Navy.

       Our son, Ben, married six years ago and has two children - Emily is five and Daniel is one.  They live in Minden, Nevada, where Ben is an engineer for the Bently-Nevada division of General Electric.  Ben’s wife Nikki’s parents live near us, so we all see lots of the grandkids.  Life is good.


Vincent C. E. Wirkman, Jr….   

        After Ingraham I attended Everett Community College for a bit.  I went on active duty for two years ('63 - '65) in a Navy transport squadron based out of Barbers Point, Hawaii, where I flew as part of an aircrew throughout the South Pacific (Guam, Wake, Midway, Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, etc.). 

        After the active duty tour I worked for Woolworth's and then as an Electronics Technician at Boeing.  I was laid off from Boeing in 1970, two days after signing the contract on a home and two days before I got married to Carolyn Cavin, the daughter of my father's best friend in the service during WWII.  We have been married for 35 years.

        I went back to Boeing after graduating in Electrical Engineering from the U. of W. and have now worked at Boeing a total of 34 years.  I am planning on retiring from Boeing in about two to three years.

        Carolyn and I have two children, Eric (30) and Jennifer (25) and two grandchildren by Jennifer and Jason VanBlericom - Kaylin (five years) and Kamden (three months).  Daughter Jennifer is a LPN and plans on obtaining her RN.  Our son Eric is director of Teen Feed in the University District. 

      Currently Carolyn and I have lived on the east side in Kingsgate V, north of Totem Lake for about 32 years.  We do enjoy going to our cabin in Granite Falls when I can get away.  Plus, I volunteer at the Pacific Northwest Historics (vintage car races) which benefits Children's Hospital for one week around the 4th of July every year. 


 Y –


Harry R. Yourist…  -  Harry married Rosalie.   

        I had two years at Everett Jr. College followed by six years in the Army Nat’l Guard.  I then worked at Boeing for three years before starting my owner-operated Shell Oil Service station in 1965.  This has developed into a four station business – three are Shell and one Chevron.  My wife Rosalie runs one of the stations – completely.  She also does all the book work for the business. 

        As a hobby, Rosalie is with a travel agency so we’ve been able to travel all over the world.  Rosalie works with our daughter who is a licensed travel agent.  One of our trips was a three week driving tour of Europe.  That was very different from the cruises.

        Rosalie and I have three children ages 32-36 (a son, a daughter and a son).  And we have two lovely grandchildren – a girl age eight and a boy aged 2½. 

        For fun I enjoy boats and “sea-doing” – small water boating.  I also golf… and eat.  Rosalie loves to cook for everyone, along with being a homemaker.


Z –


Richard J. “Rich” Zoeger   deceased - 2009

        I married my beautiful wife Sieann 38 years ago and we have three wonderful daughters.  They have so far given us two terrific grandchildren!  We are lucky to have them all living in Bellingham - three daughters and their husbands and families.  You can call us a close knit family especially since two daughters and their families live only a couple blocks from us.

        I'm retired as Manager of Payless-Rite Aid Drug Stores after 40 years with them.  My work did take Sieann and me not only to Washington State, but to Oregon and to Idaho.  We now are settled in Bellingham overlooking Puget Sound.

        Life is full of hobbies as well as the enjoyment with family now that I am retired. 

        I do continue to ride my Harley motorcycle - have a 1964 Harley-Davidson (could be called a classic) but plan on purchasing a brand new Harley Road King in 2007.  My wife Sieann will enjoy the comfort of the new Harley for sure. 

        I ride with my brother often as he also has a Harley.  I belong to H.O.G.  And, if anyone recalls, I used to ride a motorcycle to Ingraham often.

        Golfing is also a big sport of mine.  I enjoy playing golf with all three of my sons-in-law and we often make up our own foursome.  We also all enjoy my hobby of flying my radio-control model airplanes of which I have built many over the years.