STAINED GLASS pieces (and other art works) designed and made by Michal

The work is done here - my workshop!
And on to the results...

Different art works 'Made by Michal'   -   (please CLICK on picture to enlarge)

      A sliced geode with some
crushed crystal pieces around edge.
        A lovely pin of multi horses      
attached to a belt buckle.
      Turquoise piece framed in chain. 
  Solder bits plus extra pieces 
make a unique buckle!  
bird etching
My first etching learned while
vacationing in Alaska 6/2011.

In stained glass: 1st   -  OUR HOME OCTAGON PROJECT

Pine tree
    From this step to...  CLICK HERE for process  

Vibrant eagle
   Making our American Bald Eagle CLICK HERE  

Our octagon has 17 transom stained glass panels in all.   A great way to keep the glaring sun at bay...

two trees at kitchen
   The final panels in place above our
kitchen sink!
- end of 2008

Stellar Blue Jay
The new Stellar's Jay - finished 12/2008.
redone Stellar Blue Jay
Thus the new look to -
The Stellar's Jay grouping

Red Crossbills
The flying Red Crossbills
Pikes Peak mountain
Pikes Peak view to the East
full panel set of Crossbills
 Completed Red Crossbills - 7/09/08
Stellar Blue Jay
Stellar's Jay perched atop the world!
Blue Jay set of 3
The Stellar's Jay panel of three.
- put up end of April 2008
Blue Jay panels in octagon
The side where the Stellar's Jay sits
BALD Eagle
Our soaring American Bald Eagle!!!
Eagle set of three
The Bald Eagle set of panels
- finished and set in place 3/16/08.

Octagon with 3 sets of panels up
Our main room octagon now is
half complete.    Yea!
center mts of 2nd set
Mountains to the West
set of western mountains
The 2nd set of glass panels
- finished on 12/10/07
1st octagon glass
1st set of transom stained glass panels
- set in place on 7/14/07

As always, CLICK on any photo to enlarge.   :-)

Cardinals wedding gift
  Cardinal birds - Wedding gift for  
  nephew Matt Tracy and wife Leyna.  
Married July 28, 2012.
Cardinal write-up
Also gave this write up on Cardinals.
foil wrapped cardinal pieces
The foil wrapped glass pieces
before final soddering of design.
Bart & Melissa present
Wedding gift to nephew
Bart Tracy & wife Melissa 5/2010
Teddi's vase piece

       Teddi & Dave's special piece.      
Finished summer 2011.
finished cut pieces of cardinals

  Cardinal pieces are cut and ground,
placed and ready for next step.  

Shaar's diamond
Shaar loved this so much
she rec'd it Fall 2009.   :-)
Stellar Blue Jay
The redone original Stellar's Jay
Auction piece for TCRAS,
our no-kill animal shelter
- 3/2009
VT football
Football/basketball for auction
@ G'son Conal's daycare - 2/2009

Michal gets help in workshop
Alee & Cameron help Gramma
with her stained glass. 11/2008
J's housewarming gift
Housewarming gift for
Johnson's new home. 8/'05

Gift of love for MOM
Gift of Love for Neil's Mom.

Sara & Tyler gift
Sara & Tyler Wedding gift, with -
shells from wedding beach. 8/2005
Shaars fronds
Shaar's fronds in sunshine!
Shaar's fronds
4th piece is for Shaar -
her wall piece, Dec. 2004

Then 3rd creative piece
- for Tye & Rita. 12/2004
2nd stained glass is
for Texas friend. 12/2004
1st stained glass
MICHAL'S 1st stained
glass piece! 10/2004